Vladimir Putin 4th Term – a bronco ride ahead



Vladimir Putin took the oath at his 4th Inauguration as President at 11.05am this morning. It’s a powerfully confident chart with Sun opposition Jupiter and trine Pluto; but less successful than his previous 2012 term which had Sun Jupiter in the 10th.

This one also has a divisive, changeable Uranus Mercury straddling the midheaven square Mars Pluto. It’s likely to be an administration facing rolling crises and high-risk to which it will take a ruthlessly determined, even brutal approach. Indeed its none-too-subtle and un-humanitarian approach may well be what causes a fair amount of the trouble.

In his speech he said he would pursue policies to improve the economy and boost living standards. Russia’s economy has been hit by low world oil prices and sanctions connected to the 2014 annexation of Crimea and military involvement in the separatist uprising in eastern Ukraine.

The Term chart has Neptune in the 8th square Venus which isn’t helpful for international finance and a depressed ‘speculation’ 5th house Saturn. There will be disappointments through 2018/19 with tr Neptune hitting on the Venus and the loss-making Jupiter/Saturn midpoint; with frustrations piling up through 2019/2020.

The Russia 12 June 1990 9.45am chart has Uranus moving through the 8th for several years ahead, suggesting an unstable patch financially. With hints of a recession over 2020.

His relationship chart with Russia 1990 looks blocked through this year, undermined in 2019/2020.  With the Russia 8 November 1917 chart, it looks much more fraught with tr Uranus in hard aspect to the composite Sun Mars opposition Uranus square Pluto – now and on into 2020. It’ll be a bronco ride ahead.

His own personal chart is still suffering under the panicky Solar Arc Neptune conjunct his Mars, which was in full force over the international action against the Skripal poisoning. Through 2018 to 2020 he has tr Pluto square his Neptune Mercury which is swampy, mentally intense, argumentative, gloomy. With Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Mars for a major setback in 2021.


5 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin 4th Term – a bronco ride ahead

  1. His term is definitely turning the way you outlined Marjorie.
    Now there are rumours of an explosion and protests against him.
    Best regards

  2. You’d have to be a narcissist or intensely power hungry (or both) to want to put yourself through incredibly high stresses like this on a regular basis. I’m anxious and exhausted just reading about what lies ahead for him…

    • The main reason Putin won’t retire to some nice villa in Switzerland to enjoy the billions he has robbed from Russian people is that he is paranoid. His grandfather was Stalin’s cook. He totally gets what happens when a dictator is ousted, and he doesn’t want that. That’s why he keeps his family outside Russia with pseudonyms, too.

  3. He and Trump will sure to be bro-fully supportive. Trump has begun his campaign of removing now-illegal Central Americans from US soil. One online news article quotes Trump as saying, “Campaign promises are now more important than any of my mis-quotes.”

    The US Navy has re-activated its Second Fleet in challenge to Russia…but reactivating it to the level of under 2 dozen active duty members. And, no ships. Maybe “GI Joe” can trasnfer some of its soldiers to the Second Fleet 😉

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