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March 21 - April 20

Today's Horoscope for Tuesday June 18th

Don't come across as being too pushy to listen to other people. Sometimes it is difficult to listen but it is important if you can. Just watch you're not skipping along so fast that you cut corners and get a bit careless. There is no shortcut to achievement. It will come now through perseverance, self-control and self-discipline but you will gain the esteem and respect of other people. There is a real chance that your reputation will be solidly established now.

The Weekly Outlook from 17th June

All you really want to do is get out of a rut, broaden your horizons and fill your life with more stimulating activities and friends. But the mundane details of everyday life still need to be attended to. Try to see the big picture without losing sight of vital details. If you stand your ground too firmly and keep arguing to the bitter end, then you'll find you won't win. Everyone will just end up with a sour taste in their mouth.

Your Monthly Horoscope for June

Skipping cheerfully along a busy and varied schedule, you won't have a chance to get bored. Chattering nineteen to the dozen you'll need to find focus and streamline your organisation otherwise you'll end up running round in circles. Finding time for heart to heart chats with loved ones at home won't be easy but will pay off and leave you feeling more settled. Charming gestures and kind compliments from everyday mates at work and elsewhere will keep you smiling. However for a week around the middle of the month and just after you'll need to grit your teeth and not over react to provocation or irritating setbacks. Take a deep breath and count to 25 even if you feel someone is acting unfairly. In the final week you'll wind down and put your feet up more regularly at home in comfort.

and Next Month's Horoscope for July

A swoosh of high energy and passionate enthusiasm will tempt you to be out on the razzle dazzle constantly enjoying yourself, playing games and kicking up your heels. You'll certainly have the motivation and the opportunity though you know you really need to slow down at points to focus more on home and family matters. This is your chance to get perspective on recent events so racing around will be a distraction. Try not to boss loved ones around since they won't appreciate it. You will have a few dilemmas at work or in your community activities to resolve towards mid month so you'll need to use all your ingenuity to find the right answers. Money will be up and down as unexpected expenses throw the budget off track but over reacting and jumping to decisions won't help. Take your time over major decisions and commitments whether financial or emotional. There'll be even more social fun in the final days and even a hint of romance.

Year Ahead 2019

You'll be pushing extra hard as the New Year opens, determined to make your mark and to get your talents recognised. There'll be obstacles to overcome, requiring self-discipline and perseverance. Letting self-doubt slow you down won't be helpful and luckily Jupiter in Sagittarius will keep your enthusiasm from flagging. And what will give your efforts an additional nudge is your feeling that it's now or never for success. That isn't true but the motivation will help you to make progress in sticky times. The early Lunar Eclipse will also nudge you to remember that fun and friends are important as well as achieving your goals. Your fiery go-ahead, act-first and think-second approach won't always be ideal so you'll need to pace yourself and take your responsibilities seriously. That way you'll gain the respect of those whose judgement you trust. Your financial situation will be changing with some ups and downs but that's not necessarily a disaster, since there'll be luck as well as extra outgoings at times. You just need to budget well and save when there's surplus. From mid year you'll slow down and put home and family matters up as your priority. Changes will be on your mind both literally in terms of reorganisation and also as you contemplate what emotional adjustments are needed for peace, harmony and satisfaction ahead. Speak frankly and tactfully and listen carefully and you'll reach agreements which are fair to all. Distractions at work and from your community activities will get in the way so listening to your heart, not your head will be important. August will be a social feast with fun, romance and enjoyment on offer as loved ones rally round to shower you with attention. Close relationships will hit a strained phase in October and November which can be overcome if you bite your tongue and say less. A confident, lucky and successful few months kicks off in December to allow you to sweep away any lurking concerns.

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