Your Starsign


May 21 - June 21

Today's Horoscope for Tuesday February 18th

Your emotional responses will be intense so you need to tread softly, and not say everything you feel or think. Be still waters that run deep and control your feelings, putting up a calm exterior. Behind your bland smile you will be plotting and planning how to get your own way over confidential matters, financial or emotional. You will not easily forgive and forget if anyone lets you down. Watch that jealousy or possessiveness does not get in the way of closeness.

The Weekly Outlook from 17th February

You will be more ambitious for a few weeks ahead, keen to be noticed and aiming for a more prominent position. Effort will be needed but you'll take the lead and expect others to follow along behind. Though this week you may think what you want as well is constant running excitement. There is a slight risk you will burn your bridges behind you and later you want the old securities back. But all the same allow yourself to explore and be experimental. That was you'll find the answers you've been looking for.

Your Monthly Horoscope for February

Always a restless sign at the best of times, you'll really be yearning to spread your wings and either travel further afield or throw yourself into more adventurous pursuits. Nothing ventured nothing gained will be your motto as you reach out to see what the universe has to offer. Close partners will continue to fire on all cylinders until mid month, so at times you'll need to keep the peace as they'll be inclined to argue. If you can throw your energy behind their plans and stay in step you'll go further, faster. Your knack of putting friends at their easy will do wonders for your popularity in any group activity and you'll be welcomed with open arms. After the 16th you'll be preoccupied at times with highly personal matters, financial or emotional. You know you need to reach better agreements with those close but you won't get it all your own way. You'll need to be patient, persevere and be flexible. There won't be fast solutions so you'll need to settle in for a six week push. In the final days you'll be working hard and be into a higher profile phase where you won't go unnoticed.

and Next Month's Horoscope for March

In your peak few weeks of the year as far as work and your outside activities are concerned, you'll be taking the lead and persuading others to follow along behind. Your best approach will be to look helpful and caring, not pushing your own agenda. There should be better news on the cash front with two hopeful days on the 11th and 20th which should boost your prospects though it will be on step forwards one step backwards for a while. You won't be as sociable for a few weeks so pamper yourself in the quiet moments if no one else will. Mercury, your ruler, going direct on the 10th will clear a few irritations out of the way and allow you to be more direct in discussions. The final few days will be challenging but once you push your way through one blockage you'll notice a subtle shift with a faint glimmering of light at the end of one tunnel.

Year Ahead 2020

2020 is your year for reviewing your priorities, financial and emotional, and making a few key decisions. You will continue to be thrown back on your own resources and finding the universe and those close less generous than before. Obviously there will be tensions and you'll have a sense of being hemmed in by circumstances beyond your control. All you can do is persevere and if you stick to a steady course you'll find that the winds of good fortune start to blow behind you. Money will come in unexpectedly to boost your morale and improve your situation. After mid year there'll be loose ends to tie up as you head for less stressful times after the New Year.rnEmotionally as well, there will be pressures and some pushing and pulling with close partners. You won't always feel supported but out of your experiences you will be developing a stronger resilience and the ability to cope better in future. Paying attention to your inner restlessness will give you pointers about where you feel restricted and have been over compromising. There'll be no instant solutions to this particular dilemma but with growing awareness you'll be able to avoid the worst pitfalls.rnAcross the middle months of the year you'll turn the charm on to great effect and find your popularity rising. Dynamic and energetic friends will be around after June till the New Year who'll be keen to ensure you will sort out long term plans and not be looking backwards over your shoulder. Though you will need to exert considerable pressure to keep up your forward trajectory in a year when circumstances out in the universe will conspiring to throw distractions and delays in your way.rnNew relationships could be on the horizon for those on the lookout as the eclipses give you a gentle nudge from July onwards. For those in long running partnerships the hint is that new agreements need to be reached with both of you shifting ground if you want more fulfilment ahead.