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July 24 - August 23

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Year Ahead 2023

A slow, thoughtful start to 2023 will find you tossing around ambitious and adventurous plans but knowing the time is not right to put them into action. Getting into peak fitness will be one priority as a preparation which means not pushing too hard physically but going steadily. Relations may have been cool with one close partner recently so you may find yourself having to negotiate to reach better understandings and agreements. The tendency on both sides may be to hang on too much for control or refuse to be flexible, neither of which will help. Transforming the way you share, care and relate will take time and effort so you'll need to persevere in altering your approach. Energetic friends will give you a helping hand initially as you sort out future plans. Getting to grips with your finances will also be important which means not relying on others to prop you up or present you with solutions. You may feel thrown back on your own resources but the end result is you will emerge resilient and better experienced at coping. Into a successful few months from May onwards you'll glow with delight at the compliments and praise coming your way as several projects turn out to be triumphs. You might as well make the most of this lucky phase and get new projects kick- started as well. There will be sudden changes of direction since nothing will be straightforward or evenly paced with Uranus at your Midheaven but if you're wise you'll relish the excitement and challenge and grasp new opportunities when they turn up.