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July 24 - August 23

Today's Horoscope for Friday October 18th

Sparkling with renewed confidence you'll step out boldly, pushing old self-doubts to one side. Social mates and loved ones will applaud your approach and at work you'll find that those around put a higher value on your talents. This is your moment in the spotlight so enjoy. You will be tolerant but you also need the freedom to do what suits you. You will love startling companions, making provocative statements just to stir up the atmosphere and test their reaction.

The Weekly Outlook from 14th October

This is not the time to stick yourself into tedious routines or get bogged down in following too many orders and instructions. But watch all the same that you don't get crossed lines and mixed messages along the way. There could be communication or even travel muddles if you do not keep your eye on the ball at times. Certain people in authority may demand that you do what they want which isn't what you have in mind. Just be tactful but firm. You can make more of an impression than you imagine by the way you rise to the problem.

Your Monthly Horoscope for October

Racing around at top speed, talking constantly and getting irked at times by delays and mistakes, you won't be taking life calmly. But you will cover a good deal of territory and make fast progress if, and only if, you keep your focus steady. The risk is you scatter in all directions at once and get nothing finished completely or you end up running round in circles. Get your priorities straight and write out to-do lists, remembering your energy won't be boundless You'll need to be respectful of your physical limits and look after yourself along the way. Happily there will be a chance after the 8th to snuggle down at home and indulge. Loved ones in the family will rally round to ensure you feel adored and appreciated. You may even take time out to consider how to improve the d�cor since you'll want beauty around. Gradually as the month moves to a close you'll slow down and will be happy to put your feet up and relax. Though watch for being marginally accident prone in the final days.

and Next Month's Horoscope for November

A zippy everyday schedule will keep you on the run and not always patient when things or people get in your way. You will run into a few obstacles, not the least of which is that your energy isn't limitless. Try to pace yourself and don't get uptight about what you can't do anything about. Your social life will be fun with plenty of invitations and compliments coming your way. Loved ones and good friends will rally round to give you attention and keep you entertained. But really you'll be happiest snuggled up at home and in familiar surroundings giving yourself a well-earned break and the chance to get important matters into perspective. In the final days you'll be keen to reorganise your domestic setup and be sweeping the family into place along with the furniture which may not go down well. Your sunny enthusiasm will be what's needed to keep everyone co-operating.

Year Ahead 2019

Duty may fight a battle with pleasure and you'll try to manage both but may end up draining your stamina. There will be chores piling up and demands on your time and energy, so you'll need to be firm about where your limits are and not over commit yourself. Any health or fitness issues which turn up need to be handled promptly for best results. Staying on top form physically will be the priority for the first half year. Luckily throughout the year Jupiter in fiery Sagittarius will keep your enthusiasm and self-confidence high, so you'll be in a mood to party as well. You'll be sweeping old self-doubts to one side, putting a higher value on yourself and finding that others do the same. So your popularity at work will increase. You'll sense that your life or your career are changing direction in ways you would not have imagined a few years back. Embrace the new and follow through on any original ideas without fussing too much about others' responses. You won't always be co-operative and will prefer to have your own niche where you can do your own thing. It'll be a time to try out new methods and techniques so don't be a stick-in-the-mud. August will be your high point and hot spot as you throw yourself wholeheartedly into enjoying yourself and making a mark. But in general the second half year will be quieter, with chances to turn inward and get the past into perspective and ponder on what is most personal to you. Throughout the year you'll have lucky breaks where you suddenly find that fortune shines on you, lowering your tension levels and making you smile. A final one turns up in December when more support at work and a health boost will put you on good for the New Year.

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