Your Starsign


February 20 - March 20

Today's Horoscope for Friday July 01st

Money will be easy come, easy go with expansive Jupiter now moving through Aries, the sign after yours for several months ahead. You will be spending as fast as you acquire it. Learning to be more disciplined and saving would be an idea. Maybe you'll be compensating for having to devote time and effort to ensure everyone else is well looked after and getting what they want. Being of service to others will give you reassurance and your rewards will come in the days ahead, when more support is on offer.

The Weekly Outlook from 27th June

Life may not be perfect for a day or so. If you get real, accept the way one situation is then everything will become easier to handle. Be down-to-earth, be dutiful and you might even come out of the end of it with your halo polished. From midweek you'll allow yourself to sparkle without apology or self-consciousness. You'll throw away your inhibitions and express who you are and what you feel. The right people will respond positively and you'll glow with relief.

Your Monthly Horoscope for July

You'll be sparkling in the spotlight, on the receiving end of a stream of social invitations and keeping loved ones entertained. Enjoying yourself will be your priority and why not? This is when you can allow yourself the privilege of putting yourself first. After a grumbly day or two at the start you'll be firing ahead on all cylinders, sweeping obstacles to one side and coming across as decisive. In your everyday routines you may not aways be tactful but you will get everyone on their toes and be effective. Your mischievous sense of humour will help to iron out any tense moments if you happen to speak too directly. At home you'll be planning to spruce up the d�cor and invite close family and friends round for cosy get-togethers. One hope for the future may be taking its time to come to fruition and if you can accept it will be a winding path to reach your goal you won't get so unsettled when you are pushed this way and that. Hard-work in the final days will be needed to clear chores out of the way and to get yourself on tip top physical form.

and Next Month's Horoscope for August

Never your favourite month of the year, you will settle down to being helpful and getting yourself into ship shape condition on the fitness front. But a surprising turn of events will conspire to throw distractions and diversions in your path. Your everyday schedule will be over-full with a few heated discussions and tricky encounters along the way. Not getting riled up will help. Being an oceanic sign you know how to drift with the currents and flow with the tide and letting the unsettled mood wash over you will be the best way to float through with less hassle. You're aware that you need to be clearing out what is inessential from your life, so if aspects of the past disappear of their own accord don't fuss. Let them go and be assured that as you clear the decks you will be preparing for positive changes to come. Close partners will be on hand with support and advice in the final days as you set to reorganizing at home.

Year Ahead 2022

Jupiter in your own sign will start 2022 in good form since it brings with it a new cycle of growth, expansion, rising confidence and good luck. You'll be stepping out boldly and be meeting with good responses since your positive approach will go down well. Within a few months more money will roll through to give you surplus for treats and indulgences. Saving some of your good fortune will be wise but the temptation to spend may override caution.rnIn between times you'll be grappling, along with everyone else, with an unsettled stop-start mood. Your everyday schedule will be speedy and you're likely to be over honest at times. But you'll also have inward-looking phases where you mull over what needs to be abandoned from your life as no longer necessary. As a Water sign you hate letting go, but to keep life refreshed you need to go through changes once in a while.rnDon't be discouraged if old ambitions which once held your attention now seem stale. You're heading for a new cycle where you'll be enthused by new projects and activities. As you gradual adjust your outlook ahead to include new possibilities you will be encouraged and motivated to try what seems unfamiliar.rnInto the final few months you'll be zipping around at home, keen to get more organisation and order into your domestic setup. The family may not always be in agreement but if you persuade rather than force them into line they will lend a helping hand.