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September 24 - October 22

Today's Horoscope for Tuesday April 23rd

Scattering yourself too widely, getting a bit frantic and frazzled, is likely but not helpful. If you can detach your feelings from your thinking you'll find it easier to focus. Where your health is concerned, you are becoming more interested in alternative medicine and herbal remedies. If your energy is low you can explore subtle ways of improving your physical stamina. Just try to avoid getting caught up in any cranky ideas, odd diets or cures which have not been solidly tested.

The Weekly Outlook from 22nd April

This week may seem a little like a battlefield as confrontations litter your way ahead. You may complain about your difficult path but it won't last very long. One of the side effects of having strong Uranus aspects around can be that electrical or mechanical equipment breaks down. Fuses fly and tempers get frayed. Just take everything a little more cautiously. Clearly there is not much you can do to prevent it, but take it in your stride if it comes.

Your Monthly Horoscope for April

Co-operation, sharing and caring will be your priority for the first three weeks. Given that you are the relationship sign of the zodiac, this won't be difficult. You adore having another half in life whether at home, at work or at play. There may be a few family tangles to sort out towards mid month which will make you sigh. But there'll be no choice but to knuckle down, fact facts and get a grip. Being confrontational won't work so you'll need to be ingenious and take a long walk round any family members who have the wrong ideas. Your enthusiasm and confident way with words will work wonders and you won't allow delays to dent your high spirits. More love and affection will come in the final days though you'll also be focussed on highly personal rather private matters needing your exclusive attention.

and Next Month's Horoscope for May

Your outgoing and sociable high spirits will need to be held in check as you sort out private and highly personal dilemmas, financial and emotional for the first three weeks. Keeping your head down and understanding you won't get it all your own way will help you reach the compromises necessary with those who share joint responsibility with you. None of this will happen overnight so be prepared to be firm and patient. You will have strong opinions and yearnings for more adventure but you'll need to be practical about what's possible. Lay your cards on the table as tactfully as you can and be persuasive rather than overly forceful. Emotionally you'll be secretive, playing your cards close to your chest. Watch you don't magnify and exaggerate your likes and dislikes. After mid month you'll push ambitiously ahead and expect others to follow behind, and find that many of the restrictions fall away leaving you to bounce more exuberantly.

Year Ahead 2019

Your everyday routines will be lively, enthusiastic and filled with fun encounters and new opportunities. Always a communicative sign, you\'ll excel yourself at putting your views across with a positive slant that brings favourable responses. You\'ll be more open-minded and find that by broadening your perspective luck comes your way. So you won\'t be holding yourself back. Your first priority early on will be to tackle home and family matters. It\'ll take effort and persistence but you\'ll know changes need to be made to bring you the security you want ahead. There may be tensions surfacing as old unresolved emotional issues come into the open. See the benefits of having a chance to sort them out once and for all, having given them a good airing. There may be minor tugs of war since not everyone in your close circle will have the same ideas about how to move ahead, so you\'ll have to be subtle and strategic. Being confrontational won\'t work. Finding time for friends and entertainment will also be on your agenda with the Leo Lunar Eclipse in late January pointing the way towards more sociable activities. Keeping a watchful eye on finances especially where you share joint responsibility with others - mortgages, credit cards, revenue etc - will be important with Uranus causing a few roller coaster moments. There\'ll be more comings and goings than usual which isn\'t necessarily a disaster, just that you need to save when there is surplus. From mid year you\'ll switch your attention to your career or community activities and take the initiative to ensure you are getting the recognition that your talents and achievements deserve. You will be distracted by emotional ties but try to keep your focus steady. By late in the year you\'ll be settling down in your own cosy nest and feeling contented within yourself.

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