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September 24 - October 22

Today's Horoscope for Monday February 18th

What will slow you down now is if you avoid grasping new opportunities and just plod along resolutely. Don't think, "Well, life wants to stay the way it always has been." It won't and it doesn't. You've got to be open to expressing yourself as an individual. Find your truth, then don't just speak it, walk it. So buck yourself up and revive old feelings of warmth and tenderness. Certainly today is not the right time to be spending money recklessly.

The Weekly Outlook from 18th February

You will be knuckling down dutifully to do as much as possible this week. But for that you need to be fitter, so review your physical lifestyle, see whether you could improve your diet, take up more exercise or get more rest. At times you'll want to retreat and shut out the world, but will be pulled between conflicting wants and oughts. Your sense of duty says service to others comes first, but you also have your own needs to consider.

Your Monthly Horoscope for February

Fun, romance and parties will be to the forefront of your mind for three weeks, with a chance to shine out on the social scene with loved ones' appreciation coming your way. Except for one partner, either at home or at work, who seems to be out of sorts and not inclined to co-operate. You'll feel logjammed early on and have to bite your tongue especially with family members who won't always agree with your opinions. It won't be straightforward or possible to maintain all the time, but an approach of active co-operation will bring better results than endless bickering.rnLuckily there will be indulgent moments at home or in familiar surroundings where you can wrap yourself in the better things of life and snuggle up close to those who make you feel relaxed and comforted. You'll even be contemplating improving the d�cor, adding colourful and elegant touches to match your mood.rnTowards mid month you may be provoked into saying too much in the heat of the moment and then regret it. Don't burn your bridges behind you since you'll want to restore peace and harmony thereafter.rnYou'll be distracted thereafter by sorting out highly confidential financial and emotional matters which will take several weeks to resolve. Turn on your charm and talent for mediation and be steadfast and it'll work out.

and Next Month's Horoscope for March

There'll be no shortage of party invitations, compliments or chances to sparkle in the spotlight of attention and loved ones' affection. But for all that you'll still need to clear space for chores and hard work. Your energy will sag at points so pace yourself and do less when you feel in need of a rest. Don't feel a failure because you can't do everything at once. Looking after health and fitness will be a priority which isn't always your strong point. Your emotional responses will be unpredictable as your moods swing from one extreme to another. Have a care with money since impulse decisions won't be the best ones. You have four weeks of Mars battling determinedly on in Taurus so keep your eye on the end point and make progress slowly. Promising more than you can deliver will be tempting but won't help. Luckily there'll be more support forthcoming from close partners in the final few days so your energy will be less drained.

Year Ahead 2019

Your everyday routines will be lively, enthusiastic and filled with fun encounters and new opportunities. Always a communicative sign, you\'ll excel yourself at putting your views across with a positive slant that brings favourable responses. You\'ll be more open-minded and find that by broadening your perspective luck comes your way. So you won\'t be holding yourself back. Your first priority early on will be to tackle home and family matters. It\'ll take effort and persistence but you\'ll know changes need to be made to bring you the security you want ahead. There may be tensions surfacing as old unresolved emotional issues come into the open. See the benefits of having a chance to sort them out once and for all, having given them a good airing. There may be minor tugs of war since not everyone in your close circle will have the same ideas about how to move ahead, so you\'ll have to be subtle and strategic. Being confrontational won\'t work. Finding time for friends and entertainment will also be on your agenda with the Leo Lunar Eclipse in late January pointing the way towards more sociable activities. Keeping a watchful eye on finances especially where you share joint responsibility with others - mortgages, credit cards, revenue etc - will be important with Uranus causing a few roller coaster moments. There\'ll be more comings and goings than usual which isn\'t necessarily a disaster, just that you need to save when there is surplus. From mid year you\'ll switch your attention to your career or community activities and take the initiative to ensure you are getting the recognition that your talents and achievements deserve. You will be distracted by emotional ties but try to keep your focus steady. By late in the year you\'ll be settling down in your own cosy nest and feeling contented within yourself.

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