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Year Ahead 2023

Libra is renowned for taking time to reach decisions, not because you lack commitment but you always like to check out every option before reaching a definite judgement. 2023 will be a year to test your resolve about making a definite plan for the future and sticking to it. The Eclipses will challenge you not in a difficult way but by gently nudging to indicate you can't continue along the same old track if you want to feel fulfilled in future. So prodding yourself to make up your mind will be to your advantage. You'll start with new schemes to give yourself a domestic and family set up that provides a solid foundation for your life and move on from there. Hard work will be unavoidable and at points you may feel you are not getting the rewards or appreciation for your labours. Rest assured the benefits will come but not immediately. Looking after health and fitness will be a priority and that will require you face up to your limits and don't over commit yourself and over work. Being sensible and practical about your body may not come naturally since you are an Air sign that tends to live in your head but getting grounded will be vital which means paying attention to taking proper care. After the first three months you'll sense that you are making a stronger impression on those around, being a commanding presence out on the social scene and having influence over loved ones. Try not to be possessive or controlling but rely on their affection for you bringing them closer. Emotionally you will start to drop your defences and move closer to the right people. Money will roll in faster with less effort than you might expect from May onwards whether through bonuses or windfalls which will give you peace of mind and reassurance.