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January 21 - February 19

Today's Horoscope for Tuesday September 17th

What you really yearn for is a pleasant, relaxing time. Even if you're on your own for a short while, it won't bother you because it gives you a chance to mull things over from the recent past, to get your head together about one or two things and see what you need to do for yourself. You expect loved ones and family members to tolerate your independence as you do theirs, though your erratic demands may make them wary.

The Weekly Outlook from 16th September

Rather high-minded in your interests, you'll definitely want more mental stimulation. Since you'll come across as fair-minded, tolerant and enthusiastic, so you should be able to find stimulating companions to share your views. Though later in the week there are push-or-be-pushed influences around. Either you've got the upper hand and aren't paying enough attention to other's sensitivities or they are doing the same to you. Try to side step no win arguments.

Your Monthly Horoscope for September

Your optimism will be sky high but progress may be slow for a few weeks with so much planetary activity in the most hidden area of your chart. You know you want and need changes to take place in your life with better agreements reached overrnConfidential matters, financial and emotional, but transformation is not a quick n' easy process. It requires that you dismantle old attitudes, unpick certain aspects of the past and clear the decks for new possibilities. You will have to compromise along the way so being flexible will help. Solutions will come through in gradual steps until early next month when you'll be free of restrictions. Have a care with your personal finances since you may be vague or careless or even overly generous. Protect your own security before you leap out to help those in need. After mid month first Venus and then the Sun move into a more adventurous area of your chart to your great relief.

and Next Month's Horoscope for October

Fired with enthusiasm you'll be promoting your pet causes with zeal and spreading your opinions far and wide. After a restrictive few weeks you suddenly feel the brakes are off and you can aim higher and broaden your wings. Adventure beckons whether you opt to travel further afield or take up new interests where you are. Just don't come on too strong with your views since it won't be persuasive. And you will have private concerns to distract you along the way. Clearing the past and old baggage out of your life is a long, slow process, not something to accomplish in a few days. You'll be chip, chip, chipping away at the issue this month, jettisoning whatever feels as if it has past its sell-by date. You can reassure yourself that letting go whatever is not needed ahead will open up space for better things to come. A friend will offer hear-warming support towards mid month. And your social status should rise with invites to special occasions where you can put on a sparkling performance. Into the final few days you'll be working hard and demanding praise though there will be a few disruptions at home and elsewhere. Keep your focus steady.

Year Ahead 2019

Looking ahead you'll see rosy glows on the far horizon with great possibilities in the future. A wide circle of enthusiastic friends will be boosting your self-esteem and handing out helpful advice, which may veer to the over-confident at times, so be sure to double check. But for all that you'll be more inward looking, asking yourself in the quiet moment probing questions about what you really want to be doing with your life. Certain old ambitions have lost their fire and you know you need to let them go and find better for the future. You'll also be clearing out old baggage, whether emotional or old attitudes of mind that have passed their sell-by date. The Solar Eclipses early and late will prompt you to dig deeper for answers. House moves are a possibility or renovations and changes in your domestic setup, as you're drawn to a more modern feel for your intimate surroundings. You'll be restless as well emotionally with changes ongoing within the family. At times you may feel insecure as old certainties seem to disappear. But in future you will reconnect where it really matters in a different way. Your finances will be rebalancing from early on as you decide that sharing and caring and co-operating is more sensible than going it alone. Revising your fitness and health routines and regimes will be on your mind from July onwards for several months. Not over-committing yourself and draining your energy unnecessarily will be one tip. Remembering to stay positive another, since your state of mind will affect your body. If you feel discouraged then your physical fitness will sag. As you near the year's end you'll find that you become more contented in your own protective niche and with yourself. Your hunches will prove spot on about how you can give yourself a more fulfilling time ahead.

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