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January 21 - February 19

Today's Horoscope for Friday July 01st

Your confidence in communicating what you want to say will make for easier contacts with everyday mates. You'll be amazed at your new found tolerance. Suddenly you'll realise that what has been holding you back in the past has been your own narrow outlook and not bad luck or life being difficult. But don't go from reverse gear to fast forward and leap into a tricky situation too emotionally. You'll find you don't want to see it through to the end. It'll be important to aim towards reassuring mates.

The Weekly Outlook from 27th June

You won't be as pro-active as you'd like with circumstances holding you back and preventing you from making an impression. Issuing ultimatums will not make any difference. Hold yourself back and mark time until the tide turns in your favour. From midweek a new phase begins which will offer you a good opportunity to re-organise some of your methods. If you can find the discipline and motivation then you will find you clear up a good many tangles before they happen.

Your Monthly Horoscope for July

If you can push aside background concerns and focus on essentials you'll make progress, albeit modest. Keeping up your keep fit regimes will be crucial since you'll be landed with a pile of chores and have to ensure those close are being well looked after. If certain pet projects are on a go-slow then be patient and accept you can't push the river. All will happen in good time but you can use this phase to backtrack and revise plans. Throwing your energy into reorganising at home will soak up impatience though loved ones may not always appreciate being swept into place in your tidying campaign. If tensions within the family surface then see what you can do to sort them out calmly. Luckily your social life will be light-hearted and frivolous to keep your spirits high. More support from close partners after mid month will take the strain off your shoulders. Cooperation will be the way to go Your upbeat approach will keep them cheerful.

and Next Month's Horoscope for August

The support of a close partner will be essential as you negotiate your way through a bumpy two weeks with sudden dilemmas blowing up at home or in the family. You'll be thrown back on your own common sense and resources as you decide how best to tackle upheavals and uncooperative behaviour. While you're aware that changes have to be made moving ahead on the domestic and emotional front you would prefer if they happened in a steady way rather than in lurches and leaps. But you won't always have as much choice as you'd like. Luckily you are good at detaching yourself from heated situations and won't react as emotionally as some. And with Venus in your opposite sign of Leo from the 11th you'll be pouring oil on troubled waters for the rest of the month. Into the final days you'll find your energy and passionate enthusiasm soars and you'll throw yourself into enjoyable pursuits and be playing games with loved ones. There will be financial matters to sort out in quiet moments as well.

Year Ahead 2022

Despite the ups and downs, stop-start feel as 2022 gets under way, you'll at least have the satisfaction of knowing your finances are in better shape. The winds of good fortune will be blowing behind you for several months ahead and again at the year's end bringing money your way. You'll be spending liberally so may not end up with much surplus but you'll be happy to spoil yourself.rnJust have a slight care since Neptune is still hanging around in Pisces which tends to make you careless or overly generous and taken in by sad stories. So you'll need to protect yourself.rnThe year will be divided between phases where you push work and outer ambitions ahead, early and late, and the middle months where you focus on home and family matters. Putting changes in place in your domestic life and family relationships to bring you more comfort and contentment will be a priority. There will be disruptions and unsettled patches so you'll need to steer a middle course and try to keep loved ones in good humour.rnYou'll sense you are slowly coming to the end of an old cycle in your life. The new phase won't get underway just yet, but this is a phase for tying up loose ends and getting prepared. Getting a grip of certain situations which seemed out of your control will be important but you'll need to tread softly and not expect overnight results.rnFrom August onwards till the New Year you'll be on a roll with high vitality and passionate enthusiasm sending you into a pro-active, spirited few months. You won't be holding back, will want your own way and be throwing yourself into enjoying yourself in a major way.