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April 21 - May 20

Your Birthday Horoscope

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be lucky where cash and joint ventures are concerned with generosity coming your way. You will make the transition from the past to the future easily and drop your emotional defences, allowing you to move closer to the right people. You won't find it easy to settle to definite future plans, so allow yourself to drift for a while. You will spread your opinions in all directions but also need to listen to feedback.

Today's Horoscope for Monday May 20th

It may be that you have to come to new agreements with close partners over joint finances. You may be too starry eyed about certain friends. Maybe they do have a wonderful side, but they are also proving evasive when you need support. You need to take steps to ensure that you are not deceived in future by your own over rosy view of people, or indeed by vague promises which turn out to be insubstantial when you check them out.

The Weekly Outlook from 20th May

You are being drawn to the good life, and all it brings with it, which never comes cheap. But you won't be happy unless you can boost your nest egg as well. People may be holding you back, but sometimes they give you a bit more security than you recognise. If you push them away too hard they might not be around later when you want to reverse a little and get a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on.

Your Monthly Horoscope for May

Not normally a sign who rushes into decisions or high-speed action, you'll be feeling more motivated than usual to get various projects kick started in a hurry. Keen to forge ahead, you won't let anything or anyone stand in your way. Just have a care that you're not being overly optimistic about one financial matter. You may be taking your good luck or someone else's generosity for granted and could find you have to backtrack later. You'll be chatting away in grand style after the 6th making sure your views are being heard. You won't be as sociable or romantic as before just temporarily but you won't be short of an attentive audience. From mid month your charms will attract compliments and admiring glances. Though you may not stop long enough to really appreciate your popularity since an exceptionally busy everyday schedule will keep you running. Money will still be a major preoccupation since you'll Have the chance to earn more and be spending happily as well.

and Next Month's Horoscope for June

Your priority needs to be sorting out your personal finances and curbing a tendency to spend too liberally. It'll be all too easy since irresistible treats and indulgences will catch your eye but you know you are security conscious as well as pleasure-loving so you'll hold yourself back. A fast-moving everyday schedule will keep you on your toes and impatient with delays or mistakes. Around mid month you'll be inclined to say too much in the heat of the moment and then regret it. Even if there are seemingly immoveable obstacles in your way stay persevering and within a few days your way ahead will clear. The final days will be speedy, chatty and never boring.

Year Ahead 2019

A growing sense of inner confidence and the realisation that your life is changing in positive ways will help you battle against a few challenges. Generosity will come your way from the universe in cash or in kind. Joint ventures will flourish and money will come in with less effort than usual. Better still you'll be dropping your emotional defences and drawing closer to the people who matter most. All of this will sustain you as you get embroiled in differences of opinion and belief. There'll be no quick n' easy fixes or agreements, so you'll need to knuckle down and stand firm for what you know to be true. Travel plans will be subject to delay and disruption so you'll always need have a Plan B up your sleeve. You will want to broaden your mind perhaps taking up new studies or hobbies but they'll need to be serious not frivolous and require intense concentration at points if they are to succeed and be fulfilling. You'll be exerting your independence in an obvious way from March onwards for a long time ahead, not caring what others think or so. You'll walk your own road, dress as it pleases you and be bolder about speaking your mind. Friends and companions who knew the old you will be astonished and in many cases admiring of your stand. Through the humps and bumps of what is likely to be a tricky year for everyone, you'll become increasingly aware that you need to manage your time better, streamline your efficiency and alter the way you communicate if you're to get your views across. Shouting louder won't work. Being persistent and listening to feedback will. Looking after fitness and health will be vital, especially in April and October. You're a stalwart sign so won't be overly affected but even you need to slow down once in a while. By December you'll be flying high and making grand plans for what comes next.

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