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August 24 - September 23

Today's Horoscope for Thursday April 02nd

You will try to keep companions at arms' length, since you are playing your cards close to your chest, and don't want to be manipulated. But in turn you may come across as slightly controlling. Since you'll be soaking in the unspoken feelings from those close you may become overloaded. So you'll have to watch that you're not pulled into carrying everyone else's problems. Protect yourself from being drained too much or getting dragged into activities that don't interest you.

The Weekly Outlook from 30th March

Although Mars close to Saturn can give you endurance and stamina, it can also push you too hard. So you'll have to watch you're not straining yourself physically or forcing yourself to do what you don't want to do. Too much will power can sometimes make you can push yourself past your limits. In your love life loyalty and reliability will mean more than flamboyant declarations of passion. You want to know that loved ones will be there for you no matter what.

Your Monthly Horoscope for April

Putting your best foot forward on social occasions you'll charm all the right people and be putting extra stress on your appearance. Though you'll also spend time in private sorting out confidential financial and emotional matters. There's a slight risk that you'll let your enthusiasm or confidence run away with you and push too hard. When in reality pacing yourself over three weeks will produce better results. But you will for all that be rewarded by some morale-boosting moments with loved ones and friends. Hard work won't be avoidable so you'll need to ensure you're staying fit and boosting your stamina; and not giving yourself unnecessary headaches by acting recklessly around the 7th. Being too outspoken could bring unforeseen consequences. In the final ten days you'll be less intense as certain restrictions lift and you can fly higher and look ahead with optimism. You'll still be diligent and dutiful about cracking on through the chores but your spirits will be high.

and Next Month's Horoscope for May

A lively, opinionated Taurus Sun will keep you aiming high, talking animatedly and spreading your wings. Your enthusiasm will keep you sailing along on a sea of optimism. You may not always be realistic but you'll be following your visions, wanting more meaning and purpose in your life. Travel would suit you best but if you are stuck, you'll take up new hobbies, fill your mind full of fascinating facts and in general avoid anything that feels like routine. Socially you'll be on good form, your self-confidence soaring as you sense that your popularity is rising. And not just on the party scene, but at work as well, you'll be aware that you're more highly valued than before. From the middle of the month you won't feel as drained energy-wise and more support will be on offer from a close partner. At times they'll be argumentative or too wound up so you'll need to calm them down and act as peacemaker. If you can throw your energy behind their plans then you'll make progress faster. After the 20th you'll be into a more prominent few weeks, picking up admiration and respect, although you will have to put in extra effort to make it happen.

Year Ahead 2020

2020 will find you struggling to decide what you want to do about your lacklustre social and romantic connections. Circumstances appear to be conspiring against you wakening up your emotional life, at least early on. But don't be disheartened. There's nothing that determination and perseverance can't fix. OK loved ones will be landing heavier responsibilities on you so it will feel like all give and not much get. But gradually you'll see a light at the end of the tunnel. As you learn the lessons of true love in putting others needs before your own you'll find the rewards start to trickle through. Invitations and compliments will come your way and gradually you'll find your efforts to put others first have not been in vain. It'll still be a bumpy ride since it's that kind of year, with nothing staying settled for long. But there'll be social highs in March, June and November. And that will be all the more noticeable across the middle months of the year with Venus at your midheaven giving you the chance to sparkle in the right company.rnFrom March to July you will be landed with more work than usual so need to look after fitness and stamina. If you're putting energy out then you'll need to refill your reservoir. Pushing past your limits won't be a good idea.rnSorting out your finances and other confidential matters will be a preoccupation from July onwards till the New Year. There won't be quick n' easy answers so be prepared for a long haul with compromises needed along the way. There'll be endless distractions and some dramas along the way but you'll keep your head down and be rewarded by more security at the end of it.rnIn the final month you'll pull back to focus on home and family matters, aware that making long overdue changes is crucial. Ask for what you need from loved ones and don't be put off by their conflicting wishes. Put yourself first.