Your Starsign


August 24 - September 23

Today's Horoscope for Tuesday February 18th

You will want to entertain and be rather flash. If you are planning a party it will be impressive. Romantically upfront, you will head for what you want and not be backward about stating your fancy. Flamboyant and exuberant, you'll aim for the spotlight and bask happily in the limelight. Forget routine chores and duck out if you feel an order coming your way. Just have a care since you may be a little accident prone since you are feeling more reckless than usual, looking for adventure.

The Weekly Outlook from 17th February

You will want to share and care more in the coming weeks. Togetherness will be the key to your happiness both at home and at work. But it'll also be necessary to open a few windows, let a blast of fresh air blow through your life, and understand that with a small amount of disruption, you can find new opportunities to live a different kind of lifestyle. Keep some of your wilder ideas within limits, because clearly you can't turn your life totally upside down.

Your Monthly Horoscope for February

Being a practical, earthy sign of service, hard work never bothers you and you'll be settling down to a rhythm and routine for three weeks. It's not too glamorous but you'll achieve a modest amount. Looking after fitness and stamina will be important since you'll be giving out a fair amount. You'll be grumbling around at home, trying to reorganise or not seeing eye to eye with loved ones and family members. Just soak up your surplus irritation by finding a fun project. Where matters of the heart are concerned, you'll be playing your cards close to your chest and not letting on to any but your closest partners how you feel. There could be generous presents coming your way, in cash or in kind, but they'll be discreet, not ostentatious. Your energy and passionate enthusiasm will soar from mid- month onwards and you'll be keen to be off enjoying yourself and getting your own way for six weeks ahead. More support will be on offer after the 19th so you'll be less drained and with more cooperation able to enjoy yourself.

and Next Month's Horoscope for March

In an adventurous mood socially you'll be mixing with the fun crowd and exploring new leisure activities. But really you'll yearn for the security of a twosome. Togetherness will be the key to your happiness even if at times you're not sure how much commitment you want to make long term. One close partner will prove elusive or even evasive towards the 8th but you'd do best to forgive and forget, putting their inaccessibility down to their problems, not as a personal slight. Mercury, your ruler, goes direct on the 10th which will bring to an end three weeks of communication hitches and glitches. And you will get additionally some heart-warming and morale-boosting news or encounters out on the party circuit. The mood of the final days will be less exuberant with a pile of chores ahead of you, some emotional aggravation and a firm nudge that you need to get your fitness and diet regimes better organised.

Year Ahead 2020

2020 will find you struggling to decide what you want to do about your lacklustre social and romantic connections. Circumstances appear to be conspiring against you wakening up your emotional life, at least early on. But don't be disheartened. There's nothing that determination and perseverance can't fix. OK loved ones will be landing heavier responsibilities on you so it will feel like all give and not much get. But gradually you'll see a light at the end of the tunnel. As you learn the lessons of true love in putting others needs before your own you'll find the rewards start to trickle through. Invitations and compliments will come your way and gradually you'll find your efforts to put others first have not been in vain. It'll still be a bumpy ride since it's that kind of year, with nothing staying settled for long. But there'll be social highs in March, June and November. And that will be all the more noticeable across the middle months of the year with Venus at your midheaven giving you the chance to sparkle in the right company.rnFrom March to July you will be landed with more work than usual so need to look after fitness and stamina. If you're putting energy out then you'll need to refill your reservoir. Pushing past your limits won't be a good idea.rnSorting out your finances and other confidential matters will be a preoccupation from July onwards till the New Year. There won't be quick n' easy answers so be prepared for a long haul with compromises needed along the way. There'll be endless distractions and some dramas along the way but you'll keep your head down and be rewarded by more security at the end of it.rnIn the final month you'll pull back to focus on home and family matters, aware that making long overdue changes is crucial. Ask for what you need from loved ones and don't be put off by their conflicting wishes. Put yourself first.