Trump, Pence – the maelstrom gathers strength



Trump is living out his Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Mars now – wilful, headstrong, argumentative, self-willed – though it’ll also probably coincide with events around the exact aspect in 10 weeks’ time and beyond for a few months. It’s generally uncompromising, leads to macho gestures to prop up dented self-esteem and over hasty decisions that can backfire.

The July 13th Cancer Solar Eclipse will also rattle his chart affecting both his Saturn and Venus in Cancer. An Eclipse conjunct Saturn is a time of facing up, shouldering responsibilities (unlikely) and learning some harsh lessons. It can feel like hitting a wall, perhaps leaving him discouraged and worn out unless he is willing to change (doubly unlikely).

An Eclipse conjunct Venus usually brings a painful emotional crisis with a sense of being isolated, lacking support or popularity and thus denting his self-esteem.

Mike Pence looks lacklustre, lacking in courage and will power from early May till late July as tr Neptune starts an 18 month undermining square to his Gemini Sun. He’s also got  a major-upset Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Uranus approaching (anywhere from 6 months ahead to 18 mths, since we don’t know his birth time). June looks unsettled with tr Uranus trine his Pluto, returning into 2019. He looks poleaxed by events from mid July to late August and again November to mid December with tr Pluto square his Mars/Saturn midpoint. He’ll have one blip of luck in July but otherwise it’s a downhill year.

His relationship chart with Trump, which is pretty hostile underneath a submissive exterior, is at odds this month, severely shaken in May and devastated through June to mid July.

His wife’s chart isn’t too informative, though his relationship chart with her gives indication of high stress levels leading to changes late this month and even more major challenges in May; with another shift in July as tr Uranus is trine the composite Pluto.

I’m not sure of the procedures with Mueller but some of it hinges on Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General – with the possibility that both could get fired along the way. RR certainly looks to be facing losses this month, though his confidence seems to be staying high. The July Eclipse will oppose his Capricorn Sun which tends to be a major challenge to ego and image.  His relationship chart with Trump is generally chilly this year though with a sense of relief from tension come June – maybe one or other departs the scene?

There’ll be a fresh outbreak of hostilities between Trump and Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General from mid May through June with tr Uranus square the composite Saturn and then opposition Mars.

Mueller has a sinker of tr Neptune squaring his Mars, bringing a panicky sense of failure from May to late July; and his Pluto, Sun, Venus in Leo will all be shaken  by the Solar and Lunar Eclipses across June/July.

Make of that what you will. The roller coaster ride continues.

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5 thoughts on “Trump, Pence – the maelstrom gathers strength

  1. If I’m not mistaken mars and Uranus in conjunction can also be violence and guns , I believe President Kennedy had this conviction in his natal chart , could be a dangerous time for Trump

    • Hi JFK had his Solar Arc Mars approaching the conjunction to his Pluto (less than half a degree exact) which is v risky, though the chart won’t show up death. Mars Uranus can be explosive – literally, physically or psychologically. So bombs, or heart attacks or violent over-reactions. Stressful whichever.

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