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The irrepressible Tina Turner has written her autobiography called My Love Story from her earliest cotton-picking days in Nutbush, Tennessee through her rise to fame alongside Ike Turner, who beat her up for 20 years. It finishes with her finding her soulmate, getting cancer and nearly dying from kidney failure until her husband gave her one of his in 2017.

She has sold more than 200 million records and more concert tickets than any other solo performer.

She was born 26 November 1939 10.10 pm Nutbush, TN and had a fractured childhood, being separated from her sibling and farmed out to grandparents and then her mother left suddenly because of her husband’s abuse of her.

Tina has a 4th house Sun Mercury in Sagittarius opposition a 10th house Gemini Moon square a 7th house Mars in Pisces – a focal point Mutable Mars is a hint of why she has such an energetic, high-wire stage presence and act.  Her lucky 8th house Jupiter opposes Neptune squaring onto Venus in Sagittarius in her performing 5th house giving her a vibrant charm and a head-in-the-clouds streak that would see her through the bad days. Her Sun trines a 12th house Pluto and her Jupiter making for a confident, talented, though hidden Fire/Water Grand Trine, focussed onto musical Neptune. She also has the generational creative Neptune trine a 10th house maverick Uranus; with her Uranus also sextile Jupiter.

Her forced-to-be-self-reliant Saturn in Aries is in the 9th, a pointer to her religious grandparents and her later Buddhist beliefs.

Tina is inner wheel; Erwin outer.

Erwin Bach, her present German husband, an EMI executive, who has been by her side for over 30 years was born 24 January 1956, and is a Sun Aquarius opposition Uranus square Neptune in Scorpio so more fixed and steadier than she is. He shares a Gemini Moon with Tina and his Venus is conjunct her 7th house Mars softening her previous tendencies to aim for overly-assertive/angry partners. It won’t be the easiest of relationships since his Mars Saturn is conjunct her Sun Mercury and opposition her Moon.

But their relationship chart is extraordinarily strong with a composite Air Grand Trine of Jupiter (Moon) trine Saturn trine Neptune, formed into a Kite by a tied-together Saturn opposition Pluto.

Whereas her relationship chart with Ike Turner had a brutal, dominating composite Mars opposition Pluto (Moon).

Her recent run of serious illness was when her Progressed Mars was conjunct her Saturn.

She’ll be an unbelievable 80 next year and here’s hoping that she keeps on flowing.

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  1. Tina is an incredibly tough woman who despite the harrowing events in her life has survived
    and outlasted almost everything, including her ghastly ex-partner Ike.

    Good luck to her. She has truly deserved it.

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