Shaun White – does talent trump morals?



Shaun White, the professional snowboarder who became the face of the sport for more than two decades, sent Winter Olympics commentators and fans into ecstasies this week after what they say was ‘the greatest run in halfpipe snowboarding history.’ Then tied themselves in knots trying to reconcile that with the sexual harassment suit he’d settled last year. (Details on: He has competed in four Winter Olympics and won gold in three.

Born 3 September 1986 San Diego, California, he has an extraordinary chart. His Virgo Sun and Mercury oppose Jupiter in Pisces, sextile Pluto, square Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius and trine Neptune and Mars in Capricorn – so very tied together, making him a complicated personality, a mix of determined, powerful, low in self-esteem, rebellious, dynamic, vague and overly confident.

His Sun does square his Mars/Pluto midpoint, which would give him the never-say-die determination to climb to and stay on at top level sport; but won’t give him the most sympathetic of temperaments. His Venus in late Libra is widely conjunct Pluto but that apart isn’t well integrated into his chart. His Moon is Leo or Virgo.

He’s facing some losses and disappointments through this year, perhaps as #metoo bites into his endorsement deals; and is facing a depressing slog in 2019/2020.


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  1. As much as I want to celebrate him, hearing about the sexual harassment and the lewd, gross texts he sent to his own bandmate of penises and the like really turn me off. I just don’t believe he is sincerely sorry for any of it. He settled out of court but quite frankly I have a hard time being proud of this guy. Then in an interview he dismissed the sexual harassment claims as gossip – yet if you read the stories he admits to the texts. Ummmm, he need to do a bit more in my eyes in getting into my good graces. He settled the case, so in some respects he admitted to doing something he shouldn’t have. He should at least be honest about it.

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