Priyanka Gandhi – a tough entry into Indian politics



Priyanka Gandhi, granddaughter of Indira and daughter of Rajiv, is stepping into the political fray in India. She won’t have much impact on the up and coming election which Narendra Modi’s party is expected to win, but she’s put a toe in the door by taking up a senior position with the Congress Party, associated with Indira and Rajiv, both former prime ministers and both murdered. So she’s got guts and is already facing a barrage of criticism and insults.

Born 12 January 1972 in Delhi with questionable birth times, either around 7.20pm or 2 am, she’s an ambitious and independent-minded Capricorn Sun square Uranus; with a sensitive and compassionate Saturn opposition Neptune (Moon); and a courageous, do-or-die determined Mars opposition Pluto square Mercury.

She’s nothing like as enduring a personality as her grandmother Indira, 19 November 1917, who was a Sun Scorpio square Uranus with Uranus opposition Saturn (and Neptune) in Leo. And she is under considerable pressure this year, more so next, with a fair risk of accidents, disasters and setbacks – from tr Uranus conjunct her Mars/Saturn midpoint this June, and again later in the year; and even more so when her Solar Arc Mars is conjunct her Saturn early in 2021 for another really major obstacle.  Assuming she comes through unscathed, she’ll get into a better phase thereafter.


One thought on “Priyanka Gandhi – a tough entry into Indian politics

  1. While I understand why she may still like an attractive option to a western eye -“she’s got guts”, it’s not guts, it’s the good old Nehru-Gandhi sense of entitlement and a view that power is their birthright.

    She is a terrible option (as bad as Nm).
    While she is given like Indira to a dictatorial temperament, her husband is a scam artist responsible for a truly staggering degree if corruption during the last upa government.

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