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Princess Eugenie married her Jack at 11.10 am this morning in Windsor in a very attractive dress. This gives an affluent and successful/influential Pluto trine midheaven, sextile Jupiter. Though there’s also a pressured, trapped Sun square Pluto; and a volatile Uranus Mars North Node is tied into Mercury Venus in Scorpio. The day itself was guaranteed to be a strain since it involved such huge amount of organisation and exposure. But the wedding chart also gives a flavour of the marriage to come.

What strikes me – not that I wish to rain on their happy if windy day –  is that Eugenie has Mars in Aquarius in her birth chart and it squares onto Jack’s Taurus Sun opposition Pluto, which sounds fairly fraught since she’ll be utterly determined and at times quite ornery about getting her way; and he’ll be stubborn and controlling, subtly or otherwise. He does admittedly have five planets in adaptable Mutable signs while she has none but he’ll still dig his heels in.

She’s done what her parents did which was aim for the exact opposite in terms of the elements. She’s a Fire Aries Sun with an Air Aquarius Moon, while he’s an Earth Taurus Sun with a Water Pisces Moon. Her mother has an Air Sun and Fire Moon while her father has a Water Sun and Moon. Chalk and cheese matches. Though Eugenie does have the earthy triple conjunction in Capricorn; and he has Venus in Airy social butterfly Gemini which will help.

Their relationship chart has an ethereal, romantic composite Venus square Neptune, though that can turn out to be over-hopeful when the shine wears off; plus a power-couple composite Jupiter opposition Pluto so they will have ambitions together to make their mark as a twosome of social substance. The downside of that is it can turn into a tussle for the upper hand and the last word. Plus a competitive, argumentative, highly energetic composite Sun square Mars.

There’s an oddity for which I struggle to make an interpretation.  The South Node on their relationship chart is exactly conjunct the midheaven of the wedding chart. The South Node is the line of least resistance, usually seen as negative – that which needs to be struggled away from.

On the synastry, his Jupiter (Moon) in Pisces trines her midheaven so he’ll be supportive in her career/direction in life.

Pluses and minuses and there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. She was most badly affected of the two siblings by her parents’ split and she’s got an edgy Neptune, Saturn and Mars in her 4th so she’ll never be that settled domestically in her adult home life. He may get tetchy about the sacrifices she feels she has to make for her family, since his Mars in Capricorn, admittedly socially ambitious, is conjunct her Neptune, so he won’t always be overly supportive.


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  1. From Lara Owen: (moved from Q&C for ease of finding at a later date.)

    Marjorie, my take on the Eugenie/Jack south node cj midheaven of the wedding chart is that their fame is their undoing, and could become notoriety (as it did with her mother). They’ve been criticised for the lavish celeb-filled wedding (200+ more guests than Harry and Meghan) and the taxpayer costs of the security, including the (entirely unnecessary) carriage ride. She is not a working royal, and this kind of showiness and extravagance, if it continues, will backfire on them. There is also the matter of the scar, which could also be seen as a confluence of SN/MC symbolism: as the wound made visible; as an attempt to get sympathy by claiming victim status in the midst of extreme privilege; and/or as solidarity with the imperfect/damaged in all of us.

    • Nice. I’m working with my south node atm. Maybe the conjunction highlights Fergie’s OTT, unbendingly-extravagant influence over the wedding day. Midheaven often meaning mother.

      Maybe Fergie’s ideas and contributions towards the wedding day will continue to attract an acute, very public backlash.

      Which might hinder the bride and groom’s ability to move away from their own individual and/or combined south node issues. For a while to come as well, I imagine.

    • I think that the reason she chose to show her scar was so that other children who need the same operation she had will not be scared by the thought of said operation and also her carriage ride was the same as her cousin Peter Philips had ie another non working royal…. hey ho time will tell. I did hear a charming story about how the Brooksbanks had booked themselves into a local Air BnB and when the York’s found out about this they were found accommodation in the castle instead – no airs and graces there!

  2. Beautiful wedding, she looked stunning and that dress – agreed one of the best in a long while – and they bothe seemed so happy and so much in love – here’s hoping that they are happy and remain so for a long while. At the end of the day nobody really knows what goes on behind closed doors and behind royal doors even more so! So much is press conjecture…

  3. “The South Node on their relationship chart is exactly conjunct the midheaven of the wedding chart. The South Node is the line of least resistance, usually seen as negative – that which needs to be struggled away from.”

    Well, it was a Royal Wedding, also marked by legacy and maybe at least in part by the needs of her parents to “show off”, so we do not know how much of this they really wanted. For instance, Eugenie’s aunt by marriage, Duchess of Cornwall did not attend because she reportedly hates her father. Prince Philip obviously would not let such “small” things as not having spoken to Eugenie’s mother in 25 years stand in his way.

    I must say Eugenie herself looked stunning. The dress was absolutely the best I’ve seen in a Royal Wedding anywhere in many, many years. Reminds me of that of Victoria of Sweden, but with touches of bling. And I love the kokoshnik style art deco tiara! My favourite jewelry style, if I was filthy rich, I’d only wear things from this period.

  4. Princess Eugenie looks very beautiful! I wish the couple much luck. I married my husband 19 years ago and we are very ‘opposite’ in some ways and the first 7 years was a real battle but we have learned so much from one another and are actually friends. Hopefully Princess Eugenie and her husband can evolve together while navigating a public life.

    • Same with my husband and I – he’s all air and fire, I’m earth and water. Many squares to Venus in our synastry. Plus squares between my four Scorpio planets and his Aquarian ones. Astrologically it looks bad on paper, but it somehow works really well. My parents on the other hand had an almost perfect synastry, both fire moons and water suns all trining each other and their marriage was tense and difficult.

      I’m no fan of her father, but I thought Eugenie looked stunning and the dress was fabulous. I wish the happy couple much joy.

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