Peter Dinklage – a talent to overcome all



Peter Dinklage, who plays Tyrion Lannister in the fabulously successful Game of Thrones now heading for its final season, has had a sterling career with 58 nominations and 12 awards, including three PrimeTime Emmys and a Golden Globe for GOT.

Born 11 June 1969 1.37 am Point Pleasant, New Jersey, he has a powerfully confident and successful chart with a quick-witted 3rd house Gemini Sun in a Mutable Grand Cross opposition MC square a super-charged Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus in Virgo opposition a Pisces North Node on his Ascendant. Jupiter Pluto gives him luck, drive and determination; Jupiter Uranus a willingness to take risks and adventurous; aspecting the Node and his midheaven ties his career into the zeitgeist.

He’s got an outspoken Mercury opposition Mars in lively Sagittarius. And a Venus, Saturn, Moon conjunction in Taurus giving him staying power and stubbornness at holding out for what he wants. He was born with dwarfism and refused in his career, even at the start, to play stereotypical roles.

His latest venture My Dinner with Herve, which he spent several years co-producing and writing as well as starring in, will air on HBO on October 20th .

He’s got a good deal of mileage ahead career-wise with tr Saturn in his upper quadrant for the next seven years keeping the work rolling in; with another major success in the early 2020s when tr Pluto trines his Jupiter.

His actor’s 15th Harmonic is, not surprisingly, well aspected.


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  1. How fortunate that the role of Tyrion Lannister came available for this actor. This character over the whole length of the series has developed and expanded to become a full-depth personality of strength, intelligence, anguish and angst, and the resources to move on and succeed in a punishing world. Peter’s native abilities have made this possible.

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