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Another pop idol gone from a suspected drug overdose – Mac Miller, hugely successful but with a confessed drug and depression problem, which split his two year relationship with Ariane Grande recently.

Born 19 January 1992 in Pittsburgh (no birth time), he had a late Capricorn Sun with Neptune, Uranus Mercury conjunct and Mars North Node all in Capricorn as well; with most likely a Cancer Moon opposition his Sun. Uranus Neptune can give a touch of genius but also tends to be a touch on the edge, not so much prone to depression as to irrational thinking. One of the songs on his latest album has a line: “I’m just looking for a way out of my head’”

An unaspected Saturn would give him problems with self-discipline and make it tricky for him to put limits on himself. His Jupiter was trine Mars, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune which would give him times of enthusiasm and confidence. But it was square his Mars/Pluto midpoint which also aspected his Sun, so he would have intense frustrations.

He had tr Neptune square his Mars/Pluto at the moment which would be exceptionally debilitating and confusing; as well as a trapped tr Pluto conjunct his Sun/Mars, which would be destructive/self-destructive.

He has a reasonably good cross-over with Ariane Grande with his Capricorn Sun trine her Venus in Taurus; and his Jupiter falling in her 8th for a deep connection. But his inner turmoil would be disturbing for her since his Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Mercury fell in her 12th with his Mars opposition her Cancer Sun. She said she had to leave because of the toxic nature of their relationship due to drugs.

Their relationship chart has the crazy-making Uranus Neptune highlighted – on the point of a composite T Square to Sun opposition Mercury, as well as trine Jupiter, sextile Pluto.

That early 1990s generation do live at extraordinarily high levels of mental frazzle.


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