Liam Neeson steps into the #metoo firing line



Liam Neeson has stepped into the #metoo debate, suggesting there was a ‘bit of a witchhunt’ going on with some allegations being about ‘childhood stuff.’ Twitter has been fairly mixed in response with some outrage and some support for his honesty. In the past he’s generally been thought liberal, doing a film for Amnesty about the legalisation of abortion in Ireland and being pro-gun control.

Born 7 June 1952 9.55pm (astrotheme) Ballymena, Ireland, he has a Gemini Sun Mercury on his Descendant conjunct Venus opposition a 12th house Sagittarius Moon; with his Sun trine Neptune (Saturn) in Libra trine an Aquarius North Node – restless, multi-talented, communicative and emotionally quite detached. His ambitious, ultra-determined Mars in Scorpio in the 10th is in an adventurous opposition to Jupiter in indulgent Taurus. And he has the signature superstar influential Pluto in the 8th. Uranus in his 7th square Saturn, could make him uncompromising and at times autocratic.

He’s not in his best of years with his Solar Arc Sun in a blocked conjunction to Pluto, with Solar Arc Mercury following in 2019; an undermining tr Neptune square his Moon and Venus this month; a disaster-prone tr Pluto square his Mars/Saturn midpoint also this month, repeating later in the year; and an unsecure, jolting tr Uranus opposition his 10th house Mars from mid 2018 for eighteen months. Tr Uranus, on this birth time, will also oppose his midheaven next month. There may be other reasons than a lashback from these comments. But one way or another he’ll be out of sorts. He’ll get a lift in early 2020 from Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Uranus.


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  1. Little boys shoudn’t molest little girls. Sounds like Liam is waiting for the other shoe to drop. But I would bet is not childhood stuff, but teenage. Young man. Middle age. Old age.

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