Kanye West – out-ranting Trump



Kanye West managed to upstage Trump in an extraordinary Oval Office meeting where he let fly with wild statements in all directions and was roundly criticised for his over-the-top adulation of the president.

West is in an overly excitable phase at the moment with tr Uranus conjunct his Mars Venus in Taurus, until early 2019, which will send him up like a rocket, bubbling over with enthusiasm. Though that’s running alongside an extended run of undermining Neptune hard aspects to his Mutable T Square of Sun Jupiter in Gemini opposition Neptune in Sagittarius square a Pisces Moon. Too much Mutable can be destabilising and tends to go off like a windmill in a storm.

His Fixed T Square will continue to be jolted and jangled into the early 2020s as tr Uranus opposes his Uranus and then squares his wannabe-important Saturn in Leo.

West’s Mercury in Taurus is conjunct Trump’s midheaven and West’s Sun Jupiter falls in Trump’s 10th so it’s a mutual admiration society. Though it’s not a bro-romance that would survive close contact for too long. Their relationship chart does have a friendly Sun Venus conjunction; an intense Venus square Pluto; and an upbeat Sun sextile Jupiter. But there’s also a volatile Mars sextile Uranus; and a suspicious/doubting Saturn square Neptune perhaps tied into the Moon.

West’s birth time is unverified, but if 8 June 1977 8.45 am Atlanta, Georgia is sound then he has Pluto in the 4th. That might attract him to powerful men; and his Saturn in Leo is desperate to be connected to the greatest etc etc. He’s clearly not stable.  I always thought it was significant that Tony Blair who also has Pluto in the 4th wrecked his career because of his Iraq alliance with GW Bush – he had to be seen playing with the big boys.

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  1. Mr West admitted in an interview (months ago, after his slavery comments backlash), that he was prescribed 3 doses of medication, daily. Mr. West chooses instead to take 3 doses….a WEEK.

    I’d like to see more emphasis on that by the media, but know that won’t happen.

    Mr. West in the Oval Office is what an unmedicated manic phase looks like, for the bipolar. He needs therapy and meds, not media exploitation.

  2. Apparently, he also backtracked on confession of being bipolar he made in the front of his rap audience a couple of months ago. I still think he was being honest there. While bipolar people are not necessarily delusional if not on their own capacities during manic phase, Gemini Sun square Pisces Moon isn’t the most stable combination to begin with, and he also has Mercury conjunct Algol. Algol is widely considered the “nastiest” fixed star, bringing downfall to natives with a personal planet or point touching it on area indicated by it. Kanya’s downfall will be trying to appear smarter than he really is and possibly business (he has been near bankrupt on severql occasions, and probably currently blessed by guidance of Kris Jenner).

  3. Kanye was once a highly respected rap artist.

    Ever since his mother died unexpectedly, he has not been the same person for several years.

    Clearly, he is going through another public meltdown.

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