Jerusalem – Trump, wrecker in chief


Even Jewish American groups have accused Trump of ignorance and irresponsible decision making and warn of destructive consequences to his latest lunacy in deciding to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The Middle East is in uproar with the Palestinians promising ‘three days of rage’, though it’s unlikely to end there. World leaders have been unanimous in their condemnation.

Quite how his best-buddy Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, will view the latest development is unclear, despite his recent overtures to Israel. My tuppence worth is Trump needed a diversionary conflagration to take attention away from the Deutsche Bank subpoena, all hotly denied.

The charts for the Palestinian Declaration (15 November 1988), Gaza (9 Nov 1917) and Hezbollah (16 Feb 1985) all look exceptionally uneasy in the final days of this month, as does Israel.

Trump’s relationship with MBS won’t survive intact through 2018 with undermining Neptune transits to both Jupiter (false high hopes) from February onwards and Uranus (irrational actions). And an even greater gulf from April onwards with tr Uranus square the composite Mercury, Venus and Sun, running into 2019.

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22 thoughts on “Jerusalem – Trump, wrecker in chief

  1. Tongue in cheek from Bradley Burston in Haaretz today.
    “The president just gave Jerusalem to the Evangelicals for Christmas, as a capital of their very own. After all, who else but Trump could make the Apocalypse great again.
    There are large numbers of believers, in fact, who see Trump’s announcement – and, in fact, Trump himself – as hastening the long-awaited coming of the Messiah.
    But just whose Messiah is Trump hastening? Is it the fundamentalist Israeli vision of a return to a Jewish kingdom and priesthood reminiscent of the Old Testament? Or is it the Evangelical belief in the return of Jesus Christ and the conversion of all the Jews to born-again Christian doctrine and faith?
    And, considering the unfathomable idiosyncrasies of the president’s personality, isn’t there every chance that we are now watching the evolution of a particularly Trumpian version of Jerusalem Syndrome – that disorder in which a recent visitor to the Holy City begins to take on the personality of a biblical figure? The Messiah, for example.
    It just could be a logical next step on Trump’s path of auto-hagiography. Having already crowned himself President of all Presidents, is it too much of a stretch to imagine Donald Trump, basking as he is in the glow of an adoring Israeli press and the showers of verbal rose petals thrown his way by Benjamin Netanyahu, beginning to see himself as the King of Kings?
    Chances are, in his own mind, Trump’s already aiming higher.
    Let’s face it. He will be the greatest savior anyone has ever seen. “

  2. Oh hallelujah. Evidently the evangelicals led by the saintly Pence are being given credit for Trump’s act of international vandalism.
    Haaretz: “They want war in the Middle East. The Battle of Armageddon, at which time Jesus Christ will return to the Earth and vanquish all God’s enemies. For certain evangelicals, this is the climax of history. And Trump is taking them there. To the promised judgment, to their sure victory. The righteous will be ushered to heaven; the reprobate will be banished to hellfire.”
    To these true believers, she added, the Jerusalem announcement “is the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Donald Trump is not only acting on a campaign promise, but enacting a theological one. They believe that Donald Trump is God’s instrument to move us closer to the Rapture, the Judgment, and the End. Because to them that’s actually the beginning – the beginning of their reward and heavenly bliss.”

    Words fail me. Almost.

    • Every time I see extreme right-wing religion at this level, I don’t see inspiration in which I feel the urge to follow. I see pure, unadulterated evil borne out of misguided arrogance and a holier-than-thou self-entitlement. Now I can see why they have no problem whatsoever overlooking and inflicting the rife numbers of sex abuse victims in their CULT when they have this dangerous mindset about humanity in general.

      Well, I hope the rapture does happen…they can sodding well evaporate into their heavenly realms where they despise and judge and abuse and murder till their hearts are content. Meanwhile, we here left in hell can get on with our lives where respect and compassion can be allowed to flourish, which I believe if a God really does exist, is our actual intention. What loathsome, ugly, chilling people these God-botherers are. Religion really should be made illegal in this day and age. At that level anyway.

      • Does he really live at 666?! Sums him up, doesn’t it? I swear behind the public facade of right-wing Christian piousness this lot are really satanically sadistic.

  3. Marginally more optimistic thought from the Telegraph vis a vis MBS and peace Plan.
    In fact tr Pluto has moved exactly a quarter of a degree since 1979 (thanks Heather for pointing up that seismic shift in the Islamic world).
    MBS is playing a high stakes game and hasn’t always been wise in his actions. But both the Saudis and the Iranians (who are a highly educated, cultured people) would blossom if the beards were kicked into touch and sidelined.
    But I take the caveat about Kushner involvement. There has to be money in there somewhere.

  4. Trump,Netanyahu and Israel all have #Mar conjunct in Leo. Trump and Netanyahu exact at 26 deg conjunct Trumps Asc and Israel 28 deg.) This conjunction is opposition US Moon in US 9th house.
    We all know that is where the SE fell.[/highlight]

  5. Look to the 1979 seizure of the Grand Mosque at Mecca. It was these events that was a turning point for Saudi Arabia cracking down on their people to become more theocratic. Also in 1979 there was a revolution in Iran. These events changed the face of Islam in the entire world. From the American point of view, I believe Saudi Arabia to be the prime financiers of the 9/11 attacks in the US since many of the attackers were from Saudi Arabia. Those attackers lived under the harsh rule that came due to government reforms stemming from this 1979 seizure. Here we are today, MBS wants to make reforms. These kinds of changes could revolutionize Islam but I would definitely view his motives with great caution especially if he wants to become bedfellows with Kushner. This reeks of some kind of money deal and to believe otherwise would be foolish. As MBS imprisons all of his rivals, I’d take a cautious approach to whatever he has up his sleeve.

  6. I would wonder what Mohammed bin Salman’s game is. He’s evidently very tight with Kushner, whose bright idea this supposedly was ‘to kick start the peace process’?? MBS’s father, the King, had to step in and condemn it. MBS is hell bent on destroying Hezbollah, supported by Iran and they are likely to respond violently to this announcement. Maybe a provocative kick-start to a battle MBS wants to have and win.

    • If I recall, Marjorie, didn’t you mention that in his chart he has strong aspects to make a positive change in his country and culture (a revolutionary)? I don’t follow much on the man but I’m aware he is upsetting the traditional apple cart, so to speak. I just wish there was a person or three on the world stage with some monumental power that could throw a lightning rod of common sense onto all political powers. The world’s gone crazy BUT because it appears to be happening in other countries and cultures at this time in history it makes me think it’s for a reason. Still, it doesn’t stop me from watching and having my mouth hanging open in total puzzlement.

    • Very hard to defeat an enemy with no standing army. Hezbollah will mutate like a virus rather than be destroyed. Like you, I wonder what the end game is for MbS.

  7. A horrifying act. It’s inconceivable that one unbalanced man can change U.S. foreign policy in this way…purely on impulse. His only visible support on this is the unhinged fringe, and the only grandstand play he has left now is to bomb North Korea. God help us all, as he’s addicted to grandstanding.

    • It’s in his blood. There must be some mighty big changes coming via Mueller to warrant this kind of smokescreen and Trump pep rally.

  8. This is payback for the many millions Trumps campaign received from wealthy Israel firsters, like Sheldon Adelman et al. The real “foreign influences” on American politics in plain sight are Israel not Russia. He will cause real harm to Americans and their interests as a result of this profoundly ignorant and corrupt move, wait and see.

    • Something that has to be said here is that Israel still is a Democracy, to a much greater extend than Russia. Bibi Netanyahu, whose electoral success, ironically, isn’t due as much to rich American donor as a much greater influx of immigrants from ex-Soviet Block since the fall of The Wall, has been in trouble lately. And he will be much more in trouble if/once the terrorist attacks towards civilians start full force. Commentators I follow are afraid these will be worse than Second Intifada – which killed almost 700 Israeli civilians -, because Palestinian Authorities won’t have a say on them and Egypt is unstable. So, most likely attacks coordinated by what remains of ISIS/ISIL and similar groups, claiming hundreds of dead at a time. It’s not a coincidence The US Authorities have issued travel warnings not seen since 2003 (!) to the region.

      • If you read Haaretz, the liberal Israeli newspaper, it says despite all of Netanyahu’s trumpeting no one in Israel really wants this. And Netanyahu will get the blame for what comes next.

  9. Something has gone very wrong that a respected democracy would elect a man so dysfunctional and ignorant as the leader of the free world. Is there some astrological moment of enlightenment ? Or will man always be taking one step forward and two steps back?

    • Jed, we didn’t elect him. We elected Hillary. The Electoral College put Trump into office.

      Replacing “would elect” with “has” describes the situation to a tee. And this is only year 1 of his reign.

  10. Yes, definitely down to him reflecting attention away from is dirty tactics as we have come to expect. That and his desperate search to start a war with just about anybody to prove his ‘masculinity’ on the world stage. He’s an utterly despicable, hypocritical reprobate on a man. He brings in the Muslim ban and here he is poking his pig snout around in the Middle East in such an incendiary way with no respect shown for any sides but his own.

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