In Trump land – waiting for the shoe to drop



Stalemate on the wall, a Democratic-majority Congress with the power to cause trouble on multiple fronts including tax returns, a shambolic administration with several acting unconfirmed senior posts and a wide range of unfilled other vital posts – and Mueller marching on. Not a happy state of affairs in Trump-land. An update on his timeline seemed timely.

His Term chart has an emphasised/afflicted Pluto in the 9th on the point of a T Square and it is catching today’s Capricorn Solar Eclipse, which could point to crises over the next few months unless there’s a radical transformation in approach to all matters 9th house – legal, foreign affairs and communication. Which seems less than likely and there will be consequences if situations are allowed to fester as before.

On this chart there could be a hint of relief from next Monday onwards with a success and perhaps money from tr Pluto conjunct Jupiter/Uranus which till mid February. But running at the same time is one disappointing Neptune and a rebellious, uncompromising Uranus until mid Feb as well. In March tr Uranus squares the Term Sun for a sharp jolt and change of direction, forced or otherwise, and unpopularity as well as financial worries in April from tr Neptune conjunct the Term Venus.

Trump’s own chart has this week’s Capricorn Eclipse square his 2nd house Jupiter, which may not have a dramatic effect, but if anything is likely to ramp up his extravagant, overly expansive tendencies. The Lunar Eclipse on January 21st at zero Leo will conjunct his Solar Arc MC which could provide a career crisis or at least prompt a rethink about future direction.

Then into next month from 13 February to 30 March he picks up tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Uranus midpoint, which is a test of nerves, overly excitable, violent emotions, high insecurity, can be accident or operation. And following directly after that are three seriously challenging, bad tempered, trapped and discouraging Pluto transits in hard aspect to Mars/Node, Moon/Mars and his natal Saturn from March 31st to May 20. These will repeat on and off till late 2020.

His Progressed Moon moving through his 12th will conjunct his Mars at the start of April as well which is likely to provoke an explosion of rage.

His Solar Return from birthday June 2019 to June 2020 is formidably difficult with Saturn Pluto in the 10th opposition a 4th house Mars Mercury, which looks like a career dead-halt.

This year from February onwards was always when his troubles were really going to start to bite.

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  1. Absolutely agree with Nancy Pelosi when she recently called Trump a master at deflection. He knows he’s in deep do-do with the myriad expanding investigations into his criminal/shady dealings, so he’s trying to divert attention to the wall. It’s all a game. He could care less about the hardships the shutdown is causing or the problems at the border. Look what’s happening. Suddenly it’s all about the wall/shutdown. No more talk in the media about Mueller, etc., etc. A master at deflection indeed.

  2. From CNN and other news services:

    ‘Kevin Sweeney has resigned as Pentagon chief of staff after serving the defense secretary for two years…”I’ve decided the time is right to return to the private sector. It has been an honor to serve again alongside the men and women of the Department of Defense,” Sweeney said in a short statement posted on the Department of Defense website late Saturday night….A knowledgeable source told CNN’s Jake Tapper that the White House forced Sweeney out. The source did not provide further information about the reason.”

  3. Excellent sumary. Buckle your seatbelts!

    How successful were the Reagans to integrate such forecasting from their astrologer? Thanks!

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