Heidi Heitkamp – between a rock and a hard place



Heidi Heitkamp, a Junior Senator from the pro-Trump state of North Dakota is described as a centrist Democrat, though she’s voted often for Trump policies, is pro-NRA and pro-bank deregulation. She was formerly an Attorney General and Tax Commissioner.

She’ll have a problem whichever she votes on the Kavanaugh confirmation. She’s one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the midterms and risks alienating conservative voters if she goes against Kavanaugh’s confirmation; and voting for him would bring a backlash among her core supporters.

Born 30 October 1955 in Breckenridge, Minnesota, she arrived two days after Bill Gates, so has that formidably strong and confident Jupiter Pluto in Leo square Venus Saturn in Scorpio. Her Scorpio Sun is square Uranus so she’s a maverick and will go her own way.

Kavanaugh’s Neptune square Aquarius Sun is at odds with her Saturn Venus and Jupiter Pluto – so she’ll find him slippery, less than rigorous in his approach. His head-in-the-clouds, overly-confident and indulgent Jupiter in Taurus opposition Neptune will also jar with her more conscientious Saturn in Scorpio.

[Her chart on inner wheel; Kavanaugh’s on outer. I’m still struggling with Janus 5 update and haven’t had time to sort out the settings.]


Their relationship chart is good and bad – with a friendly composite Sun Venus in a needs-space trine to Uranus; and a very wobbly, blow-hot blow-cold Saturn opposition Jupiter in a wide square to Mars. That focal point composite Mars is getting the tr Saturn square exactly now till mid month which does look aggravated, irritable and blocked.

She does look alarmed and under pressure at the moment with her Mars/Saturn midpoint getting the tr Uranus opposition so she’ll know she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.  And she certainly doesn’t look on a winning streak over the midterms with tr Pluto square her Mars/Neptune which is generally a no-no for elections.  December/January 2019 look edgy and discouraged with frustrations through 2019/2020; but also a resurgence of her confidence at the same time.

She might just vote against him and take the consequences.


8 thoughts on “Heidi Heitkamp – between a rock and a hard place

  1. From Twitter: Heidi Heitkamp’s brother Joel on MSNBC: “She may lose. But in the morning, when she’s brushing her teeth, she needs to like the person she sees.”

  2. As Chris Romero said, she is a no. It helps that the FBI Investigation on Dr. Ford allegations was butchered. She has a very good, centrist grounds for denying her support.

    And, interestingly, if/when Kavanaugh gets confirmed, this will turn enthusiasm gap on Democrat’s direction again (it has been this way for a year in polling, but was closing).

  3. On CNN, they just confirmed Heidi Heitkamp is voting “No” with regards to Kavanaugh. Thank G-d.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

  4. Marjorie,

    Thank you for answering my question about Heidi Heitkamp. I do appreciate you taking the time to look into it. I hope Heidi will vote “no” on Kavanaugh regardless of whether or not she wins or loses this year. If she does vote “no,” then at least she she’ll have a clean conscience and could possibly run for office again in the near future if she loses this year.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

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