Donald Trump meets HM Queen – a spectacle to behold



A little black comedy to spice the approaching tenure of Donald Trump. The UK intends to wheel out its biggest guns for a schmooze fest with the new President, pushing ahead with the hope of a State Visit in July (and crossing fingers for trade deals to follow.) The pomp and glory of HM Queen and other top Royals, will be rolled out with a guard of the resplendent Household Cavalry in a horse drawn carriage down Pall Mall. The full works plus a banquet at Windsor Castle in all its authentic splendour, so unlike Trump Palaces various with their faux plastic Louis X1V glitter.

He has already said his mother was a great Royal fan and HM has coped with many a questionable head of state in her day with steely aplomb. But her close ties to the Commonwealth do make her allergic to racism and she was especially fond of the Obamas, Michelle in particular.

So it’ll be good spectator sport with the ever exuberant Trump unlikely to remember protocols of don’t touch the royal person and don’t upstage. Can he ride a horse? Does he like dogs?

His flamboyant Mars in Leo clashes mightily with HM’s disciplined Saturn in Scorpio and MC, sitting in her 8th, creating subterranean ripples of irritation. The relationship chart has an even more obviously aggravated composite Sun Mercury Venus opposition Mars, sextile/trine Pluto. Sun Mars relationships tend to be competitive ego-clashes which in this instance would be a deadly mistake on his part.

Oddly enough, the relationship with Prince Charles, a fierce environmental campaigner, looks marginally less stressed though is still fairly volatile and to be suffered through gritted teeth.

Melania is another Sun Taurus like HMQ, but she also has Saturn in Taurus which will not make for a warm connection. And that relationship chart has a needs-must-endure composite Saturn opposition Pluto tied into Mars and Venus, so cool with no real spark.

Melania will find Camilla even more difficult with a composite stonewalling Mars square Pluto and Sun Mars plus a chilly Venus Saturn. And there’s just as much dislike between the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate), who’ll no doubt be a prominent part of the festivities, and Melania. Their relationship chart has an edgy, impatient Mars Saturn trine Neptune.

HM Queen has seen many a faux pas in her day and managed not to blink. GW Bush managed to trip himself up mightily by winking at her on one state visit when in mid speech. It’ll be worth savouring the prospect of Trump getting in a tangle and being frozen out by a Royal blanking. Subtly, of course, since trade deals are trade deals in these troubled times,

5 thoughts on “Donald Trump meets HM Queen – a spectacle to behold

  1. I seem to recall that Michelle couldn’t remember to not touch the royals. And one of the first things her husband did as president was to return the bust of Winston Churchill to the UK.

    • When caught up in the moment, being genuine exceeds protocol. My impression was that HM the Queen was not at all offended.,8599,1888962,00.html

      “Now First Lady Michelle Obama has bent the rules of protocol by touching the queen on the back.
      It all started when the 82-year-old Queen Elizabeth, apparently smitten with the 45-year-old first lady, said she hoped they could stay in touch. And then the queen, who has met 12 U.S. presidents and any number of celebrities, broke royal etiquette herself by touching the first lady on the back. So, being an American, Mrs. Obama reciprocated the back-pat.”

    • In fact the Queen was so struck by Michelle she put her arm out first which is quite unusual. The Winston Churchill bust wasn’t returned to the UK, merely moved elsewhere in the White House, since Pres Obama wanted Martin Luther King in the prominent place.

  2. I am so looking forward to Trump’s tweets detailing the discussions while trade deals are being hammered out in secret. It will be so open and transparent, a breath of fresh air.

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