Brexit – up to the wire and over


I feel remiss in not digging out more pearls of astro-wisdom about the unsolvable Brexit conundrum. Only a couple of thoughts to add from last month’s post (below).

The referendum chart 24 June 2016 had an over-hopeful, delusional Jupiter opposition Neptune in a suspicious, doubting, paranoid square to Saturn in self-righteous Sagittarius. Tr Saturn is exactly opposition the Sun exactly now as talks run into an impasse; with a mournful tr Saturn opposition the Venus in late November. Plus an undermining, fantasy-bubble-bursting tr Neptune opposition the Jupiter, around this year and returning in March 2019, and twice more up to January 2020. There’s an aggravated tr Pluto sextile Mars from April 2019 to late 2020; and a complete upheaval tr Pluto square Uranus from late February 2020 till late 2021. Nothing easy.

The Article 50 letter signing, 28 March 2017, delivered 29th, has an Aries Sun exactly opposition Theresa May’s Libra Sun – and both are catching the tr Saturn hard aspect early this December, which looks discouraging. It has a reformist Uranus trine Saturn; but also an over-confident Jupiter opposition Uranus Moon square Pluto, which was always going to lead to power struggles and a fight for the upper hand.

On 31 March 2019 when the two years is up, tr Pluto is exactly square the Article 50 Uranus for a major jolt accompanying radical change; plus tr Saturn is exactly conjunct the Article 50 Pluto and square the Article 50 Jupiter, which suggests the presumption of success is getting a sharp reality check.

The 31 March 2019 Leave chart has a hostile, bitter and intransigent Mars in Taurus in the 7th trine Pluto (Saturn) trine Midheaven, which doesn’t sound like a happy outcome; with the unbudgeable Saturn Pluto conjunction drawing close.

On 31 March 2019 the UK 1801 chart looks confused and panicky especially where 3rd house matters (transport, communications etc) are concerned as tr Neptune squares the UK 3rd house Mercury; with tr Saturn opposition the 10th house Moon exactly which looks like loss or mourning or a split. With Solar Arc Pluto within less than a degree conjunct the Ascendant, which could suggest taking back control, or damage to reputation and image, requiring a rebuild ahead. Solar Arc Uranus is just into the 8th house of business and international finances (depending on house system) which would indicate a roller coaster ride ahead economically – some good, some not so great outcomes.  Though the major buffeting around doesn’t come until 2021 and lasts until 2025 with tr Uranus in hard aspect to the UK’s Fixed planets, mainly in financial houses.

September 18 2018 post:

Theresa May looks poleaxed and devastated despite her customary stalwart utterances. She has tr Pluto square her Sun/Neptune midpoint all this September and October over the Party Conference – Ebertin describes that as ‘a tragic deception or illusion.’ With perhaps a jolting shock from Solar Arc Uranus conjunct her Sun.

Her Government chart is also in spasm from a nervous crise with tr Uranus conjunct the Sun/Neptune now till mid October; with a bad-tempered setback in the first half of October over the conference with tr Saturn square the Mars.

Theresa May is pretty much all downhill over coming months till late 2019 – hopes dashed, undermined, frustrated, powerless. If she goes, I’d hazard a guess at April 2019 onwards, just after either a hard Brexit or a mushy fudge to extend the agony for another two years. Dominic Raab, her negotiator, looks even more squelched than she does until late 2019.

Olly Robbins, the senior civil servant, who seems to be the senior hand on the wheel, is being battered every which way through October, November and early 2019 with tr Uranus conjunct his Sun and opposition his Pluto. But seems in better shape than the two above – golden pension pot to fall back on and a glittering City job, no doubt.

Philip May, who as chief PM support might give a clue, is looking totally crushed this November and December as is his lady wife and Raab. So either the whole thing is shot or they trail miserably on, praying for a miracle.

Her relationship with Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, who’s been fairly contemptuous, is mutually upsupportive at best and being kicked around like a football through this autumn and on till mid 2019.

Yanis Varoufakis was right in his advice not to negotiate at all with the EU – waste of time. Though it would undoubtedly have helped if the Brexiteers had understood let alone explained the complexities and costs of backing out of 40 years of agreements.

As to the nation chart, I’m none to wiser than I was the last time.

Tr Saturn is conjunct the UK and EU Sun 21st to 28 December this year (and the Germany Sun just before), which certainly looks downbeat and could indicate a breakdown of talks.

On 29 March 2019 tr Saturn will oppose the UK 10th house Moon exactly and conjunct the EU Sec Progressed Mars also exactly. So it could come to a hard split with the UK feeling isolated; and the EU irritable since they won’t get their money and various continental business including German will be tearing their hair at the disruption.

The EU certainly looks in financial meltdown with Solar Arc Pluto conjunct their 2nd house Neptune, exact in 8 months’ time, though in effect beforehand.

On the UK chart as well on 29 March 2019 tr Uranus is square the Jupiter for a moment of relief – though whether that means freedom or a deal isn’t obvious. Solar Arc Pluto is within less than a degree of being conjunct the UK Ascendant (taking back control). Politicians are certainly massively unpopular with Solar Arc Moon exactly opposition the 11th house Saturn (legislature and future plans). But there aren’t the catastrophic economic upheavals you might expect to see with the chaos of a hard Brexit until 2021. Though the Bank of England will be on disaster-watch.

It was always going to go down to the wire and over. But with Theresa May being intransigent and anyway stuck with an unsolvable Northern Ireland problem, it’s difficult to see where an agreement could come from.


13 thoughts on “Brexit – up to the wire and over

  1. A friend (staunch remained) who has a house in the North of England (Derbyshire) said that she came across many normal people who felt that there were too many immigrants stealing their jobs and places in NHS hospitals!! Age wasn’t the issue but inherent racism and fear was the cause of Brexit

    • Hi Charlotte, my take is that the grinding austerity which led to so many cutbacks in public services was caused by the reaction to the criminal banksters who crashed the world economy. The right and their press/media began to bamboozle the public that “foreigners” were to blame for deterioration of services rather than their chums in the City and elsewhere. Classic misdirection. I agree the fear that arose from that was a significant trigger for Brexit.

      Marjorie is there a chart for the 2008 Crash?

  2. I wonder how these planetary energies would be likely to manifest , if the Remain vote had Won?? As per my previous comment,they would still be the same!

    • I think the referendum was one of those very rare occasions in which the outcome was determined. This is because having it was completely an act of free will in itself, David Cameron’s Government chose to have it to curb anti-EU sentiment in their party.

      But, ironically, if there hadn’t been a referendum, Brexiters would probably have a stronger standing in The UK AND The EU politics than they have now. Think of Italy, where support for EU is currently at 44 per cent (ironically, Euro has a 60+ per cent support), and “Eurosceptic” vice-PM Matteo Salvini is flying in polls despite being unable to keep any of his promises to voters.

    • The Brexit referendum was an expression of extreme dissatisfaction by a lot of people in the UK about the way they are governed both by their own politicians in Westminster and by the EU In that respect it was a vote against the establishment in all its forms be it politicians, government bureacracy, the mainstream media and ultimately the metropolitan ruling classes in places such as London and Brussels who feel they have a God given right to tell the rest of humanity what to feel, think and do on every subject. It is hardly surprising that the places such as Westminster or in the EU Commission are having a hard time digesting the consequences of that message. Increasingly a lot of people across Europe feel that they are simply badly governed and that their rulers pay too little interest in their well being. That rot set in during the banking crisis of 2008. None of the issues which helped create the financial meltdown were addressed by the political classes who were simply too vested in the existing economic setup and who were too willing to socialize the losses of big financial institutions onto their taxpayers. My feeling is that these unresolved matters will keep coming back in more and more unpleasant forms until they are properly resolved. That is usually what happens at Pluto Saturn synods. As Robert Louis Stevenson pointed out. “Sooner or later we all dine on a banquet of consequences “. I would say dinner is about to be served.

      • I know this is a popular theory but I don’t think it’s true.

        Firstly, the Leave campaign was led by a bunch of public school Tory cabinet ministers and Boris Johnston (Eton, Oxford, The Telegraph and the Spectator). They were just as “Establishment” as the Remainers. At the time, I heard no Leave voters personally, or reported in the media, saying they were sticking it to the government, or the Establishment or David Cameron . Nobody. I heard plenty saying it was about immigration , or Europe telling us what to do or more money for the NHS.

        Secondly – The popular press or “MSM” , the Sun, Mail, Express, Telegraph acted as shameless propaganda organs for Leave throughout the campaign- especially on the subject of migrants – whilst the broadcasters were neutered. So the idea that this vote was a backlash against the Media seems ludicrous.

        Thirdly, the biggest supporters of Brexit were pensioners who were the group most protected by government policies in the aftermath of the financial meltdown. And if people were really lashing out at the government, why was Cameron re-elected with enhanced seats and vote share only a year earlier, when Labour campaigned on an anti austerity platform.

        • Bluebell, obviously it’s not true – or at least not the whole truth. Obviously there were people frustrated by how Banking Crisis was dealt with. But the thing is, by 2013-14, most of Europe was in full recovery, and 2016 saw biggest growth in most markets since the crash. “Bad government” is a strange talking point when most citizens are doing better than in years, don’t you think?

          In fact, we now know because know “bad government” was one of the talking points Russian trolls started to spread aggressively circa 2014. Living in one of the countries which have benefitted the most of their EU membership and have, generally speaking, been enthusiast about the membership, I saw a sharp shift on how EU was discussed in social media in 2014. Before that, there was a lot of talk on how Greek Crisis had been mismanaged, but people actually sided with politicians demanding structural changes and guarantees from Greek side. After 2014, I’d see anti-EU sentiment rising. Sowing mistrust on our authorities, as well. It all started making sense with the first reports on Russian troll factories, and sites vital in spreading the anti-EU message suddenly organizing harrasment campaigns directed on journalists who wrote critically about Putin’s Russia.

          I wasn’t surprised to see similar narratives rising elsewhere in Europe, but what really surprised me was how British seemed to ignore what was already known about Russia’s disinformation campaign by 2016. Nigel Farage, who was openly chummy with Putin and Julian Assange got to spread his narrative everywhere. Nobody questioned Leave Campaign financing until after. And yet, while half a dozen countries have open investigations tied to Leave Campaign, there’s nothing happening in Britain.

          • I think you make a lot of good points. There are questions over the extent of Russian interference and the legality of some of the Leave campaign’s actions, funding and methods . Indeed, only this week it was reported that the Met Police weren’t investigating because things were too politically delicate – which seems astonishing and wrong.
            But there seems to be a view that even if it is confirmed that there was substantial interference, people will not believe or admit that they were influenced by it. So, even it happened through nefarious means, we are stuck with a big chunk of the population who are now committed to Leave and will feel cheated if that doesn’t happen.

        • Well personally I think apart from Farage most of the established politicians and the media were chasing the popular mood not leading it. I suppose it depends on whether you think your fellow citizens are simply stupid and easily led sheep or if they might actually be expressing some genuine grievances

          Moreover your argument does not really explain why established political parties across Europe have been getting exactly the same backlash from voters over the past few years. That can not be simply put down put down to Boris Johnson, the Daily Mail and British pensioners

          With regard to the 2008 financial crisis its impact on the world is still ongoing. Between 2007 and 2015 real wages in the UK adjusted forn inflation fell by more than 5%. Only Greece fared worse amongst OECD countries. This decline happened under both established political parties in the UK. I think declining living standards and rising housing costs had a major influence on the UK 2016 referendum. And I dont think that is something yoyu can blame on Russian internet trolls

          • I agree, Hugh and I have to say that as a Brit who voted to remain, I really don’t think it’s in our character to be easily led by media, politicians or Russian trolls – we are a cynical and mistrustful nation. I believe Brexit was a rebellion, an uprising and a protest against a political elite and a privileged few who refused to listen to the concerns of the general public – against those who were allowed to thrive in the aftermath of the banking crisis while ordinary people paid the price. Remember that Uranus conjunction on the MC of the 1066 uk chart? That’s what I see in my mind’s eye when I think of the astrology of Brexit.

            Marjorie, it would be interesting to see a chart of the October 2008 crisis.

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