Angelina & Brad – an agonising Plutonic split



Angelina Jolie has been scrapping with her not-quite-ex Brad Pitt over child support, which she insists hasn’t been paid. He retorted he’d handed over $1.3 million plus an $8 million loan for a house. So back to court it goes.

Their relationship chart does have a composite Sun opposition Pluto which will be part of the problem. Plutonic relationships are transformational for both, so superglues them together when they are together. Which makes separation a gruelling process when the time comes. It ends up in bitterness, hostility and long-dragged out fights, with money often being a proxy for other resentments.

It hardly seems likely that either are short of a buck though superstars do have stratospherically expensive lifestyles with a multitude of agents, managers, staff, multiple houses, private tutors and private jets eating into income.

Angelina Jolie does have an over-reactive chart with a Mars Moon opposition Pluto widely square Saturn in Cancer – and won’t let go of perceived humiliations easily. Her Saturn does fall in his 8th house of finances and intimacy and opposes his batch of 2nd house Capricorn planets – Mars, Mercury, Moon and Venus – so money would always be a bone of contention, which would deflect attention away from deeper issues of emotional dysfunction in the relationship. Her Pluto falls in his 10th so she’d want to be in control. His chaotic and unpredictable Uranus Pluto falls in her 2nd which is probably what’s riling her at the moment.

He does have tr Saturn moving through his 2nd at the moment, so not at his peak earning power or success – and will undoubtedly be facing a few setbacks which will hit him in the wallet from later this year and through 2019.

Their relationship chart hints this may run and run one way and another until the mid 2020s. There is a composite Mars square Neptune in their relationship chart as well as Sun Pluto, which suggests neither can bear for the other to win.

Not just a first world problem but a Hollywood-style tizzy beyond most ordinary comprehension.


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