Stephen Paddock – channelling USA’s fanatacism



Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter, has a birth time of 11.05 am Clinton, Iowa. That gives him a pro-active, impulsive and ambitious Aries MC with his Aries Sun Venus and heavily aspected, malefic Mars in Taurus all in the 10th. So he’d certainly want to make a statement with his life that brought him into the public eye.

His Mars Jupiter in Taurus sit on the point of a Fixed T square to an intense 8th house Aquarius Moon opposition Pluto. Mars Jupiter is high-energy, enthusiastic, can be fanatical, with a might-makes-right attitude, giving a love of parade, pomp and patriotism. Mars is slow burn in Taurus, but utterly unyielding, strong-willed, headstrong, stubborn to the nth degree with dogged persistence, a bulldozer type. And that triples up as a focal point, especially in a ruthless, brutal square to Pluto; with the over-pushy Jupiter square Pluto added on top. Jupiter Pluto is dogmatic, making the individual disregard social niceties and be a law unto themselves.

He’d be a good organiser and the shooting had clearly been planned meticulously overtime.

Why now?

The two T Squares which dominate his chart are in collision at the moment and have been since 2013, so there would be a slow build-up of hyper-energy that wanted expression. His 10th house Aries Sun Venus are opposition a paranoid/neurotic Saturn Neptune in the 4th square his Cancer Ascendant. His Pluto opposition Moon square Mars Jupiter has been moving to hard aspect the other T Square with the Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the Saturn and Neptune at the moment, which would exacerbate his tendency to paranoia and mental turmoil.

He’s also got a Yod of Pluto sextile Neptune Saturn inconjunct Mercury in Pisces in the 9th, which wouldn’t improve his mental stability either, since Mercury can be exceptionally scattered and highly-strung. Tr Saturn is square that Mercury exactly now, which may have been a minor trigger. But I would suspect he’s been in meltdown since around 2013 since at that point as well his Solar Arc Saturn Neptune had moved to square his Mercury. So something may emerge about his life which explains what has been going on in recent times.

I would also suspect there’s also some religious element with a strong Jupiter and 9th house Mercury in play, perhaps of a peculiarly American ‘patriotic’ variety.

An additional point of interest is that the fanatical Mercury in Cancer opposition Pluto of the USA 1776 chart, which is being highly stressed this year by tr Uranus in square, falls exactly across his Asc/Desc axis. (see post Dec 26 2016). In past occurrences of this in the US there have been outbreaks of extreme behaviour. So in part he was acting out the American mood of the moment. His Uranus is conjunct the USA Sun, so he’d act as a catalyst.


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  1. Horoscope Stephan Craig Paddock, birth certificate: birth on 11:05 am in Jane Lamb hospital Clinton Iowa.

    Rectified birthtime 11:04:17 am.

    His Pars Frt. 26 Taurus is conjunct fixed star Algol!

    Progressive aspects .

    28-Jul-1960 025°,10’08 Taurus Moon 0 Pars
    28-Jul-1960 +23°,35’18 Moon // Plu
    28-Jul-1960 +23°,35’26 Moon // mutual Plu

    Relatives say the roots of Paddock’s loner lifestyle may have been planted July 28, 1960. On that day, when Paddock was 7, a neighbor from across the street took him swimming. The neighbor at the time told a local newspaper that she knew authorities were coming for his father, a bank robber, and she wanted to spare the boy the trauma of seeing his father hauled away by authorities.

    Progressive aspect and transits Stephen Craig Paddock.

    19-Jan-1998 016°,01’11 Cancer Ura 90 mutual C—3
    19-Jan-1998 025°,10’08 Aquarius Mars 90 Pars transit
    19-Jan-1998 012°,15’35 Libra Maan 90 Black Sun transit
    19-Jan-1998 014°,34’38 Aries Sat 90 Ura transit
    19-Jan-1998 025°,21’46 Aquarius Mars 60 Ven transit

    Father Benjamin Hoskins Paddock.

    He died Jan. 18, 1998, in Arlington, according to an obituary than ran in the Star-Telegram.

    Progressive aspects and some transits:

    11-Jun-2017 023°,51’08 Gemini Moon 135 Drac
    12-Jun-2017 +21°,34’35 MC // Asc
    18-Jun-2017 024°,07’56 Gemini Moon * AL HECKA (MARS – )
    23-Jun-2017 024°,18’44 Gemini Moon 120 Sat
    27-Jun-2017 020°,39’57 Gemini Sun 120 mutual Sat
    28-Jun-2017 024°,28’51 Gemini Moon 90 AR09
    28-Jun-2017 007°,36’05 Gemini MC 135 Nep
    30-Jun-2017 024°,33’48 Gemini Moon 0 AR12

    11-Jul-2017 010°,10’08 Cancer Merc 45 Pars
    17-Jul-2017 025°,10’08 Gemini Moon 30 Pars
    22-Jul-2017 025°,21’46 Gemini Moon 60 Ven
    27-Jul-2017 025°,32’37 Gemini Moon 45 C-11

    3-Aug-2017 +19°,03’43 Mars // Pars transit
    5-Aug-2017 005°,29’57 Taurus Ven 90 mutual Drac
    5-Aug-2017 -21°,34’35 Plu # Asc transit
    6-Aug-2017 021°,28’28 Sagittarius Sat 120 AR03 transit
    7-Aug-2017 011°,48’08 Leo Mars 0 C—2 transit
    13-Aug-2017 026°,08’13 Gemini Moon 60 AR08
    31-Aug-2017 026°,48’08 Gemini Moon 45 C–2

    24-Sep-2017 004°,20’23 Scorpio C–3 135 C-12
    24-Sep-2017 +16°,38’59 C-12 // Ven
    28-Sep-2017 +07°,10’51 Mars # Nep transit
    28-Sep-2017 014°,34’38 Virgo Mars 60 Ura transit
    29-Sep-2017 012°,12’27 Pisces Nep 45 AR01 transit
    29-Sep-2017 +06°,50’44 Mars # Sat transit
    30-Sep-2017 015°,54’17 Virgo Mars 45 AR10 transit

    1-Oct-2017 010°,32’37 Cancer Merc 60 C-11
    1-Oct-2017 027°,54’22 Gemini Moon * POLARIS (SAT – VENUS )
    1-Oct-2017 008°,01’21 Libra Sun 45 AR06 transit
    1-Oct-2017 022°,16’25 Sagittarius Sat 60 Maan transit
    1-Oct-2017 -09°,49’17 Jup # C—3 transit
    2-Oct-2017 020°,55’13 Gemini Sun 60 Plu
    2-Oct-2017 027°,12’27 Aries Ura 90 AR01 transit

  2. Before finding this I had used a time 5 minutes earlier for his suicide. That will not affect my progressed chart that needs about 2 hours to change the MC by 1 degree. I just checked. It advanced the MC/IC and E Pt/W Pts ahead by 3 minutes of arc. No appreciative affect on points to them.

    “Las Vegas Police said Stephen Paddock was found dead when a SWAT team breached his room on the 32nd floor of the resort and casino, located across the street from the Route 91 Harvest Festival concert.

    He died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound just as police burst their way into the room, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Undersheriff Kevin McMahill told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.”

    “Some of their neighbors described Paddock as “extremely standoffish” and “aggressively unfriendly,” the report said. NOTE: Midpoint of natal Merc/Mars in right ascension 18°08′, natal Sun at 18°02′.

    One reportedly described him as “weird,” and said he “kept to himself.” “.

  3. Interesting, Bob…..thanks. I have to assume that his natal neptune (conjunct natal saturn) masked his real persona. Just guessing. Was reading online this morning that casino mogul Steve Wynn says Paddock seemed to be a rational man, “seemed” being the operative word.

  4. Natal Saturn, conjoined with natal Neptune, was conjunct the nadir (an exact square in real space to the Asc) of his birth chart. That placement would account for the description you posted Julie.

    It’s conjunction with natal Neptune (the pair squaring the Asc) worked out as emotional problems for him. Saturn and Neptune midpoints with natal Pluto in opposition to natal Mercury indicate a negative, tortured, mental outlook.

    “Marilou Danley, the girlfriend of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, has reportedly told investigators that he “would lie in bed, just moaning and screaming, ‘Oh, my God,’” according to former FBI officials who were briefed on the matter.”

  5. Could point to organized crime. His father would have had the connections to get him started. May be where all the money comes from. Follow the money!

  6. With all that Mars energy, I’m surprised he wasn’t more outspoken, vociferous, in-your-face. By all accounts, he was a quiet guy who kept to himself.

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