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May 21 - June 21

Today's Horoscope for Tuesday January 16th

Your main object in life is to improve your own life and yourself. But do it for the wider group as well, or you'll get too self-centred. On the financial front it could well bring in more money, and that will be good for you because you clearly have been looking for a little more. There will be moments when you feel you aren't getting the ego boosts or recognition you deserve for your labours, but crack on anyway. Your moment will come.

The Weekly Outlook from 15th January

This may turn out to be a rather rebellious week. You may well find yourself rocking the boat, having disputes with other people. So go your own way and do your own thing, and offer the same to everyone else around. Tolerance will definitely pay off. Powerful Pluto and confident Jupiter are in aspect so you want to improve your life, either by upgrading or rebuilding something - that's always what Jupiter and Pluto do together.

Your Monthly Horoscope for January

While others are kicking up their heels welcoming in the New Year, you'll be more reserved, pondering about secret matters of great importance to you personally. Up to the 9th you may feel trapped or at least held back by circumstances you don't quite understand. But it won't stop you being ultra-helpful, working hard and feeling buoyant. There will be good news on the work and health front to keep your spirits high. A friend may spring a surprise on you towards midmonth. You'll feel pulled between wanting to throw caution to the winds and feeling you should honour old obligations. Only you know which is the right way to go. A lighter-brighter, less inward-looking phase picks up from the 18th, so you'll be about socialising with lively friends, planning future holidays and keen to think big. In the final days one close partner will move into overdrive, so you'll need to speed up to stay in step with them.

and Next Month's Horoscope for February

Your head will be filled with enthusiastic plans, great ideas and a yearning to travel further afield. If you're stuck in the one place you will be taking up new hobbies, even new studies. The Solar Eclipse this month in Aquarius will urge you to keep this in mind over coming months. You need to raise your sights higher and inject more adventure or interest into your life. Close partners will be firing on all cylinders so if you can hitch your wagon to theirs, you'll go further faster together, than you would flying solo. Just try not to get into arguments over trivia which will be all too easy to do. Your social life will be more fun with new friends and entertaining venues to explore. The chores will roll along smoothly since you'll be feeling healthier with more energy, though possibly eating too much. You'll be invited out to special social events and be putting on a sparkling performance. Bear with one minor let down after mid-month, since you'll generally be hitting the heights thereafter, attracting praise and more attention. You'll be working hard, being helpful and keeping close partners calm.

Year Ahead 2018

More serious than usual as 2018 opens, you'll be carrying heavier responsibilities, financial and emotional, for loved ones and partners. You will feel thrown back on your own resources for a while but will grow stronger as a result of coping and the lessons you learn will stand you in good stead for the future.rnLuckily you'll feel healthy and recover quickly from minor ailments with Jupiter in Scorpio till late year. Workmates will be enthusiastic and supportive so you should whizz on through your chores. If old obligations weigh on you, this is no new thing, just a reinforcement of the message that no life is entirely carefree. Change what you can and accept what you can't. That way comes peace of mind.rnAdventurous and zany friends will keep you well entertained early on, with plenty of fun diversions. Keep your sights high and aim to broaden your horizons however you can. A sea change midyear will find you exploring secrets and your own hidden depths. Life will bring moments of insight and enlightenment especially in the quiet times.rnA busy phase after midyear means you'll need to manage your time well, streamline your efficiency and start making out to-do lists otherwise you'll end up running in circles. Money should come in through your own efforts, though overspending to impress won't be wise. Late in the year close relationships of all varieties will flourish. Your positive approach will prove infectious so your popularity will soar.