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November 23 - December 22

Today's Horoscope for Saturday April 21st

Having solid results to show for your efforts is always important to you and you will not be shy about demanding your rights or stating your worth. You will be spending larger sums than usual, since Mars can be compulsive in both directions. But maybe you do need to loosen up a bit and understand that your insecurity about being short of money is, in part, an over rigid attitude. You could let go slightly without going bankrupt overnight.

The Weekly Outlook from 16th April

This is your week to allow a new facet of your personality to shine out without apology. Most of us hide away parts of ourselves we think other might not like. Throw away your inhibitions and just express who you really are. The right people will respond positively. Towards the weekend you will be knuckling down dutifully to do as much as possible. But for that you need to be fitter, so review your physical lifestyle.

Your Monthly Horoscope for April

A fun-loving and sociable Aries Sun will keep your vibrant as you glad-hand your way round the party scene, and enjoy the affectionate attention of loved ones. Though you will be weighed down by practical problems which won't resolve quickly or easily. You'll be battling on several fronts, some of them financial. Your desire for more security will make you push with more determination, though you'll know this is a time to cutback on extravagances and to find a new approach to all money matters. You'll be treating yourself to more indulgences and although overweight is rarely your problem, you may have to up your exercise regimes to counteract any expansion. In quiet moments you will enjoy your own company, reflecting on the past and gaining insights which will be helpful ahead. Loved ones won't always be acting predictably after mid-month so prepare to expect the unexpected. Then you'll settle into a hard-working few weeks, happy to be able to get on top of several situations which have been bugging you.

and Next Month's Horoscope for May

Not the most glamourous month for you, there'll be chores aplenty and a need to boost your stamina since you'll be putting energy out. Being helpful and not expecting much in return will get you through faster and in a better frame of mind. Your rewards will come later. Just don't let your high hopes run away with you and land yourself with too many commitments. By the 11th you'll be satisfied that one financial matter has been resolved, so your recent efforts will have paid off. Your everyday schedule will speed up considerably from mid month onwards. You may be too outspoken when you feel pressured or hit delays or mistakes, but you will be wakening everyone around you up. Uranus moving sign will prompt you to start exploring hew health and fitness remedies. Just don't run away with crank ideas. At work or around the chores, you'll want more freedom to follow through on your own ideas. Close partners will be more supportive and encouraging in the final ten days so you'll feel less drained.

Year Ahead 2018

All you really want in 2018 is a chance to put your feet up in peace and quiet, and be content. Even your own company won't be a hardship at times. As you mull over highly personal matters and put the past into perspective, you'll find you feel better about yourself.rnThere won't, however, be as much chance as you'd like to steer clear of frantic activity. The first half year will find you deluged with trips to make, people to talk to and general busyness. You'll need to streamline your efficiency and manage your time well if you're to pack everything in.rnMaking a dedicated effort to reorganise and retrieve your finances will also be a priority. Saturn now in Capricorn hints there may be less to play with than in the past, a need to tighten your belt and put in some serious thinking about how you can maximise your assets and build your security long term. Inspiration will come in quiet moments to put you on the right track.rnYour social life will be sparkling at times and rather bare at others, so you'll find that it's feast or famine. Loved ones, especially children, may be a touch erratic or rebellious. And you may be disappointed about not having the ideal home and family life you'd like. Be realistic and forgiving and you'll feel happier.rnFrom mid year, you'll be keen to broaden your horizons and find new interests, or, ideally, travel further field. Whether you're taking up new hobbies and studies or on the road to adventure, you'll feel more energised.rnDeeply personal and confidential matters, both financial and emotional, will also preoccupy you. Persuading yourself to change the habits of a lifetime and share, care and cooperate in a more engaged way may not be easy but it will bring its rewards.rnLate in the year lucky, enthusiastic Jupiter moves into your sign to start a new 12 year cycle of good luck and expansion in your life.