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November 23 - December 22

Today's Horoscope for Thursday May 25th

There is an old saying about treating loved ones like birds which are allowed to fly free. If you cage them they will one day escape. But if you can trust enough to let them do what they want, they will more readily come back to you. The message being that clutching doesn't never work in the long run. You may have to be less self sufficient and more adaptable to ensure that close partners are on your wavelength. You may have to give before you get.

The Weekly Outlook from 22nd May

Venus which is about love and affection is across from Pluto, planet of depth and transformation. This combination can bring up jealousy and very intense feelings. Maybe you feel more dependent than usual, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. You just have to make sure partners understand that your relationship can't all be one way otherwise resentment will build up. Try to get better understandings in place.

Your Monthly Horoscope for May

Juggling a heavy load of chores and an over-heated partner will require stamina and a degree of calm. You'll need to boost your energy by eating sensibly and keeping your exercise regimes running. If you're not getting the recognition you'd like for your efforts, then take pride in what you achieve for its own sake. And try to co-operate with those closest since together you'll go far. Whereas if you stop to argue all the time, it'll be a waste. One cash matter will be resolved to your satisfaction and having learned a few lessons recently you won't be caught out in the same way again. Optimistic friends will do your morale the world of good and keep you looking ahead with enthusiasm. If a loved one or family member is avoiding your questions, don't fuss. Let them be and they'll open up eventually. Less work and more support will bring you pleasure after the 20th. Try not to be too defensive and shut off advice or offers of help.

and Next Month's Horoscope for June

Putting yourself in others' shoes will help you forge better partnerships in a three week patch when you really want more support and co-operation. Togetherness will be the key to your happiness so helping loved ones out will be to your benefit. You may be overeating with Venus in Taurus since you'll be tempted by richer and sweeter food. Behind the scenes you'll be struggling to make headway with a few seemingly intractable situations, financial and emotional. Normally your modus operandi is to rush in for a quick fix and be off. But that isn't going to work. You'll need to dig in for a few weeks of persistent pushing. Progress will be slow but being adaptable without being submissive will get you ultimately to fairer agreements. Friends will offer you optimistic advice. But do your own double checking since they may well be unrealistic.

2017 Year Ahead

Slowly but surely you'll be getting your priorities and your life straight. You'll be tossing out what you no longer need, whether possessions or attitudes of mind that have past their sell-by date. You know you need this time of pruning to prepare for stronger growth ahead. Your optimism will stay high and supportive friends will give you the helping hand and solid advice you need. OK so you may collect a few fair-weather friends as well, who'll be great fun, but here today and gone tomorrow. Enjoy the moment when it's there and take their opinions with a hint of caution since they'll veer to the overly confident.rnRelationships at home and within the family will be wonderful at times and a let-down at others and it won't always be possible to pin down what certain muddles and confusions are. Just proceed with tact and firmness and lay down limits. You may be expecting too much so being utterly realistic will save you from getting disappointed. From February make a dedicated push towards making your domestic dream come true. Insist on the changes you want and be determined. Your social life will be uproarious at times, adventurous and exciting, though very switch on and switch off, since you won't always be outgoing.rnYour finances will need a firm but not too rigid approach. Getting obsessed with always bring in control won't do you any good. You have the capacity to improve your situation but you need not to cut corners or become too bullish. Saving for a rainy day will be sensible especially towards the year end.rnFrom October you'll be taking it more quietly, retreating more often into a private haven, to reflect, get the past into perspective and tune into your deeper personal needs.