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August 24 - September 23

Today's Horoscope for Wednesday March 29th

You may find there's someone around now who could be helping or teaching you in a rather straightforward way. Maybe at times they'll be so realistic it sounds rather dreary. But listen all the same. Everything you have swept under the carpet for years at home or in the family could be coming out into the open. Reassure yourself with the thought that you can now sort out once and for all those domestic and emotional problems which have been niggling away at you.

The Weekly Outlook from 27th March

The New Moon is now in the deepest part of your chart so you may be able to answer one or two questions which have been bothering you recently. Nothing superficial will really help - you need to get right down to the nitty gritty and dig deep for answers. Watch that you're not overspending, because with the Jupiter influences around this week you may find it's easy-come-easy-go; if it sails in one hand, it will just sail out the other.

Your Monthly Horoscope for March

Close partners won't always be available when you want support but you'll persevere and get what you need most of the time. There should be good luck where cash is concerned with an unexpected windfall or great opportunity appearing suddenly when you least expect it. Just try not to spend it all at once. You'll be tying up loose ends of confidential agreements that have slowed you down in recent weeks and by the 9th will be ready to shift gear onto more entertaining activities. You'll be spreading your enthusiastic opinions far and wide. Just remember that gentle persuasion usually works best. Taking time out to sort out practical domestic problems will be a bore but needs must and by the 20th you'll see results. Emotionally you'll be secretive with your feelings running hot and strong at points, more so in the final days. Just don't exaggerate to yourself, since you'll adore some people and loathe others. Try to find a middle ground.

and Next Month's Horoscope for April

Mars in earthy Taurus will keep you focused on grander plans and adventurous schemes. You'll not be backwards about stating your viewpoint but try to remember that gentle persuasion usually works faster. Luckily the love and affection of one special partner will keep you smiling along the way. Though at times you'll be possessive about loved ones which they won't always take kindly to. Try to loosen your grip slightly and realise that you'll be admired and adored even more if you stand back once in a while. You'll be spending happily though be wary of over doing it, since your financial situation will be erratic, with a sudden change in circumstances mid month. So always keep some surplus aside for emergencies. Into a more enthusiastic and pro-active phase from the 19th, you'll be aiming higher and determined to walk your talk. You'll be pushing ahead ambitiously.

2017 Year Ahead

Always a self-sufficient sign, you will be focussing more than usual on relationships of all varieties in your life and asking yourself what can be done to improve them. At times your significant other will seem inaccessible or preoccupied so you'll have to tread gently and be forgiving, since you won't always know what you want your commitments to be either. See where you can share more spiritual or artistic interests and you'll find you connect better.rnAt home you'll be working hard to get everything in ship shape order and pondering on what sort of constructive changes you can make to bring you more security and stability. If there are any family tensions, having calm heart to heart chats to flush them out into the open will get them cleared out of the way.rnOut on the social scene you'll be making a few waves, turning on your charismatic charm at parties and being possessive of attention. Just try not to be too controlling with loved ones since it may push them away. Lighten up and have fun, realising that you too will enjoy your moments of freedom when you can kick over the traces.rnMoney should be flowing through more easily with Jupiter in Libra for nine months, though you'll be spending liberally as well so may not end up with much surplus. Just be aware that there will be unexpected expenses and not everything will flow along smoothly. So keep some aside for sudden emergencies.rnFrom October your everyday routines will liven up considerably. Suddenly you'll see that what was holding you back wasn't bad luck but too narrow an outlook. As you take your blinkers off you'll suddenly spot all manner of opportunities for making new contacts. Your magic way with words will win you new admirers and quite a few discussions.