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August 24 - September 23

Today's Horoscope for Monday September 25th

Trivial amusements may not be uppermost on your mind, which is just as well since they won't work well just briefly. If you try to be too cheerful, you'll end up feeling thwarted, while if you try to be serious you'll make by far the best of the Saturn influences around. You need to learn to let down your guard and trust intimacy more. Letting your emotions flow will help your closest relationships. Oddly, it will also help your body which tends to store toxins and fluid.

The Weekly Outlook from 25th September

This is a time for adventure and excitement since there is a highflying kind of energy around. The thing is to find moderation and balance, otherwise you'll leap into situations and not get the benefit out of them. Just try not to let yourself get too diverted from your real priorities. Later in the week you will want to believe the best of everyone around. This is all very charitable but it may not be entirely wise. Be sensible.

Your Monthly Horoscope for September

You'll be stepping out boldly, reenergised and revitalised, prepared to make a statement and be noticed. Your birthday Sun and Mars will put you into a high-octane mood, so you'll be sweeping obstacles to one side and not taking no for an answer. Close partners may be vague or elusive, not sticking to their end of the bargain. But there'll be little point in fuming. Just leave them to their own devices and be happy to forge ahead with your own plans for the time being. Your presence out of the social scene won't go unnoticed around the 9th so you'll be making the most of your ability to influence those close. Emotionally you'll be playing your cards close to your chest for three weeks, pampering yourself in the few quiet moments. There will be practical or family matters to tackle towards mid month. Do your duty and be responsible and then you'll be off again. You'll be more outgoing after the 20th, taking care over your appearance and finding new admirers circling around. The Libra Sun will focus your mind on improving your finances and there could be a lucky break towards the 28th.

and Next Month's Horoscope for October

All charm and exuberance, you'll bulldoze your way ahead, being pro-active and not scared to confront difficulties head on. Though if you stir up trouble, you'll quickly smooth it down again with a few soft words. There may be a dilemma at home up to the 10th since the changes you want will meet with resistance. Try to be patient and strategic. Take the roundabout route even if you'd prefer to be upfront. Jupiter moving into Scorpio for a year from the 10th will cast a ray of sunshine over your everyday life. You'll find you're more tolerant and open-minded, happy to listen to feedback. And your skill in getting your views across will open new doors and bring better opportunities for advancement. Your efforts to improve your finances will also start paying off so you'll have surplus for a few treats after midmonth. But you won't relax your drive to improve your longer-term security. Indeed from the 22nd you'll be foot on the accelerator with a look of determination in your eye. A chance encounter on the 26th will boost your morale.

2017 Year Ahead

Always a self-sufficient sign, you will be focussing more than usual on relationships of all varieties in your life and asking yourself what can be done to improve them. At times your significant other will seem inaccessible or preoccupied so you'll have to tread gently and be forgiving, since you won't always know what you want your commitments to be either. See where you can share more spiritual or artistic interests and you'll find you connect better.rnAt home you'll be working hard to get everything in ship shape order and pondering on what sort of constructive changes you can make to bring you more security and stability. If there are any family tensions, having calm heart to heart chats to flush them out into the open will get them cleared out of the way.rnOut on the social scene you'll be making a few waves, turning on your charismatic charm at parties and being possessive of attention. Just try not to be too controlling with loved ones since it may push them away. Lighten up and have fun, realising that you too will enjoy your moments of freedom when you can kick over the traces.rnMoney should be flowing through more easily with Jupiter in Libra for nine months, though you'll be spending liberally as well so may not end up with much surplus. Just be aware that there will be unexpected expenses and not everything will flow along smoothly. So keep some aside for sudden emergencies.rnFrom October your everyday routines will liven up considerably. Suddenly you'll see that what was holding you back wasn't bad luck but too narrow an outlook. As you take your blinkers off you'll suddenly spot all manner of opportunities for making new contacts. Your magic way with words will win you new admirers and quite a few discussions.