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September 24 - October 22

Today's Horoscope for Tuesday August 20th

Try not to get yourself unsettled if things are not going precisely as you want at the moment. You will tend to react over-quickly to things, hearing slights where none actually exist. Slowly but surely you are gaining an entirely new perspective on all your close emotional and family relationships during this time. You will want to dig deep to find the answers to certain unresolved problems from the past, which will help free you up in the days ahead.

The Weekly Outlook from 19th August

You won't be able to stamp your foot and issue ultimatums for a few weeks ahead but you could work well behind the scenes and pull strings effectively. The roundabout route may well be the best one at the moment so do not think of yourself as timid, just sensible. Nor will you be socially outgoing. But don't get gloomy. You'll have a chance to be in touch with creative or spiritual matters and emerge softer, refreshed and revitalised.

Your Monthly Horoscope for August

Always a sociable sign, you'll be especially delighted to be surrounded by friends galore. It may not be romantic but it will be great fun as you'll find a welcome mat rolled out whenever you feel inclined to go visiting. Your knack of making everyone in a group feel special will do wonders for your popularity. So you'll be chatting happily and looking ahead with high hopes, sorting out your plans for the next twelve months. With enthusiastic support from work colleagues and everyday mates, you'll be speeding along. The more you can pack into the first three weeks the better since you'll be slowing down from the 18th onwards as circumstances dictate that you need to step back and let others take up the running for a few weeks. You'll be better to spend time reflecting, planning and preparing than trying to be too pro-active.

and Next Month's Horoscope for September

Although you can be unfairly dubbed as lazy Libra the truth is that you are ambitious, have initiative aplenty and generally like to keep moving around. But needs must that you take a hint for a few weeks since this is your time to stand on the side-lines and let others rush around. Certain projects won't get the green light till early next month so you might as well settle yourself with planning, preparing, unpicking mistakes and getting ready for take-off and being patient for now. Your morale boosting and motivating with be much appreciated by companions even if you are a touch over hopeful at points. Try not to over commit yourself since your energy will be low. From mid month you'll be more outgoing, finding your social diary fills up faster and attracting compliments for your appearance. Then your birthday Sun from the 23rd will give you a major lift so you'll find some restrictions life.

Year Ahead 2019

Your everyday routines will be lively, enthusiastic and filled with fun encounters and new opportunities. Always a communicative sign, you\'ll excel yourself at putting your views across with a positive slant that brings favourable responses. You\'ll be more open-minded and find that by broadening your perspective luck comes your way. So you won\'t be holding yourself back. Your first priority early on will be to tackle home and family matters. It\'ll take effort and persistence but you\'ll know changes need to be made to bring you the security you want ahead. There may be tensions surfacing as old unresolved emotional issues come into the open. See the benefits of having a chance to sort them out once and for all, having given them a good airing. There may be minor tugs of war since not everyone in your close circle will have the same ideas about how to move ahead, so you\'ll have to be subtle and strategic. Being confrontational won\'t work. Finding time for friends and entertainment will also be on your agenda with the Leo Lunar Eclipse in late January pointing the way towards more sociable activities. Keeping a watchful eye on finances especially where you share joint responsibility with others - mortgages, credit cards, revenue etc - will be important with Uranus causing a few roller coaster moments. There\'ll be more comings and goings than usual which isn\'t necessarily a disaster, just that you need to save when there is surplus. From mid year you\'ll switch your attention to your career or community activities and take the initiative to ensure you are getting the recognition that your talents and achievements deserve. You will be distracted by emotional ties but try to keep your focus steady. By late in the year you\'ll be settling down in your own cosy nest and feeling contented within yourself.

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