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September 24 - October 22

Today's Horoscope for Friday February 24th

Just remember to stand up for yourself. You are determined to keep relationships around you smooth and harmonious. But turning somersaults just to keep the peace or avoid confrontations may not always be wise. Be firm but tactful if the need arises.rnBe a little bit theatrical and dramatic, try cracking a few jokes. This is the entertaining Moon of the month for you, so there's no sense in letting it slide by without making a definite statement in what you do.

The Weekly Outlook from 20th February

This week try and ease yourself back a little bit, wind yourself down. Accept that sometimes things just go rather more slowly than you might like. Getting into disagreements and power struggles will not be helpful. The Solar Eclipse in your chart area of health and work comes round to nudge you into getting more practical about your body and your daily schedule. Find ways of boosting your stamina for the months ahead.

Your Monthly Horoscope for February

A helpful combination of Air and Fire signs will keep you bouncing along. You'll be in the party mood, wanting to have fun with loved ones and not short of either invitations or admirers. Certain friends may feel a touch left out so you'll need to dance around a wide circle in order to keep everyone happy. Your enthusiasm will be high and you'll sense luck is on your side, but you'll also need to keep a watchful eye on the future and not let plans slide in order because you are playing the days away. One significant other will be especially affectionate and your popularity will soar with your knock of making everyone you meet feel special. The days of wine and roses can't last for ever and in the final days you'll knuckle back down to routines. Since the Pisces Solar Eclipse is in your chart area of work and health, you'll need to pace yourself and keep fit. Try to duck out of tricky arguments with close partners and the family.

and Next Month's Horoscope for March

Never a glamorous or exuberant month for you, March always feels like a slog with little to show in appreciation for your efforts. Try to give yourself an injection of energy and motivation, since you'll sort out a good many practical tangles by the 20th and then be ready to bounce again. Turning attention to health, diet and exercise will also help since you'll need to boost your stamina. There'll be confidential dilemmas requiring your attention as well, both financial and emotional. The right answers won't be fast in coming so be prepared to be persistent and flexible for a few weeks. You won't get it all your own way but will improve your security by standing up for what you believe. In the final days you'll be less drained and better supported with close partners on hand when you want encouragement. You'll push on with home improvements.

2017 Year Ahead

Jupiter in your own sign for nine months will bounce you up, boost your morale and make you aware that you're luckier than some. Your enthusiasm will spark off the right people so you'll sail through in good spirits. But for all that you may be marginally more subdued at times. You'll be pushing hard to get everyday mates at work and in the neighbourhood onto your wavelength and may feel cold-shouldered when they don't appear to pay attention or agree. Be persistent and ask yourself whether there might be a better way of getting your message across.rnYou'll also be preoccupied with home and family dilemmas as you have been in recent days. The changes you want to put in place will come slowly with a fair amount of effort. Being too forceful or looking for quick solutions won't work since certain of those close will be digging in their heels. You push and they pull. So think through a strategy which will allow you to agree to differ, yet will move you towards a position where you can adopt a new way of relating to the family.rnClose relationships will be unsettled if either side tries to be too possessive. Both of will want more freedom to express your individuality.rnHealth will need gentle handling since you won't be able to push yourself too hard with excess of any description. The February Pisces Eclipse says that being pro-active in diet, exercise and lifestyle will be a good thing in the six months thereafter.rnThe August Leo Eclipse will widen your circle of friends and make long term planning more attractive. Money will roll through faster from October onwards into 2018. Though your spending is also likely to shoot up.