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June 22 - July 23

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Year Ahead 2023

Praise, recognition and respect rolling your way will start your 2023 with success in the air. At work or in your community activities you'll be sailing high and sensing that your moment has come. Whatever you tackle over the next four months will work out better and faster than even you could imagine. The only thing which could get in your way is to become over-confident and think you can't lose. That way you could trip yourself up. Putting in a little self-discipline, planning and hard work and your achievements will be rock solid and long lasting. Certain financial restrictions will ease as the year wears on but you will still have to be strategic moving ahead and play your financial cards skilfully. Circumstances beyond your control will delay certain plans so you may need to tread water and be patient. It won't be a time to raise loans or look to others to bale you out. Being self-sufficient will be the way to go. Fun and inventive friends will open your eyes to new possibilities and though they'll be unpredictable and not always reliable you'll be grateful for their insight. Your future plans will be changing as you launch into this new phase and you may not commit to a settled plan for a whole. Hanging loose and keeping your options open will be wise. Jupiter will boost your optimism from May onwards so you won't be short on high hopes. Your enthusiastic approach will attract new helpers and you won't go short of good company.