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June 22 - July 23

Your Birthday Horoscope

IF IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be a time to enjoy yourself, relax and indulge at home or in familiar surroundings. You'll be spending happily on treats and extravagances though have a care with joint finances since not everyone around giving advice will be reliable. Not over pushing yourself and taking extra care to stay fit and healthy will be vital. You'll be opening your mind to new outlooks and opinions, keen to broaden your horizons however you can.

Today's Horoscope for Sunday July 22nd

Feeling rather laid back, you certainly have no intention of doing anything strenuous. Your tendency will be to smooth over problems rather than face up to difficult people and get a grip on things. If there are tricky situations around, you will be taking the diplomatic route to finding an answer rather than stamping your foot and throwing a tantrum. Be firm but not obstinate in negotiations or financial agreements. Generosity combined with balanced common sense will produce the best results.

The Weekly Outlook from 16th July

You won't mind pushing aside frivolities and indulgences to get on with the things that are really important. By the week's end you should be able to polish your halo and feel very virtuous. Deeply secretive, you will be plotting and planning how to get your own way. You won't easily forgive and forget if anyone lets you down at the moment. If there is a crisis you will handle it well since you can muster up courage and a cool head.

Your Monthly Horoscope for July

In an exuberant and enthusiastic mood, you'll be out and about in high spirits, socialising like mad and relishing the attention coming your way. Your birthday Sun is always your new start, as you plan for the year ahead and decide what your top priorities are. Your new found self-confidence will allow you to demand more respect at work. You'll be putting a higher value on yourself and demanding everyone else does the same. There may be a few tensions with one close partner before mid month which you'll need to resolve with tact and flexibility. Being confrontational or stubborn won't work. The Solar Eclipse in your own sign is a hint that you need to rethink your plans and your image. The old ways need to be firmly pushed to one side as you step out in a more independent frame of mind, making your own choices and forcing yourself to cut away from old attitudes that don't fit with the future you have in mind. In the final days you'll turn your mind to money. While it'll be tempting to spend, the Lunar Eclipse on the 27th will be challenging you to get a grip of put security above indulgence. There'll be a few differences of opinion with a partner so you'll need to compromise.

and Next Month's Horoscope for August

In your outgoing moments you'll be happy-go-lucky, sociable and on top of the world. But in true Cancerian fashion you'll also have your withdrawn times when you ponder on confidential dilemmas, financial and emotional, unsure how best to proceed. Sometimes you just have to accept in the meantime what you can't change but keep working away to get better agreements and find solutions. The Leo Solar Eclipse may tempt you to throw money around to impress but it won't be wise. You need to take the initiative to improve your situation for the long term. Action now will bear fruit down the line. The mood at home will be happy, more indulgent with improving family relations. Though after mid month close partners may be heated or overly energetic, prodding you into faster gear. You'll need to keep the peace rather than responding with arguments. An extra-busy everyday schedule after the 23rd will banish boredom.

Year Ahead 2018

2018 will find your self-confidence soaring with social invites pouring in along with compliments. You'll be putting a higher value on yourself and finding that everyone else does as well. And your positive and enthusiastic approach will bring praise at work as well. Just don't go wild speculating or gambling, since nailing down your financial security is one of this year's priorities. Save, don't spend to impress; and be pro-active about taking the initiative to improve your long-term security.rnClose partnerships may be cooler. Try not to be critical or negative. Cherish loyalty above passion. It may be that work is interfering with relaxation time, but be grateful that you are rising up rather than the reverse.rnYour path will continue to be winding in terms of career and general life's direction but it'll rarely be boring. If you can be alert for changes and new opportunities, rather than sticking to old ways, it'll bring better results. You will be facing challenges where co-operation is concerned. Try not to be too controlling or indifferent to the needs of those close or at work.rnNeptune will bring you dreams, hunches and insights pointing you down a more spiritual road. OK at times your judgement may be off-beam and you'll have to be wary of relying on gurus or others having all the answers. But you'll be softening your attitudes as a result of your new-found beliefs.rnTravel may be muddled so make sure you always double-check all arrangements and have a Plan B up your sleeve. Late in the year you'll find an exuberant mood around work or the chores and be feeling healthier.