Your Starsign


March 21 - April 20

Today's Horoscope for Tuesday April 25th

You are a real chatterbox now, lively and enthusiastic, and determined to get your ideas and opinions across to everyone in sight. Your mind will be racing ahead of you, leaping from subject to subject at computer speed, so slower-witted companions may have problems keeping up. You may be expecting others do to your work for you. You will cope well with situations which are out of the ordinary but you may make normal situations more difficult than they need to be.

The Weekly Outlook from 24th April

This week is definitely when you start to get your new financial plans moving. Whatever starts now will bear fruit in future if you keep your focus. Flamboyantly direct and shamelessly charming, you are on very good form. Even quite competitive when it comes to winning your heart's desire. Your natural charm is working wonders and putting everyone around you at ease, so clearly your popularity rating will be very high.

Your Monthly Horoscope for April

Your birthday Sun till the 19th will keep you bouncing along exuberantly, keen to get several plans for the future under way. Close partners will be enthusiastically supportive though not always practical or realistic. You'll need to put your shoulder to the wheel for a few days from the 5th to the 10th, but thereafter you'll be moving at speed. Just don't slow yourself down by getting locked into confrontations or irritating anyone who is in a position of control in your life. By mid month you'll be throwing caution to the winds and stepping out to suit yourself and follow through on your own original ideas. You won't be as sociable or as romantic so pamper yourself in the quiet moments if no one else is offering. In the final ten days you'll be talking directly, at times ruffling feathers because of your honesty but you won't let that stop you. Money will be on your mind since you'll be keen to spend on indulgences and improve your security. From the 28th you'll be more outgoing and picking up compliments and admiring glances.

and Next Month's Horoscope for May

In good voice and moving quickly, you'll be throwing out comments and jokes as you race around a busy everyday schedule. At times you will get impatient when things go wrong and be overly direct. Try to take a deep breath before leaping in with both feet. Luckily the Taurus Sun until the 20th will distract you with pleasure-able activities, spending money for one, and pampering yourself. Since you'll be stretched in all directions, you'll need to write out to-do lists and prioritise otherwise you'll end up in a muddle. Close partners will be an enthusiastic support so you won't go far wrong. After mid month you'll come up with an exciting new plan which will help you take the best of the past and add new elements. Your helter skelter pace will ramp up in the final ten days. Just try not to trip over your feet since there'll be accident prone influences around the 29th.

2017 Year Ahead

There'll be more adventure around in 2017 to keep you bouncing, and much of the uncertainty of last year will be fading away. The tremendous upheavals of the past four years will also be calming down. You'll still be pushing determinedly to find a better direction for yourself in your career and life in general. And your wonderfully resilient rubber-ball quality will come handy when certain ideas or projects don't work and you leap into trying again with the next grand scheme. Close partners at work and at home will be there for you with support and high hopes. Their advice may veer to the over optimistic at times but they'll do your morale good. Any relationships which have past their sell-by date and where you don't see a future, will be quietly dropped with no fuss or regret. The Pisces Eclipse in late February is a hint to step back, gain perspective on the past and give yourself time to reflect. By August you'll be ready to promote yourself more vigorously. Not that you'll be a social wall flower. Since Venus in your own sign in February, March and May will surround you with admirers. In the final three months you'll be into a year-long phase of positive change, financially and emotionally. Money will come in with less effort from joint ventures, or unexpected wins, bonuses, inheritances. You'll be dropping your defences and moving closer to the important people in your life. Overall you'll have more confidence to push for what you want and mix the best of the old with the best of the new.