Your Starsign


April 21 - May 20

Today's Horoscope for Thursday May 25th

You know what you want, even if you are not saying, and will use all your wiles to bring companions round to your way of thinking. If you can keep your ulterior motives out of sight then all will work well. Cast your eye six months or even a year ahead and work out where you want to be at that point financially as well as emotionally. Once you have set your goals, you then need to work out a practical plan for fulfilling them.

The Weekly Outlook from 22nd May

This week you will have a yearning for something more intense, so you could become infatuated with someone new. The influences around can also bring up jealousy in long-standing relationships. You will be feeling stubborn later in the week over cash matters. Mull everything over carefully, and once you have reached a considered decision take steps to resolve whatever is bothering you. Just don't expect instant results.

Your Monthly Horoscope for May

You'll be wearing a satisfied smile as you can see one inspiration bearing fruit. You're slow to make up your mind but once you do, your unbudgeable determination will brook no opposition. Your words will carry weight so almost everyone will fall in line. You'll be keeping a few secrets to yourself until Mercury moves into your own sign on the 16th. Keep an eye on cash since you'll be untypically careless or perhaps over generous to a friend. They won't react quite as you expect so be realistic in advance and then you won't be disappointed. Your birthday Sun will bounce you through till the final ten days, after which you'll be focussing with even more vigour on rebooting your personal finances. Not everything will go to plan, since you won't have the freedom to make all the decisions yourself and a partner may be resistant or demanding that old obligations are honoured.

and Next Month's Horoscope for June

Always a pleasure loving and indulgent sign, you will be excelling yourself this month with plenty of chances to shower yourself with whatever feels, tastes and smells good. You'll also be keen to improve your financial situation but distractions early on may interfere with your best intentions. Your social life will be back on top form after a quiet few weeks and you'll be attracting compliments and admiring glances wherever you go. Pouring oil on any tensions, you'll be keen to keep everyone sweet. Though you will on occasion get snappy with delays and mistakes, since your busy everyday schedule will keep you on the move. Midmonth you may have to cutback slightly on the retail therapy since a close partner may be less generous than you had expected. But your ingenuity will come up with the right answer to smooth over any criticism. You'll be even speedier after the 21st so will need to write out lists otherwise you'll end up going round in circles. Don't let your enthusiasm run away with you and over commit yourself energy-wise.

2017 Year Ahead

Try as you might you still can't get a handle on what comes next. At times you'll decide not to bother pushing yourself into decisions for the longer term. But the February Pisces Eclipse hints that drifting and daydreaming won't help. Get the best advice you can and set plans in gear. Your circle of friends will widen and change so you'll have plenty of sounding boards to test out new ideas.rnYour health will stay buoyant with ailments disappearing faster than usual. The only downside of Jupiter in Libra is that you'll tend to overeat, so you may not to push yourself into exercising more to burn off the surplus.rnYou may still feel you are carrying too many burdens on your own, where money and your intimate emotional life is concerned. But the experiences of this time is making you stronger, more resilient and is getting your financial situation knocked into better shape. By the year end you'll be glad you stood your ground.rnWhile it may not be spectacularly successful or overly social, especially in the first half year, you are heading in the right direction. Just regard this as a time to lay foundations and make preparations. By 2018 you'll be ready to rock n' roll.rnFrom August onwards the Leo Eclipse will prompt you to take it easy and spend more time with the family and sorting out domestic matters, pushing outer ambitions down as a lower priority for a few months. Your close relationships will improve noticeably in the final three months with more support and the chance to share more activities together. Socially and at work, your enthusiastic approach to everyone you meet will pay dividends.