Rose McGowan – an angry Virgo letting fly



Actress Rose McGowan has been one of the leading voices calling out Hollywood for its attitudes over Weinstein’s behaviour. She was reported as having been in a settlement in the past for sexual harassment by him. Twitter suspended her account temporarily after she let off a blast at Ben Affleck, though the reason given was her inclusion of a telephone number in one tweet, which is against policy.

Born 5 September 1973 11.38pm Ceraldo, Italy, she had a wild and wayout, peripatetic childhood, starting in the Italian Children of God cult with her family, though she says she was never abused; and later being a teenage runaway. At 15 she separated from her parents and went to LA, working as a child model and later in films. She had a three year relationship with rock musician Marilyn Manson.

She has a hugely complicated chart with a 4th house Virgo Sun trine Mars in Taurus trine a Capricorn North Node, which last is opposition Saturn. Earthy, practical, used to a tough life. Her performing 5th house has a complicated mix of Pluto plus Uranus Venus in Libra so she could almost have been a rock musician herself. But it certainly makes for a constantly changing emotional life. Her Sagittarius Moon is 7th house so she’ll need a partner for security. That sits on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine of Uranus Venus trine her Aquarius MC – she’s certainly well-designed for a public career with such an emphasised Moon. Plus she has two Yods – Jupiter sextile Neptune inconjunct Saturn and Neptune sextile Pluto inconjunct Mars. Both of these are difficult Yods, giving her a heavy burden to bear and a challenging life, as well as high energy and strong passions from her Mars.

Her immediate future looks mixed, with some highs and some tumultuous and frustrating times ahead. Her chart makes me tired just looking at it. What she really needs is peace but she probably won’t find it.


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