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  1. Hi Marjorie,

    I’ve always read the horoscope of my ascendant in addition to that of my sun sign, and am wondering whether the forecast for the original rising sign is still valid once it progresses to another sign? Put more simply, my ascendant at birth was Virgo, but now it’s progressed to Scorpio, should I still be reading Virgo forecasts as well, or are they now redundant?

    Take away the first rising sign you first thought of… 😉

    Many thanks.

    • The natal chart is the bedrock and you get into a terrible muddle if you start working with too many charts – progressed charts, solar arc chart, relocation charts etc. I’d note the year when the Prog Asc changed sign but not really much else, unless it aspects the natal chart.

      • When you say note the year it changed sign, note it for what exactly? And should I still read the horoscope for my natal ascendant of Virgo? Many thanks, Marjorie.

  2. Judges don’t grant search warrants just to send a message. There has to be probable cause–evidence showing that vital information might be gleaned from a “raid.” Search warrants are serious business–not easily obtained. Even the FBI is held to stringent standards vis-a-vis search warrants. I’m sure the sweep of Manafort’s home sent a potent message (Good, I’m glad!), but I can assure you it was not predicated on sending a message.

    • Search warrants must describe exactly what is being doguth. Precisely and exactly. Otherwise, the warrant is rendered without merit if vague. Countersuits for illegal search and seizure are not unknown. The warrant could hv been worded with “seize all boxes of Kellogg’s breakfast cereal” and still generate the resulting visual mayhem.

  3. I doubt that it was all for show. The FBI doesn’t operate like that. They were looking for something….something very specific perhaps. Maybe they found it, maybe not. The element of surprise can uncover all kinds of pertinent information in a situation like this.

    • Former U.S. Attorney Harry Litman and former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman said the FBI raid was about “sending a message”.

  4. Paul Manafort’s home was veritably ransacked in a pre-dawn raid by the FBI on July 26. Is he headed for prison, or will he turn on his dear leader?

    • Julie, it’d be odd luck if he had a shred of evidence at his house. He’s had all the time in the world to get rid of anything and everything. But it was very dramatic, and sends a message.

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