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  1. I am very interested in Princess Charlotte on this recent tour, where she seems to be eclipsing her brother and charming everybody. Can you do another brief analysis of Charlotte’s chart. Thank you Marjorie.

  2. Do lions have astro charts? Son of Cecil shot by trophy hunters. Such a sad picture of him. Mars at zero degrees Leo.

  3. Re: eclipse: I’m noticing that my cats are fighting more often. In the workplace, some volatile managers are going over the top way too often. At the supermarket, people are picking fights with each other – people pulled from cars and beaten. Road rage events all too often. America has become a 3rd world?

  4. Good morning!
    Anything to read into these 2 upcoming Leo New Moons? (Both look/seem to be powerful!)
    And thank you if you comment Marjorie.

  5. Hi Marjorie,
    BBC salaries of commentators/journalists/presenters just published as you know. Anything in BBC’s chart today at 11a.m.,
    reflecting this?
    Thank you if you look into.

  6. Hi. A senator from California, Kamala Harris, is being heralded as a Presidential candidate in top-tier Democrat party circles but she has a record of obeying her big donors and letting them slide. However, she’s been very active on social media blasting Donald Trump and pals while promoting Democratic positions & encouraging constituent/voters to call Congress making their voices heard. Do you see anything in her chart to indicate success for this in 2020’s elections? or beyond? or from now till then? The Democrats need a visible, uplifting, firefighter to counter the Trump/GOP party with ethics, integrity, and social/moral values. Many thanks for all you do, helping us to understand the world and each other better. Cynthia

  7. Hello Marjorie,
    Apparently the Yorks, including the famously maladroit Fergie, are making a power play to consolidate their position at the heart of the Royal Family. As none of them, young or old seem to do much except flounce around at various social do’s, does their astrology indicate that they’ll be successful? Or will Prince Charles, who advocates a slimline Royal group consisting of himself, Camilla, the Cambridges, Prince Harry (plus 1/family), prevail?
    Many thanks. Appreciate your interpretation of these weird times!

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