Nikki Haley – hot seat getting hotter


Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the UN, is considered one of the more successful of Trump’s Cabinet members and more independent of his wild views than some. She took the lead in persuading China and Russia to join the sanctioning of North Korea over its nuclear programme, which was no easy task. And will be heavily involved with Rex Tillerson and James Mattis in finding a diplomatic route out of the escalating war of words and threats between Trump and Kim Jong Un.

Born 20 January 1972, her Sun is on the cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius; and she has a courageous and impulsive Mars in Aries opposition Uranus square Mercury in Capricorn. Her Mars/Uranus midpoint is heavily stressed at the moment from tr Pluto conjunct, which can indicate violent interventions and, at the very least, a significant test of nerves. Unless she was born very early morning, tr Pluto then makes a high-risk and trapped square to her Mars in Sept/Oct before hitting her Mars/Uranus midpoint again late Oct to early December; and then runs her into a total upheaval in December across the New Year with tr Pluto square her Uranus (which repeats later in 2018). So an exceptionally bumpy and dangerous path ahead. Plus her natal Saturn opposition Neptune is colliding with the Solar Arc Mars Uranus Mercury T square now and for the next two years, with discouragement in 2018 and failure in 2019. Sounds like one of these ghost train dark rides ahead for her.

Her relationship with Trump is stressed and aggravated at the moment till early September with tr Saturn opposition the composite Mars.


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