Nikki Haley – all systems-go Mars opposition Uranus



Nikki Haley, the USA Ambassador to the UN has the unenviable job along with Rex Tillerson of trying to divine the President’s flip flopping foreign policy. Despite having no foreign affairs experience and being a pre-election Trump critic she seems rapidly to be becoming a leading spokesman for the White House and is now a full member of the National Security Council. She has said clearly that Assad must go, while Tillerson more cautiously said Assad’s fate lay in the hands of the Syrian people and the priority was to delete ISIS.

Born 20 Jan 1972 in South Carolina to an Indian American Sikh family, she took an accountancy degree and latterly became Governor of SC for six years until 2017.

She’s a vibrant Sun in last degree Capricorn (maybe even Aquarius if late night birth) trine Saturn in Taurus; with an excitable, combative and impulsive Mars in Aries opposition Uranus square Mercury in Capricorn, so not one to take life quietly. She’ll certainly talk up a storm with Mercury square Mars and Uranus.

Her Mars Uranus are being pounded this year by tr Pluto squares so a complete turnaround in her life, though frustratingly trapped in Sept/Oct when tr Pluto squares her Mars and just before as tr Pluto is conjunct her Mars/Uranus which looks v high-tension and risky. Tr Saturn will also conjunct her Jupiter in May and October this year which will dent her enthusiasm. With more sudden changes into 2018 with tr Uranus square her Sun.

Her relationship with Donald Trump has an aggravated Mars Saturn conjunction which will be stressed late July to late September – which is a period when Trump’s chart is also under strain. Getting too visible and high profile may not please the boss.

Her relationship with the mystifyingly reclusive Rex Tillerson looks like a tug of war; with most problems (with no birth times) emerging in 2018.

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  1. Thanks, Marjorie. I guess from the astrology that she won’t be toning it down anytime soon. She certainly leaves nobody in doubt about her opinions.

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