Kim Yo Jong – Libra charm with an afflicted Mars



Kim Yo Jong, sister of the North Korean leader, has been promoted to the inner circle as he seeks to tighten his grip on power. She is a computing graduate turned propagandist who is rumoured to be the brains behind his carefully constructed public image. She is on the US prohibited persons list for her role in human rights abuses

As ever details from inside NK are unverifiable and there are question marks over her birth date, though wiki has her as 26 September 1987. If accurate it makes her a Sun Venus in Libra square Neptune in Capricorn; with a confident Mercury in Libra opposition Jupiter in Aries; and an unpleasant Mars in Virgo square Saturn Uranus in Sagittarius. That last would certainly give her a temper and a cruel streak. In addition her Pluto in Scorpio is semi-square her Mars and conjunct her Sun/Saturn and Mars/Uranus midpoints, making her hard and ruthless.

Early 2018 looks risky, uncertain and frustrating for her with tr Saturn square her Sun and conjunct her Neptune; as well as tr Pluto gearing up a head of steam to trine her Mars from late March for 18 months and square her Solar Arc Mars as well. All of that looks trapped and dangerous; as her brother’s Leadership chart which is the one sensible chart we have is going through a major crisis. From April 2018 tr Neptune starts to square her Saturn until late 2019, which will add to her confusion as her securities are undermined.


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      • You certainly get psychological patterns passed down the generations, even when individuals never really knew their parents. Whether it is the genes or something else, I don’t know. But the study of family dynamics is fascinating, especially with astrology as a guide.

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