Katy Perry & Taylor Swift – two alpha females



Katy Perry’s much publicised feud with Taylor Swift with tweets and supposedly pointed songs being taken as insults is theoretically over according to reports (from celeb sites). Both are stratospherically successful so it’s all a competitive dust-up about not very much, though they are completely different personality types.

Katy Perry, 25 October 1984 7.58 am Santa Barbara, California (astro com), is a highly-controlled Sun Pluto in Scorpio with Mercury, Moon, Saturn also in obsessive Scorpio – so not short of determination. She’s also got Jupiter Mars in Capricorn, so confident, risk-taking and good at attracting money.

Taylor’s Pluto is conjunct Katy’s Moon, Saturn, Mercury and square Katy’s MC which makes for a dead-locked interface. With Taylor’s Neptune Saturn in Capricorn conjunct Katy’s Mars, which is also a recipe for aggravation and misunderstandings.

Their relationship chart has an active-dislike and explosive composite Mars Uranus Saturn; with a struggle-for-the-upper-hand composite Jupiter inconjunct Pluto. There’s nothing to suggest a warm friendship picking up any time soon; indeed it’s likely to worsen with more suspicion and digs in the next few years with tr Neptune square the composite Saturn in 2018 and then later the composite Mars; and tr Saturn square the composite Jupiter and conjunct the composite Neptune Venus also in 2018.

Katy’s own chart shows her in a lower-profile phase at the moment with tr Saturn going through her 2nd house (and first quadrant). It’s been frustrating and tough-going for the past two years with tr Pluto conjunct her Mars. And she’s in the middle of a series of major setbacks in 2017 with her Solar Arc Mars square her Saturn earlier this year, moving on to square her Moon in six months’ time. What will also jolt her considerably ahead is tr Uranus opposing her Sun Pluto in 2018. Though Jupiter crossing her Ascendant later this year for 12 months will give her a morale boost.


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  1. Hello Marjorie, Please would you look at Mo Farah’s chart. With the end of his middle distance running career, how will Mohammed fare as a marathon runner? And how will he cope with a less intense life? Champions are different to the rest of us. The climb down from all that focus and discipline must be tricky, although I suppose he could transfer it all to marathon running.
    Thanks for all your insightful comments. Required reading in our household!

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