Duchess of Cambridge – a regal Leo rising * updated



A birth time for the Duchess of Cambridge has been kindly supplied by Nathalie Delahaye, obtained by her from close friends some years ago for their wedding. See:

9 January 1982 7pm Reading, UK gives her a Leo Ascendant which fits with a fashion-conscious image and colourful dress sense for Royal occasions. It gives her a late 5th house party – and children-loving, ambitious Capricorn Sun almost exactly opposite a family-oriented Cancer Moon in the friendly 11th – so a real Full Moon baby, which suggests she had parents of very different temperaments, almost incompatible. That opposition squares onto Saturn Pluto in Libra adding a bleaker note – rigid, overly-controlled, low self-esteem never feeling she comes up to expectation, especially since Saturn squares both her Sun and Moon.

What’s strange is her 3rd house of siblings with Mars Saturn Pluto there, suggesting not altogether easy relationships. Yet she has a 4th house Jupiter in Scorpio, so she’s aware she came from a secure, well-heeled family and will attract the same in adult life. Her Neptune is in her 5th which often indicates musical or artistic talent and also sensitive children. There could be confusion around children, lack of commitment or a Neptunian air of mystique about them.

Her 6th house Venus Mercury in Aquarius squares her MC and Jupiter, forming a Fixed T Square – making her fairly stubborn and not good at taking in feedback, though a good long-term planner, emotionally uncompromising, ultimately good at public relations.

Neither she nor William have planets in the other’s 7th or 1st houses which would be usual for a marriage. But they do have a strong bond of friendship and have relatively similar charts. His Venus falls in her 10th so he brings her social status – and an over-complicated everyday schedule. William is a New Moon in Cancer; while she is a Full Moon.  Camilla has her Sun and Moon both in Cancer, while her first husband Andrew Parker Bowles is a Capricorn with a Cancer Sun; and Prince Charles is a Scorpio with a Taurus Moon.  The New Moon tends to be more self sufficient, the Full Moon looking for the Other.

When she married her Solar Arc Sun was sitting on her Descendant; and as she moves through her third pregnancy, her Progressed Moon is going through her 4th house of home and family until 2021 so her focus will be on her intimate surroundings and those closest to her. What is clear is that she’s in a peculiarly heavy phase with tr Pluto opposing her Moon and conjunct her Sun in 2017/18; as well as being square to her Mars/Pluto and Sun/Moon midpoints; and then tr Pluto will be square her focal point Saturn in 2018/19 – which all looks like a considerable challenge, emotionally and in other ways, and quite a slog since it pulls on all legs of that T Square; with tr Uranus bringing upheavals as it continues to oppose her Pluto into early 2018. So a fairly punishing transformation, not accomplished without a good deal of difficulty and internal conflict. If this time is accurate then she’ll have a sharp change of career direction around 2019 with tr Uranus conjunct her midheaven and afterwards moving through her 10th, which may be when heavier duties are placed on William.


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  1. I think there’s general doubt about the time (especially why it took so long to surface) but if her time is anywhere around the 7pm mark, that Uranus transit will be visible (conjunct MC) next year in some event. That planet is always a marvellous test against different times because Uranus transits do bring change, suddenly, and aspects to ascendant and Midheaven are particularly affected. We’ll see……Saturn too is a good marker over those points if you’re looking to rectify a chart. Charles Jayne, the US astrologer, was an expert on rectification but it remains dodgy and difficult for most of us. However, if you’re talking about short time spaces such as half an hour or so, Saturn and Uranus passing over angles might nail the accuracy more.

  2. I am wondering whether the time of birth is actually correct. With Leo rising and sun in the 5 house you would expect someone very gregarious, confident and showy. She is anything but. I think until we get an actual confirmation from Kensington Palace we should treat this data with caution.

    • I would have to confess I’d wonder as well. I wouldn’t put her Sun in the 6th since hard work doesn’t seem to be her thing. But I suspect that Saturn Pluto squaring Sun and Moon, which also are in hard aspect to her Mars/Pluto midpoint, will cramp her style considerably. ‘Behind a veil’ makes a great deal of sense from Maggy as does ‘on remote control’. The dynamics of the Middleton family are beyond strange. Ma Carole has Mercury opposition Pluto square Saturn in Scorpio so is a real toughie – and Carole’s Pluto is conjunct this Leo Ascendant of Kate’s (if 7pm is accurate) which might make sense. If she’s still being danced on mama’s apron strings, then that Pluto will damp down her natural spontaneity considerably. She’ll emerge like a butterfly from a cocoon although not sure that’s quite the analogy – in her forties. More her own very very formidable person.

      • The more I think about it the more the chart seems out of place. She has no planets in the 7 house, and only a chiron (?!) in the 10 house. Uranus (ruler of her supposed 7 house) sits in the most private point in her chart and is modestly aspected. This is someone who put her life on hold for 7 years so she could marry one of the most famous people in the world. This chart certainly does not reflect that.

  3. Thanks for this, Marjorie – though it’s been a rather long time arriving – this lady had the information before the wedding? I just wondered why it’s only been made available now.
    I am totally wrong – I always guessed Kate had Taurus rising, the fixity comes across but also a certain amount of taking her time which I find very Taurus. I only use the Koch system for charts but when I entered the info it didn’t marry with yours – I looked and a Placidus chart had been drawn up by mistake, so I’ve changed it. The interesting thing is that Placidus chart puts both Sun & Moon on the cusp of the 6th/12th houses, whereas your method has them clearly in the 5th/11th. It would be critical in analysing if we used the Placidus system!

    The Sun, Moon and Mercury – the most personal planets of anyone’s chart, are tied into that Saturn conjunct Pluto, which gives a feeling of being behind a wall somehow……the family history will be keenly felt by Kate – from both sides – but it’s a serious take on the world indeed. Yes, siblings relationships are very intense and sometimes completely fractured it would seem. The hell of being in the public eye!

    Transit Uranus is coming up to the Midheaven in a tense back and forward movement with a direct hit in the summer of next year. Changes in the status quo, unexpectedly, though the hints are around now that something’s afoot, it seems it is not planned but the tension could be hard to live with in the meantime.

  4. I have to disagree with you on the “Regal” part of your title. Good gosh people are already speaking about she being the princess of wales have you all forgotten about Prince Charles or do you wish him gone already. I would not be rushing Prince Charles removal so soon. Nothing about the Duchess Do-little has shown me she is ready for the words HARD WORK. Having required heirs and wearing princess Diana’s wedding ring and tiaras don’t make you some amazing Princess of Wales but it does show how far Princess Diana’s wannabe’s will go.
    How cute Katie will be the first common Princess of Wales in history if she becomes Princess of Wales and that’s a big IF… Not exactly a phoenix from the ash but from dirt weeds do grow…

      • Fact is, Kate could do much more, but fact is also Camilla as next consort did maybe 20 events more than Prince William last year and she doesn’t comes close to Princess Anne. Sophie, Countess of Wessex surpassed her twice. She is not the busiest Crown Princess herself…

    • The Black Queen: I know when I wrote a comment about her becoming the Princess of Wales, it was a delicate way of alluding to the time when the Queen dies, and she will die at her age, sooner than later. I really didn’t want to write, “Is the Queen going to die in the 2019 when it’s noted that Katherine will have a sharp change of direction?”. But, if that clears it up for you, I don’t mind being helpful.

      Then, as we all know, Prince Charles will become King, and William will become the Prince of Wales and Katherine the Princess. I have no clue what Camilla will end up with.

      I like your name, Black Queen!

    • Good god, woman, “Duchess Do-little” is the mother of two small children, suffered grueling pregnancies with both, and is now undergoing a third difficult pregnancy. And like Diana, she apparently tries to be much more hands-on with her children than royal wives have historically been. Does this not count for you, perhaps because it is mere “women’s work,” albeit much harder (and more meaningful and useful) than snipping ribbons to inaugurate new buildings?

  5. Thank you for sharing. I guess William does have Sun on his descendant and descendant ruler in the 5th, so someone a little bit Leo-ish would make sense (and from a party business family no less, Sun/Moon :))

    Her Mars/Saturn/Pluto being in the 3rd reflects his over in the 9th. It does seem quite a heavy 3rd house, but you never can tell (I think I had heavy enough 3rd house issues with a well-aspected Jupiter there). Perhaps her parents made her stuff envelopes for the party supplies mail order business? 😉

  6. I would say she was born maybe an hour earlier which would give her a 6 th house Sun sq Saturn and a Moon square Pluto in the 4th house ? Very work/duty bound.
    Venus/Mercury in the 6 th house and Moon/North Node in the 12th hides her feelings/very controlled/private.
    Leo on the Ascendant regal/look but don’t come any closer, serious, I would say she could be quite ‘ruthless’.
    Sabian symbol for Leo 9 ‘ Glass blowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing ‘

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