Burma – Aung San Sui Kyi off her pedestal


Almost a third to a half of the population of 1 million Rohingya people have fled Burma into Bangladesh in the face of widespread, burning, killing and rape by Burmese forces and Buddhist youths. The de facto leader, Nobel peace winner Aung San Sui Kyi, is coming in for widespread criticism for her failure to either stop or speak out against the violence. She claims it is ‘fake news’ and the real problem are Rohingya militants. They are a stateless people living in extreme poverty, mainly Muslim but some Hindu, who have been persecuted over decades and refused citizenship. A 2016 UN report described the “devastating cruelty” of Burmese soldiers in a previous crackdown.

Aung San Sui Kyi, 4 January 1948 Yangon with an unverified 12 noon birth time, has a Sun and Uranus in Gemini, with Moon and Neptune in Libra. What stiffens her spine and gave her the endurance to stick out long years of house arrest is a tough-minded Mars in Taurus conjunct Venus, sextile Saturn and square Pluto – that has the capacity to be cruel and ruthless as well as persevering and inordinately stubborn. She looks confident enough in 2017/18 with tr Pluto trine her Jupiter. Where she runs into trouble will be 2019/2020 when tr Uranus is conjunct her Mars and then square her Pluto, which will bring major upheavals and disruptions.

When she was released from house arrest the tr Uranus Jupiter in Pisces was conjunct her Descendant and square her MC, so the birth time may be feasible.

Of the Harmonics which are notable. Her 10th Harmonic – ‘the seed of the rise and fall’ has a stressed Yod linking Mars and Pluto. The 11th Harmonic – a difficult number to live up to, can be idealistic but also obsessive, fanatical and unreasonable. It warns against hidden trials, disloyalty and betrayal from others. And her 18th Harmonic – it gives strength, but also conflicts and enemies, “war & revolution”, which links together Mars, Saturn, Pluto as does her 9H. (See post Aug 29 2017)

Both the Burma charts – 1 April 1937 12 am and 4 January 1948 4.20am Rangoon – are relatively similar. Sun in aspect to Mars; Saturn to Pluto; and Jupiter to Pluto. Martial, bleak, controlling and confident.

The 1937 chart will be hard hit by the tr Saturn Pluto conjunction in 2019 as it clamps down on the Jupiter in Capricorn opposition Pluto, with rebellions from tr Uranus on its Return. The 1948 chart looks financially undermined in 2018 with tr Neptune square the 1st house Jupiter and a directionless tr Neptune opposition the MC as well. It’s 2nd house financial Capricorn Sun Mercury will pick up the deprived tr Saturn conjunction by 2019.

The 1948 date and time were supposedly picked by astrologers as auspicious. Heaven knows why. There’s not much to recommend it as a start chart.


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  1. Daesh are a creation of the West + Israel and Saudi Arabia, financed, supplied, mentored and used as the cats paw against Assad and other Shia inspired entities in the ME. Look at president Duterte in the Philippines as another example. As soon as he gets close to China again, trade, buying weapons etc., ISIS mysteriously appear in Manila and faux terrorism becomes a major problem. Neptune in Pisces is taking deception and lies to new heights and Americas Pluto return is causing that country to shake on its foundations…complex indeed and mountains of salt.

  2. haha.. maybe the vedic astrologers see something different then you marjorie??

    the issue regarding the rohingya people is being pushed aggressively at this moment.. it has been ongoing for a very long time, but why it is in the news now requires some questioning.. some of the parts that are missing and which may explain aung san sui kyi’s comment about fake news are how it has morphed into a jihadist guerilla war financed and led by saudi arabia.. and of course we know that there is no war that is being financed and led by saudi arabia – whether it be towards the yemen, or the syrian people – that doesn’t get the tacit support of the us/uk and their poodles.. this topic is a complex one.. any onesided presentation in the media needs to be taken with a grain of salt..

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