Algeria – chums with Russia, wary of USA & France

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Algeria largely missed the Arab Spring, partly because they’d already had their uprising two decades before which was a searing experience. Although an Islamic country, the government, under a lifetime president, has a policy of keeping the radical elements at bay. There is close military co-operation with Russia who supplies arms and equipment, so it is regarded by the USA with some suspicion.

A recent spoof piece allegedly by Le Pen suggested building a wall round France and getting Algeria to pay for it was exposed as a joke; but there is anxiety in France about Algerian immigrants, second and third generation, who remember the brutal suppression by the French in the Franco-Algerian War fifty years ago which left a million dead and many tortured. Those living in France now face marginalisation and high unemployment and some have turned to terrorism.

Algeria gained independence on 3 July 1962 at 10.38am Algiers.

In 2017 tr Neptune will conjunct the 7th house Jupiter bringing financial woes, loss of confidence. 2018 will be unsettled with tr Uranus square the Moon and trine Uranus, so the population will be more likely to demonstrate and voice their disapproval.

Relations with the USA are on a downhill slide in 2017 with high tension and a turnaround of diplomatic policy. It’s just possible that Algeria comes into Trump’s eyeline since his even-more-control-freaky-than-usual Pluto MC line runs through the country. Certainly relations with France look stressed in 2017; and highly discouraging in 2018/19. But the riskiest time for the country looks like 2021/2022 when tr Pluto is trine their Mars in Taurus.


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