Syria – the agony isn’t over by a long shot



Trump’s quixotic tweet informing the globe of his mercurial decision to pull US troops out of Syria, despite recent assurances of his own advisers to the contrary, has added another layer of complexity to the Syria mess.  From Trump’s standpoint it was undoubtedly self-serving, another bravura distraction away from the myriad swirling scandals in DC and NY. And it was posed in bizarrely personalised language, insisting that ISIS had been defeated, (a view no one else shares) – “My only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency.”

For Syria, it leaves Bashar Al Assad in charge of roughly two thirds of the country effectively under Russian management, with Israel and the US in agreement; the rest of Syria is held by Kurds, Syrian rebels, Turkish-backed forces, Jihadists and a small proportion of ISIS. Netanyahu gets a deal on keeping trouble away from Israel’s borders; Iran was bought off with Russia investment in oil and gas. And Trump can wash his hands of the Middle East, proclaiming it is someone else’s problem and expense.

What is odd is that Bashar Assad, despite the heavyweight protection propping him up at the moment, looks almost less secure ahead than before. His Presidency chart, 17 July 2000, has a frustrating, trapped tr Pluto opposition Mars through 2018/2019 and then much the same from tr Pluto opposition Sun/Mars in 2019/2020 and then Sun – right through till late 2021 – which is a poleaxing set of pressures. With what could be a total collapse in 2021/22 with Solar Arc Uranus square Pluto.

His own personal chart, 11 September 1965, is drifting steadily downhill with tr Neptune conjunct Saturn now, opposition Uranus Pluto and Sun till late 2020; with a shocking collision Solar Arc Sun conjunct Mars around 2021.


5 thoughts on “Syria – the agony isn’t over by a long shot

  1. “What is odd is that Bashar Assad, despite the heavyweight protection propping him up at the moment, looks almost less secure ahead than before.”

    This operation is costly for Russia, too, and it’s not out of question they will drop it any time. They see convenient. It’s worth to remember Russian people are furious about pension reform. I think many Western commentators fail to understand just how much Russian society relies especially to still relatively young and fit babushki for everything, mostly social services. This has hurt Putin’s popularity so much he hinted on upcoming marriage at a presser this week. And he seldom, if ever talks about his private matters.

  2. Well, well. Mattis has honorably stepped down from the Secr of Defense position. Who could be better aligned to the President’s ear than…Jared? Bro-mance Putin? It’s a sad sorry Xmas, children.

    For you coal lovers, here’s an extra lump for your stocking

    • Stephen Miller! I notice has been allowed media tours this week. He will probably take one point out of Trump’s approval rating every time he on TV.

      • At least Stephen Miller has gone back to being bald following the humiliating spray-on-hairgate appearance on CNN. What is it about awful hairdos and the current administration?

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