Meghan – rafting through the white water rapids



Poor Meghan is now finding out the price of marrying a prince – running the gauntlet of the media. They are up to their usual game of puffing up and then looking for cracks to pull her down. She’s difficult, can’t keep staff, too uppity in her demands etc etc etc. My recollection is that Kate took a fair pounding in the early years and she didn’t have a mouthy family causing embarrassment to contend with.

Meghan does look a touch deflated at the moment with tr Saturn moving in hard aspect to her Jupiter Saturn opposition MC square Mars T Square, now till early January. The few days over New Year look fractious and aggravated. Tr Neptune is also opposing her Venus till late this month which can be disappointing emotionally and romantically, a dream dented.

Tr Pluto will square her 4th house Pluto again from mid January, continuing pressures for change domestically and in terms of her family relationships, adult and childhood. Which can be fairly push n’ pull. Late March into April will be nerve-stretched and relieved at the same time.

Her relationship with her father Thomas Markle who appears incapable of keeping his mouth shut isn’t getting easier. From her chart with Pluto in the 4th he would always be experienced by her as controlling and possessive. Plus his Pluto is conjunct her Sun which says much the same.   And his Sun sits exactly on her Ascendant so he will feel his identity is very tied up with her image.

Their relationship chart has an argumentative composite Sun, Mars, Mercury conjunction which is being rattled over this coming year and on. There’s a cool composite Venus Saturn and a one-upmanship Jupiter Pluto, which latter has tr Neptune in opposition pulling down its grip well into 2020.

Jupiter through her 5th till almost the end of 2019 will keep her morale high though she may well over-stretch herself physically taking on too many commitments with tr Saturn moving into her 6th.


John of god – fallen angel



John of God or Joao de Deus, a Brazilian medium and ‘psychic surgeon’ (ie. confidence trickster) is now the focus of the largest sexual abuse scandal in Brazil with several hundred women coming forward with complaints. His own daughter, Dalva Teixeira, 49, stands among the accusers and called him a “monster” and alleged she was beaten and raped by the medium until she ran away when she was 14 years old. (wiki)

Born 24 June 1942 in Brazil, he had little education and describes himself as a farmer. His centre has been visited by millions over the years seeking healing, giving him a sizeable fortune. Three years ago he had stomach cancer and a malignant tumour was removed by a conventional medical surgeon with chemotherapy to follow which he did not report to his followers.

He’s a Sun Jupiter in Cancer which sits midway between Uranus Saturn in Gemini sextile Mars Pluto in Leo – lucky, enthusiastic plus autocratic plus ruthlessly determined. His Sun Jupiter is also in a slippery and evasive square to Neptune and possibly trine a Scorpio Moon.

His 9th Harmonic is heavily aspected which in theory should be humanitarian but often appears in the charts of financial fraudsters.

2019 will see tr Uranus square his Mars Pluto which should rattle his cage more than somewhat with a swamp of undermining Neptune to follow into the early 2020s.

Brexit vote – challenging January for lift off, or not



Stress levels will be mounting in January with the Brexit vote now fixed (maybe) for the week starting January 14th. The month starts with Mars moving into Aries on the 1st and a dreary Sun Saturn in Capricorn conjunction on the 3rd, followed smartly by the Capricorn Solar Eclipse on the 6th.  Eclipses always bring a sense of heightened anticipation and this one especially so for the UK since it is conjunct the UK Sun and opposition the 10th house Moon – so there will be a sense of crisis and radical change in the air. This Solar Eclipse located to London has Uranus exactly on the Descendant, suggesting a split in a close relationship.

The Sun then grinds towards a conjunction with Pluto on the 11th, which will make the second week pressured and blocked. By the 19th there’s a rebellious, freedom-loving Sun square Uranus; followed by the Leo Lunar Eclipse on the 21st, the same day as a bad-tempered Mars square Saturn. The Lunar Eclipse will conjunct the UK Jupiter in Leo which can be expansive and also over-confident.

On Theresa May’s chart, January 14th starts four weeks of tr Pluto conjunct her Mars/Saturn midpoint = running into deadlock, harmful or destructive energy, usually fairly catastrophic. Her Government chart is pretty deflated that week as well with tr Saturn square the Jupiter.

Oddly enough the UK chart has tr Pluto square the Sun/Jupiter midpoint which is usually upbeat in mood and that runs January 14th till mid-February. So as Theresa May sags battered and bruised the country in general is feeling perkier.

February in general looks every bit as bumpy as January, starting on an aggravated, enraged Mars Pluto square with a disruptive Mars square Uranus midway through.

Chris O’Dowd – a talent for the off beat


Chris O’Dowd, the multi-talented Irish comedy actor, writer and producer, has been reaping rave reviews for his hit-man role in the television drama, black comedy series Get Shorty. Recently booked for a third season, it’s Breaking Bad meets Fargo, with anti-heroes catching the best parts and the sympathy.

Born 9 October 1979 in Boyle, Ireland, he’s been acting since his early 20s in television (Moone Boy which he created and starred in) and film (Bridesmaids etc); and received a Tony nomination for his Broadway performance Of Mice and Men.

He is a determined Sun Pluto in Libra with a creative Saturn in Virgo square Neptune, with Saturn also in an innovative sextile to Uranus. His Mercury in intense Scorpio squares Mars in Leo so he can pack a punch in his words.

His actors’ 15th Harmonic is well aspected; even more so his 13H, often found amongst comedians, which has an additional meaning of breakthrough, unorthodox genius.

He’s powering through 2019 with tr Pluto trine his Sun/Jupiter midpoint; will hit a few bumps along the road in 2020/2021 and then hits the high points with a major success from 2022 to 2025 with his Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Sun and then Pluto.


Teflon Tone and the Maybot – an inflammatory combo



A Tony Blair intervention usually evokes an exasperated sigh from the electorate who wish he’d bury himself somewhere far away. But for once his grandstanding on Brexit has been welcomed by everyone apart from Theresa May who accused him of “undermining” the Brexit talks by calling for another referendum and saying his comments were an “insult to the office he once held.” He spat back. “What is irresponsible is to try to steamroller MPs into accepting a deal they genuinely think is a bad one with the threat that if they do not fall into line, the government will have the country crash out without a deal.”

Given that many on her own side including John Major and other Cabinet members have been chipping in their tuppence worth over different scenarios it’s not clear why she erupted over Blair. Especially since Brussels made it perfectly clear there will be no further negotiations.

As an aside, mainstream commentators have been getting more and more blunt about her state of mind.

Matthew Parris, Times: “At what point does tenacity become rigidity become mulishness become a frozen panic? Does she hear? Does she see? Does she know? Is there anyone at home?” “Colleagues are getting the creeps. They fear she’s flying us on into the night as flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur flew on, essentially pilotless, the aircraft’s captain … elsewhere.”

John Crace, Guardian: “Even someone as semi-detached as the Maybot has a breaking point. She is well beyond the point where a simple reboot via the control-alt-delete keys can restore her to her factory settings. She is now experiencing such a total systems overload that she couldn’t begin to pass the Turing test.”

Back to the Blair-May combo. Both are excessively stubborn.  He with a Sun and Jupiter in Taurus plus an Aquarius Moon and Pluto in Leo; she with her Thatcherite Saturn in Scorpio square Pluto Venus in Leo.  Her downbeat Saturn opposes his exuberant Jupiter Mars, for a clash of personalities.

Their relationship chart is a sight to behold with a mutually unsupportive (ego-clash) composite Mars opposition Neptune in a disruptive, needs-space, on-differing-agendas square to Sun, Uranus Jupiter. With a hostile-dislike Mars trine Pluto.  It’ll erupt into real fury from the March 29 2019 exit date onwards. She won’t be around (cross fingers) in No 10 for too much longer, but wherever she is will be buried under a tsunami of blame for her mishandling of the entire farrago.

Not that I’m arguing for a second referendum – my heart sinks at yet more agony, and it might well turn out much the same result – but preparations should have been made for fall back alternatives.

Argentina’s #metoo moment raising a storm



Argentina is in the throes of a #metoo moment with a well-known actor Juan Darthes, being accused of the underage rape of a sixteen year old almost a decade ago – which he strenuously denies. There have been several previous allegations of sexual misconduct against him which were all seen off by lawyers.

He was born 28 October 1964 and is an intense, emotional Sun, Mercury in Scorpio; with a Fixed Grand Cross of Neptune in Scorpio opposition Jupiter in Taurus square Mars in Leo opposition Saturn in Aquarius – stubborn to the nth degree, enduring, hard-edged, indulgent, bullishly confident.

His accuser, Thelma Fardin, 24 October 1992, is also a Sun Scorpio with an excitable Mars in Cancer opposition Uranus Neptune in Capricorn. Her Mercury Pluto in Scorpio square his Mars and Saturn and oppose his Jupiter – not a good chemistry between them.

Their relationship chart has a friendly composite Sun Venus conjunction but that combo also squares an argumentative, insensitive Mars, which in turn is in an explosive square to Uranus.

He’ll respond with great vigour since tr Pluto is trine his Jupiter through 2019/2020; but he’ll be severely jolted on the way through as well.

She looks cornered and scared with tr Pluto opposition her Mars till late 2019 and fairly off track until 2021 when she begins to bounce more confidently again.

Sondre Locke – Clint Eastwood’s nemesis



Sondra Locke, actress/director and one-time companion of Clint Eastwood, from whom she split acrimoniously with a substantial palimony suit and tell-all memoir, has died.

She was born 28 May 1944 in Tennessee with her father disappearing before her birth. Her first film role earned her an Oscar nomination but she did little work thereafter until hired for a Clint Eastwood movie. They got together and Eastwood paid for a house for her husband, a gay childhood friend to whom she remained married throughout. She acted in six films with Eastwood; and after the split was promised a directing deal with Warner Bros as part of the palimony suit but no films were agreed and back to court she went.

She was a Sun Uranus in Gemini conjunct Venus in last degree Taurus; with a fiercely determined and angry Mars Pluto in Leo with Pluto square her Mercury in Taurus, so she’d be argumentative and stubborn.

It was an odd match with Eastwood, 31 May 1930 5.35pm San Francisco, since her Sun Uranus was conjunct his 7th house Sun, so she would be a disruptive influence demanding an unconventional relationship; her can-be-hostile Mars Pluto was conjunct his Leo Moon; and her Saturn was conjunct his 8th house Jupiter which would put a damper on intimacy as well as bring up money issues.

Their relationship chart had a passionate composite Sun, Mars, Venus; and a power-couple Jupiter Pluto conjunction, though that can turn into a struggle for the upper hand when the glitter wears off.

Both were Geminis, both with Moon in Leo, both with Mercury in Taurus.

Eastwood was a renowned womaniser with various children born from different liaisons and she was evidently distraught when she discovered he’d been two timing her especially since she’d had two abortions early in their relationship. According to the Times obituary: “Throughout the break-up Eastwood, who denied many of her allegations, said little, his most loquacious comment being: “I have done nothing but try to help her, and no good deed goes unpunished.” He was part of the early 1930s generation with Saturn opposition Pluto squaring onto  Uranus in Aries – tough, unyielding, a maverick and a rebel.

Only in Hollywood could you demand a house for your husband out of a palimony suit with another man. Not sure I’m too sympathetic towards her. She got the roles and then got vengeful.


Trump – flipping mates, new Chief of Staff, Conway puzzle



Trump odds and sods.

The dominoes are falling one by one with Michael Cohen now sentenced and the tabloid rag, The Enquirer, formerly pro-Trump, now co-operating with the feds to stave off criminal charges. During the 2016 campaign and before The Enquirer savaged his enemies and paid to catch-and-kill negative stories about him, such as Playboy centerspread Karen McDougal’s allegation of an affair. Trump was close friends with The Enquirer (AMI) chief David Pecker but no more and it could bring more trouble depending on which beans get spilt, not just for Trump but also for Jared Kushner who was the middle man.

David Pecker, 24 September 1951, is a Sun Saturn in Libra with an ultra-determined and ruthless Mars Pluto in Leo. His relationship chart with Trump although superficially friendly with a composite Sun Venus, also has a very gritty composite Mars Saturn and Pluto which can easily turn into hostility. January and February 2019 will dent enthusiasm and trust between them – another bubble burst.

Jared’s relationship with Pecker is getting a cold frisson of concern later this month with confusion reigning and more than a fair few upheavals through 2019.

Mick Mulvaney, 21 July 1967, has been announced as the Acting Chief of Staff, tho’ he appears to be continuing in his old job as well.  He describes himself as very right wing. He’s a late degree Cancer with probably a Capricorn Full Moon and a not very interesting chart. His relationship chart with Trump looks less than ecstatic over the festivities, edgy and nerve-stretched, with disappointment through January and more disruptions in February.

The word is the Chief of Staff has to get on with Ivanka and Jared, which given that Ivanka’s pushily confident Jupiter Pluto squares his Sun; and their relationship chart has a composite Mars Pluto for a bitter power struggle, doesn’t sound too likely. And with Jared it isn’t much better.

Amongst the many oddities of the Trump White House is the situation of Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to POTUS, wheeled out on the media frequently to be his cheer leader, married to attorney George Conway, who loathes Trump and says so publicly and often. They have four children.

Kellyanne, 20 January 1967, is a last degree Sun Capricorn or zero Aquarius opposition Jupiter in Cancer square Mars in Libra and possibly trine a Taurus Moon. Definitely a go-getter and an aggressive arguer. She’s also got a secretive, creative Water Grand Trine of Jupiter trine Saturn trine Neptune, formed into a Kite by Jupiter opposition Sun – ego-centric.

Her husband George, 2 September 1963, is a Sun, Venus, Uranus, Pluto in Virgo – leading edge, changeable, unpredictable; with Jupiter in pro-active Aries opposition Mars which is sextile/trine Saturn in knowledgeable Aquarius.

His earthy Virgo planets will suit her Taurus Moon and maybe Capricorn Sun or even an Aquarius Sun since all three can be workaholic signs and quite detached. And his Moon may be conjunct her Venus in Aquarius which is good; but so is his Saturn, which isn’t too warm. That apart there’s not much in the way of crossovers.

Their relationship chart has a composite Sun conjunct a vague, evasive Neptune on one side and widely conjunct an affectionate Venus on the other. With a high-tension, ups-and- downs T Square of Saturn opposition Uranus square Jupiter. Will depend a good deal on house placings which aren’t known without a birth time. But it doesn’t look that close.

Both of them have Mars in last decan Libra and individually as well as together they’re facing an aggravated and frustrated 2019/2020 as tr Pluto squares their Mars. So it won’t get easier.

Trump’s relationship with both is getting a serious shake up from July 2019 onwards, with trouble brewing before then.

Michael Weatherly – bullish jokes cost megabucks



Actor Michael Weatherly, late of NCIS, now starring in the TV courtroom drama series Bull, made some off-colour sexual comments to actress Eliza Dushku on set. She complained, was dropped from the series and later came to a confidential agreement with CBS which paid her $9.5 million, the equivalent of how much she would have received in salary for the planned four seasons.

This has come to light on the back of the Les Moonves CBS #metoo investigations undertaken by independent counsel.

Eliza Dushku, 30 December 1980, Boston, MA, started acting aged 10 and reported being sexually assaulted aged 12 by a stunt man and she was subsequently injured on set after he was confronted. She developed a serious alcohol and drug problem and says she suffers from ADHD. She later became known for playing in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

She’s a Sun Mercury in Capricorn square Jupiter Saturn in Libra so will be up and down mood-wise. She’s also got a difficult Pluto (Moon) in Libra square Mars so will have suffered a good deal of inner rage and conflict, which would have exacerbated her addictions.

Michael Weatherly, 8 July 1968 New York, is an excitable Sun Cancer conjunct Mars on one side and Venus on the other. His Sun Venus are trine Neptune, sextile Uranus Pluto and square Saturn. He’s suited to the varied/fast-changing film and TV business, emotionally changeable, blows hot and cold, can be charmingly persuasive and can be shut off. He’s had a two year marriage, a two year engagement, and now a second marriage lasting nine years. His Mercury in Gemini may oppose a Sagittarius Moon squaring onto Uranus Pluto – which will make him highly strung.

He certainly didn’t have an easy interface with Eliza Dushku since her Pluto square Mars collides with his Saturn and Venus; and her Saturn Jupiter squares his Mars and Sun.

The relationship chart is very conflicted with the composite Mats opposition both the Sun and Uranus as well as being square Saturn.

I can see with her history why she’d be abnormally sensitive to unsavoury sexual cracks but unless there’s more to it than meets the eye it’s an extraordinary amount of money for a few bloke-ish jokes in a business where contracts are made and broken in the blink of an eye.

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