Rebecca Adlington – high hopes that crumbled

Rebecca Adlington, the UK Olympic Gold Medal swimmer, 7 Feb 1989, had a splashy HELLO wedding in 2014, a baby in 2015 and split earlier this year from her husband Harry Needs, 29 March 1992.

All a great shame with a young baby but it was an odd match. She’s got an Aquarius Sun square an ultra-determined Mars in Taurus opposition Pluto. That clashes uncomfortably with his Saturn (Moon) in Aquarius; and he’s got a Pluto trine Mars – so equally determined.  Both have the highly-strung Uranus Neptune in Capricorn.

She’s probably got a Pisces Moon and Venus in Aquarius; while he is an Aries Sun. Not an intuitive match.

The wedding took place on 8 September 2014 when Neptune Moon in Pisces was opposition Venus so ethereal but not realistic. With a really tough, irritable Saturn Mars conjunction in Scorpio; and the unstable Uranus square Pluto tied into a T square by Mercury in Libra – so it would be overly intense, negative and quite controlling.

Their relationship chart does have a Water Grand Trine of composite Sun to Jupiter and Pluto – which might have suggested a private emotional relationship. But Jupiter Pluto can sometimes lead to power-struggles as to who has the upper hand. And it is formed into a Kite by Jupiter opposition Neptune – so high hopes but not grounded in reality.


Denise Robertson – rising above trauma

Denise Robertson, the much beloved agony aunt of ITV’s This Morning for nearly 30 years has died, aged 83.
Born 9 June 1932, she had an extraordinary, tough and prolific life. She wrote two dozen novels, appeared regularly on radio, wrote for magazines, organized a trust to provide work for the long-term unemployed, was on the local council, drove for Meals on Wheels, chaired a local physically handicapped club.
Her father lost his business so she had an uncertain, poor childhood, and although bright didn’t go to university, won a BBC TV play competition, then lost her mother, sister and first husband in quick succession. Her second husband’s business collapsed so she wrote herself out of debt with Mills and Boon novels.
She was a Sun Mercury in Gemini which was sextile an enthusiastic Jupiter (Moon) in Leo on one side and sextile Uranus in Aries on the other. A good communicator and multi-tasker, willing to take risks and lucky. Her Mars in Taurus was sextile Venus Pluto in Cancer and square Jupiter so despite seeing the dark side of life, she could rise above it and shine.
Her victim/helper 12th Harmonic not surprisingly was very strong, focussing on Mercury and Chiron.

Wendi and the Russian prince – a fantastic myth

Is it an April Fool’s joke? Hot rumours about Wendi Deng, former wife of Rupert Murdoch, snuggling up to Vladimir Putin are almost beyond parody. Is there an unlikely spark of passion behind Vlad’s cold blue eyes? Or a chance of a comeuppance by Wendi, towering seven inches above the Russian president, after her ex’s recent rapturous nuptials to Jerry Hall?

She’s a Sun Sagittarius with a Cancer Moon and Venus in socially-ambitious Capricorn.  Putin is a Sun Saturn Neptune Mercury in Libra with Venus in Scorpio and a Gemini Moon so he is a mix of cool and hot. But her Saturn in Aries opposition Mars in Libra square Cancer Moon sit at cross purposes to his Libra planets square Uranus.

Their relationship chart hints at a potential for minor amounts of friendly fun and adventure but nothing more.

In contrast her relationship chart with Rupert has an affectionate composite Sun Venus conjunction; plus a fair amount of aggravation from a Mars opposition Saturn; and a power-couple Jupiter Pluto conjunction which after splitting turns into a definite need-to-outdo-each-other.

Her much publicised friendship (firmly denied as an affair) with Tony Blair is certainly flagged up in their relationship chart with an affectionate composite Sun Venus in a passionate opposition to Pluto.

The other friendship during her Murdoch marriage which was raised in the media was with mega-wealthy Google chief Eric Schmidt. He’s another Taurus like Blair; and his relationship chart with the lissom Wendi again has an affectionate composite Sun Venus opposition an adventurous Jupiter Uranus.

Stranger things have happened than rich, loveless matches but on the evidence it looks less rather than more likely that a Chinese-Russian détente is on the cards.


Ronnie Corbett – the exuberance of Fire

Comedian and entertainer Ronnie Corbett has died at home aged 85. Much beloved for his bouncy personality and diminutive height of five foot one, he had a long career from the 1960s with David Frost, peaking in the 1970s/80s with the ‘Two Ronnies’ with Ronnie Barker and continued working on until recently.

Born 4 December 1930 9.40pm Edinburgh, Scotland he had his Sun in Sagittarius, a sign common amongst comics, in an inspirational and attention-catching Fire Grand Trine to Uranus and Mars in Leo. He also had the super-confident Jupiter Pluto in Cancer opposition Saturn square Uranus – so bred in tough times and highly innovative. His Taurus Moon was in his 10th, suiting him for a public career, opposition Venus in Scorpio square a Leo Ascendant – sensitive to the mood of the zeitgeist, charming, home-loving and flamboyant.

He was a different personality to Ronnie Barker, 25 September 1929 2pm Bedford, England, a Sun Libra with an ambitious Mars in Libra in the 10th square an 8th house Pluto and sextile a 1st house Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn opposed his 7th house Gemini Moon and Jupiter. He’d be the more driven of the pair, constantly feeling held back.  One of his sons went on the run having been found with child pornography and eventually served a prison term.


The two Ronnies’ relationship chart had a talented Half Grand Sextile from Saturn opposition Jupiter sextile Neptune and composite Sun – so much talent, driven by a fear of failure. With an emphasised Jupiter bringing optimism and luck.

Nick Blackwell – sad end to a successful career

Nick Blackwell, a former champion middleweight boxer, is still in an induced coma after his last fight was stopped in the 10th round because of an eye injury and he was subsequently found to have bleeding in the brain.

Born 27 October 1990 in Trowbridge, England, he’s an intensely charming Sun Venus Mercury in Scorpio square Jupiter in Leo and possibly square an Aquarius Moon. So very confident and very Fixed. His Jupiter is also square Pluto giving him extra push. He was born on the triple conjunction of Uranus Neptune Saturn in Capricorn with Uranus sextile his Sun Venus.

A neurosurgeon has said he will never fight again.

His Mars in Gemini has had tr Saturn in opposition in February and again later this year which does suggest accidents/setbacks. Also a confused tr Pluto conjunct his Saturn/Neptune midpoint which runs on and off till late 2016.  The only exact aspect he had was tr Neptune square his Sun/Saturn midpoint which is undermining.

Hopefully the tr Uranus opposition his Jupiter/Uranus from mid year will bring him relief and luck. Though it’ll be a long haul.

Patty Duke – surviving the unthinkable

Multi-award winning actress Patty Duke, who has just died, had a gothic childhood. Her father was alcoholic, her mother depressive and at 8 she was handed over to two talent managers who exploited her financially, sexually abused her, and put her on drugs. She was diagnosed in adult life as bi-polar, had four marriages, the final one lasting for 30 years.

Born 14 December 1946 10.39pm New York, she had a 4th house Sun Mars in Sagittarius opposition a 10th house Uranus square a 1st house Virgo Moon. So very Mutable, scattered, highly strung, emotionally on edge from an impossibly insecure childhood.

She also had Jupiter Venus in Scorpio in her 3rd square Pluto (Saturn) in Leo which would give her an antidote of optimism and confidence.  Her artistic Neptune was well aspected being on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine of Saturn trine Mercury.

Her ‘victim’ 12th Harmonic, not surprisingly, was heavily aspected with a ruthless, fearful and frustrating Earth Grand Trine dominated by Mars and Pluto. Her get-it-together, creative 5th Harmonic was also strong; as was her determined/enduring 16H.

Two thoughts are that a useful chunk of Jupiter in aspect and ruling her Sun probably saved her; and that heavily Mutable charts can have a tendency to mood swings.

Corey Lewandowski – not for the faint of heart

Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s very effective campaign manager, has been charged with simple battery after a March incident in which he grabbed a journalist. There are vehement denials and smears flying around despite a video of the moment.

Born 18 September 1973, Lewandowski is a Virgo Sun conjunct Pluto; with Pluto Mercury in Libra on the point of a T square to Saturn in Cancer opposition North Node.  So he likes to be in control and can be very intense. He also has a pushy Mars in Taurus opposition Venus in Scorpio square Jupiter in Aquarius – so he’ll have confidence in abundance though a tendency to go over the top at times.

According to the Washington Post: “It is the latest in a series of controversies involving Lewandowski, who is known for having a combustible temper and an eagerness to wade into the fray. “Donald Trump is not for the faint of heart, and neither is Corey Lewandowski,” said a former representative for whom Lewandowski worked.”

It’s unlikely to hurt the Trump campaign since nothing seems to stick to him and there are so many contradictory statements around the voters will stop listening.

Though Lewandowski doesn’t look that cheerful now or ahead with tr Pluto opposing his Sun/Mars which is frustratingly stuck; and tr Uranus aiming to square his Mars/Pluto after mid April.

Lewandowski’s very bullish Fixed T Square of Mars opposition Venus square Jupiter hooks into Trump’s 12th house Pluto – which certainly fits a behind-the-scenes string-puller. Their relationship chart is intense, hard-working, lucky with a composite Sun trine Jupiter, and Mars trine Neptune, sextile Pluto; Pluto square Jupiter. There’s a faint ripple on it at the moment with tr Uranus trine Uranus. And real disappointment come August and through October with tr Saturn conjunct the composite Jupiter and tr Neptune square Jupiter.

UK politics: Labour Party internal tensions rising

Ever since Jeremy Corbyn was elected as the surprise Labour leader there have been dark mutterings about coups in the parliamentary party. Now there are rumours of increasing tension between Corbyn and his even further left Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, whom some commentators think is eyeing up the succession.

Corbyn’s leadership chart, 12 September 2015 11.42am London, has nervy and disappointing transits from tr Neptune square tr Saturn in hard aspect to the 10 degree Virgo Moon all this year. With intense arguments in Sept/Oct this year. But it’s likely to be 2017/2018 which sees the fur really flying when there is a disruptive mutiny-prone tr Pluto square the Uranus; and an undermining Solar Arc Neptune opposition the Moon in late 2017.

Problems between Corbyn and McDonnell will flare earlier than that however, from late June this year, on and off for two years thereafter as tr Uranus squares the composite Mercury Sun, moving on to square Venus in 2017. So major ideological and policy differences. With a confused tr Pluto square Neptune this year; and a discouraging tr Pluto trine the composite Saturn in 2016/17. Not a match made in heaven.

Tom Watson, the Deputy Labour leader, elected separately so not necessarily an ally, is finding McDonnell hard to take this year with tr Pluto trine the composite Mars. Watson’s relationship with Corbyn is at the best of times volatile; sagging badly from this June onwards with tr Neptune square the composite Saturn; and may part company altogether or at least the gulf between them will widen precipitously in 2017 when tr Saturn is square the composite Sun.

Htin Kyaw – start of a long and winding road for Myanmar

Htin Kyaw, Myanmar’s first civilian president for more than fifty years was sworn in this morning at around 10.30am. This puts an idealistic though not realistic Neptune on the MC opposition Jupiter in the 4th suggesting a contented population square Mars Saturn in the 6th in Sagittarius.  That last could suggest an overworked administration or health issues. Pluto hovers on the cusp of the 8th square the 10th house Sun Mercury and Uranus hinting at hostility and power struggles, with the rump of the military junta still in key positions.

Aung San Suu Kyi will hold several cabinet posts and effectively run the country which may become more obvious from 2017 when tr Pluto starts a two year trine of her Jupiter giving her a major boost.

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