Cameron Douglas – the sins of the father and grandfather

Cameron Douglas, former drug addict and con, scion of the leading Hollywood dynasty of Kirk and Michael Douglas has written a frank memoir Long Way Home. It winds through his seemingly privileged but in reality tumultuous childhood with inadequate and erratic parenting, both parents being unfaithful and his father doing drugs. He started on marijuana as a young teen and graduated to heroin, liquid cocaine and crystal meth, was dried out myriad times and ended up in prison for dealing, with his sentence lengthened when he was found with drugs inside. He eventually served seven years with two in solitary confinement.

Born 13 December 1978 in Santa Barbara, CA, he’s a Sun Neptune in Sagittarius in a creative and neurotic square to Saturn in Virgo and perhaps opposition a Gemini Moon – very scattered and unfocussed as well as addictive prone with Sun Neptune.

His father Michael Douglas, 25 September 1944 10.30 am New Brunswick, New Jersey, is also a Sun Neptune, in his case in Libra, square Saturn. He’s got more Cardinal planets with Mars Venus also in Libra, a Capricorn Moon and Saturn in Cancer, so is blessed with more initiative and a self-starting drive. Michael’s partial excuse for not being a better role model for Cameron was that he was trying to get out from under the shadow of his own father Kirk Douglas.

Kirk, 9 December 1916 10.15 am New York, is a hard driving and aggressive Sun Sagittarius, with a ruthlessly determined Pluto opposition Mars in Capricorn which falls on Michael’s Capricorn Moon  and square Michael’s Libra Sun Neptune – so he would make Michael feel trapped and scared.

What may not have helped, though they are very different temperaments, is that Cameron shares several of his grandfather’s planets – Sagittarius Sun, Mars in Capricorn and Venus in Scorpio. And Cameron’s Saturn is also conjunct Michael’s Jupiter in the 10th, so he’d dent Michael’s confidence and undermine his reputation.

What a complicated family. Kirk Douglas’s tough beginning in a poverty-stricken New York childhood, son of a ragman, straightened his spine but it didn’t make life easier for what came next.


Frank Lloyd Wright – a cruel genius


Frank Lloyd Wright, America’s greatest architect whose ‘Prairie Style’ brought nature indoors had the most hair-raising private life. He abandoned his first wife and six children to live with the wife of a client, who was subsequently murdered along with her two children by an axe-wielding servant who set fire to the house that Lloyd Wright had designed for himself. His second wife was a morphine addict, and during his third marriage the house was burnt down for a second time because of an electrical fault.

Born 8 June 1867 5pm Richland Center, Wisconsin, he had an intense 8th house Gemini Sun square a 10th house Virgo Moon – so he would be wayward and never sure what he wanted. The grass would always be greener with a Sun square Moon. He also had a passionate, possessive Venus Pluto in Taurus opposition Saturn in obsessive Scorpio squaring onto a flamboyant Mars in Leo. Talented he may have been, amiable he wasn’t. He’d be cruel with Mars Saturn, insensitively determined on his own needs with Venus square Mars, ruthless with Mars Pluto. He also had Uranus in the 8th which would not help to keep him stable emotionally either. His Moon was trine Venus Pluto, a hint of the relationship with a mother who spoilt him.

His leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17th Harmonic was strong and his breakthrough/genius 13H.

He’s the subject of a new biography by Paul Hendrickson.

Christina Hendricks & Geoffrey Arend – splice and separate


Christina Hendricks of Mad Men, more recently Tin Star and Good Girls, is divorcing her husband of ten years Geoffrey Arend of Body of Proof and Madam Secretary. They put out a ‘conscious uncoupling’ piece of Hollywood schmooze on Instagram saying they “will always work together to raise our two beautiful dogs.” They don’t have any children.

She was born 3 May 1975 at 8.12 am Knoxville, Texas and is a Sun Taurus square an Aquarius Moon on her Midheaven. She has an influential and controlling Pluto in the entertaining 5th in a pushily-confident opposition to Jupiter in pro-active Aries square Saturn in Cancer. She’ll be quite a toughie and not always good at sharing the driving seat.

He was born 28 February 1978 in New York and is a charming, adaptable though elusive Sun, Mercury, Venus in Pisces square a filmic Neptune; with his Moon conjunct Uranus in Scorpio.

It was always an odd match with his Uranus opposition her Sun, his Saturn in her 4th and his Mars in her 3rd square her Uranus. It would be sparky at the start with her Mars conjunct his Venus and superficially sweet with his Jupiter conjunct her Venus.

The relationship chart has a possessive composite Sun opposition Pluto; a needs-space Venus opposition Uranus squaring onto a high-tension and chilly Saturn. With a high enthusiasm (seemed like a good idea at the time) Mars Jupiter conjunction.   It’ll have been in trouble for some years with the tr Uranus square tr Pluto hammering away at the composite Sun Pluto – and now tr Uranus is upending the Venus Saturn T Square.

Tr Neptune is conjunct her Mars at the moment till early 2020 so she’ll feel the failure deeply; and tr Neptune is also conjunct his Venus this year and next for a sense of emotional loss and disappointment.

Jennifer Lawrence – a Leo Cancer match

Jennifer Lawrence, one of the highest grossing actresses for Hunger Games and much lauded for Silver Linings Playbook and Joy Mangano, has married her boyfriend, art gallery director Cooke Moroney. Born 15 August 1990 3.20 pm Louisville, Kentucky, she is a Sun Leo with a restless Gemini Moon and a highly-strung collection of Uranus, Neptune and Saturn in Capricorn; plus a fearsomely determined, bulldozer Mars in Taurus opposition Pluto squaring onto her Sun. She evidently grew up tough, hyper-active and unsettled until she found acting. She’s got a practical, business-like Earth Grand Trine of Saturn trine Mars trine Mercury in Virgo, focussed into a Kite making influential and controlling Pluto her driving planet. Quite a complicated lady with a charming 7th house Sun and a sugary-sweet, frivolous Venus in flamboyant Leo conjunct Jupiter added into the mix.

Cooke, 3 July 1984 (net sources) is a creative and home-loving Sun and Venus in Cancer in an expansive opposition to Jupiter and trine a hard-edged Saturn Mars in Scorpio. His Moon is in Virgo. His Sun Venus oppose her Capricorn triple conjunction which won’t always be easy with her jitterbug tendencies though his Jupiter may mellow her out a touch. His Mars conjunct her Pluto will lead to some deadlocks since both will be stubborn.

Their relationship chart has a wide-ish affectionate composite Sun Venus and probably a composite New Moon with Moon perhaps conjunct Venus – which is excellent suggesting a complementary pairing = more whole when together.

The wedding chart for Saturday has a Moon opposition Saturn square Mars which doesn’t sound exactly smooth-flowing, so there will be some wrinkles to iron out.

Harry and Meghan – pitted against an unfair universe


The Harry-Meghan duo appear to be struggling, not with each other, but against a threatening and under-supportive world at large. He seems afraid that his mother’s fate will be repeated, ignoring the fact that Diana roped the media in at every opportunity; and talks of his mental health struggles, which he seems to attribute solely to her early death, as being ongoing.

Blaming the UK media (which can be rancid) is a touch unfair since most of the initial troublesome publicity came from the USA and was stoked up by the disaffected side of her family. None of which was helped by their own choices – the obscenely expensive baby shower, a taxpayer-funded Frogmore Cottage renovation, a publicity-attracting Vogue edition; and South of France/Italy jet hopping while claiming green credentials.

What was always worrisome about he and Meghan’s relationship chart was the composite Moon square Saturn Pluto. Saturn Pluto in a relationship chart suggests a dynamic within the relationship of feeling trapped which is often projected outwards, so circumstances or other people’s actions are blamed. Whereas the key to resolving the pervading sense of being stuck in a deprived universe, is to sort out what is going on within the relationship that brings these feelings up – and which would be there whether they chose to live in a Botswana mud hut or rented a Clooney holiday mansion away from the public eye for five years.

It could also indicate heavy pressures from both families on the relationship. Moon Saturn can also feel unloved and Meghan has that natally with a Moon conjunct Saturn. And Harry has a wide Moon opposition Saturn.

Harry is emotionally intense at the best of times with an 8th house Virgo Sun as well as volatile with an impulsive Sun square Mars and impractical with Sun square Neptune. And he’ll be even more so at the moment with his Progressed Moon going through his 8th for the next two years which is a time of inner conflict, can be draining and will intensify his responses acutely at times. Plus he has tr Neptune square his Mars until February 2020 which will give him a sense of panicky failure. Tr Saturn is moving now through his lower profile First Quadrant for several years ahead so he is being nudged towards a quieter, less visible time. Though he’ll find any unresolved psychological issues come to the fore especially when tr Saturn goes through his 2nd from 2021 for four years.

Meghan’s Progressed Moon is also about to move into and through her 8th within three months, staying there for two years plus. And the tr Saturn Pluto conjunction will cross her Descendant and start moving through her 7th house of close relationships thereafter – so there will be a fair amount of adjustment needed in partnerships.

Life in the goldfish bowl isn’t easy which is why William and Kate disappeared off to Wales, the Queen and Philip went to Malta. And stayed silent.

Hillary & Tulsi – fire makes water boil


Hillary Clinton’s bizarre attack on the also-ran Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard for being a Russian asset, without offering any proof, only managed to improve Gabbard’s fund raising. While the congresswoman from Hawaii has some oddball and unsavoury associations (pro-Assad etc) and does spout Russian bot language at times, she would seem an unlikely Putin plant. And Clinton throwing the spotlight on her just raises her status.

Gabbard was born 12 April 1981 in American Samoa and is a toughminded, uber-ambitious and determined Sun Venus Mars in Aries opposition Pluto and trine Neptune. She’s in an extremely challenging phase with tr Pluto square her Mars and then her Sun/Mars midpoint this year bringing acute frustrations; and tr Pluto continues to square her Sun and Pluto in 2020 – so she’s under tremendous pressure.

What will be interesting to see how it shakes down is that at the election tr Jupiter Pluto are exactly square her Sun and Pluto which could bring her a major boost. Plus she has a Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Libra which is catching the tr Jupiter Saturn in Aquarius trine over the Inauguration.

She’s certainly a tricky mix with Hillary. Both are controlling women with strong Mars Pluto Venus contacts in their charts; and Aries is not a good mix with Scorpio –  fire and water.

Their relationship chart is horrible reeking with hostile dislike and bitterness. There’s a composite Mars square Uranus, Saturn, Pluto – and it doesn’t get much worse than that. Their connection will slip and slide through 2020 and beyond.

With odd murmurs that Clinton may throw her hat back into the ring – and she’s tone deaf enough to do it – be interesting to see what tr Uranus opposition her Scorpio Sun does in the final days of this December and through January.

Brexit – neither dead nor alive


The quagmire, train wreck, omnishambles and general clusterf*** that is Brexit sank deeper in the mud with Boris’s “do or die” plan to take Britain out of the EU on October 31 thrown into disarray. MPs voted to delay a crunch vote on his new Brexit deal and force him to seek an extension which he defiantly refuses to do, despite being told he’ll break the law if he doesn’t. He is expected to go for a speedy election. Though the final few days of this month and first week of November are bedevilled by disruptive Scorpio New Moon opposition Uranus, a major setback, accident-prone Mars square Saturn followed by a high-risk, exceptionally aggravated few days running into Mars square Pluto on November 5 – and a retrograde Mercury from October 31st to November 20th.

The chart for today’s high noon Brexit Debate today which fizzled out – is set for 9.30 am London and wasn’t too illuminating with a 12th house Sun trine a late 8th house Moon, oddly enough the latter being exactly conjunct Boris’s Sun Venus. The over-hopeful Jupiter Neptune square was in place but not well integrated; and Mars was in a road-blocked square to Saturn. Nothing much fits together.

To say Boris is not on a winning streak is putting it mildly. He’s got tr Neptune square his Mars/Node midpoint now till mid November and again mid December to late January 2020 which brings disappointments and undermining of relationships. From mid this November to mid December he has tr Neptune square his Sun/Mars midpoint which is more moments of panicky failure, losses, undermining of career position.

Mid November to mid December seems to be a crux time of unsolvable problems from all of the relevant Boris crony and government charts.

The UK chart looks bemused with tr Neptune square the Mercury and Solar Arc Mars now through till late February 2020; and saddened just before Christmas with tr Saturn opposition the 10th house Moon. There’ll be a shift of sorts late December to early February as tr Uranus is sextile the UK Pluto, which could act with the force of a hard aspect.

The UK joining the EEC chart, 1 January 1973 12 am, is similarly kerflummoxed with a fogged-up windscreen from tr Neptune square the Venus and square Saturn through till late January 2020.

It’s like being condemned to purgatory – stuck in eternal twilight. Can’t get in and can’t get out.

Suzi Quatro – still storming the stage


Suzi Quatro, a rock n’ roll blast from the past, appears amazingly to still be current on the global touring scene after 46 years and 55 million records. She stomps on stage in her iconic leather outfit with her electric bass guitar and wows her ageing audiences. Out of the public eye she lives in a moated 16th Century Essex manor house and flits across to Hamburg to see her present husband a German rock promoter who has his own establishment.

Born 3 June 1950 at 1.40pm in Detroit, Michigan, she has fittingly a Gemini Sun, a common sign amongst pop singers, in the far-travelled 9th house. Her Sun is on the focal point of a scattered Mutable T Square to a hates-failure Saturn opposition Jupiter. She will have her ups and downs having to balance on a Jupiter Saturn see-saw but there no doubting the ambitions driving her on with her Sun also trine Neptune and sextile Pluto.

Luckily she’s also got a grounded, bsuiness-like Earth Grand Trine of a dedicated and upfront Mars in Virgo on her Ascendant trine a Capricorn Moon trine Mercury in Taurus. And wayward, unconventional Uranus is conjunct her midheaven in her 10th so she was always destined to walk her own road and not fit into anyone else’s mould.

Her husband, Rainer Haas, 1 August 1956, is reasonably similar having an independent-minded Sun Uranus in Leo with his Venus and maybe Moon in Gemini.


Netherlands and Belgium worst hit by Brexit

The pain from whatever Brexit deal is done will ripple across the EU with the economic high-IQs reckoning that the Netherlands and Belgium will be worst hit.

The Netherlands economy has been growing robustly in recent years with low unemployment but is expected to slow ahead because of global uncertainties. The 16 March 1815 chart seems to work better than the 1581 chart. What’s coming up is tr Neptune conjunct the Netherlands Pluto, Mercury and Pisces Sun between 2021 and 2023 – which is similar in one respect astrologically to what was around for the first two years of Nazi occupation after 1940 when tr Neptune was in Virgo. But there were other influences in 1940 absent now. Still it looks bumpy ahead with a major setback Solar Arc Mars opposition Saturn and a jolting, unsettling Solar Arc Uranus square Sun both in 2020 along with a high-tension/sudden change tr Uranus square Saturn. Though for all that there’ll be a bullishly upbeat mood in the country through 2020/21.

The Bank of Netherlands chart, 25 March 1814, looks very enthusiastic right now, though that optimism will fade from late April 2020 on and off for a year as tr Neptune is conjunct the Pluto and Solar Arc Jupiter. There’ll be panics in late 2021/22 with a mighty uphill struggle through 2021 to 2023/4.

The Belgian economy is losing momentum for the second year in a row due to the global slowdown with exports, in particular, suffering. Politically it remains divided and confused.

The 4 October 1830 chart shows muddles, mayhem and indecisiveness in 2018/19 with tr Pluto conjunct the Belgian Neptune; which will be repeated, possibly even more devastatingly, with Solar Arc Pluto square the Neptune in eighteen months’ time. And somewhat similar influences to the Netherlands with the confidence-undermining tr Neptune opposition the Venus and conjunct Mars in 2021/23.

The Bank of Belgium chart, 5 May 1850, looks monumentally stuck now with Solar Arc Sun opposition Pluto and is ploughing through exceptionally heavy seas, feeling cornered and frustrated in 2020/21 with tr Pluto opposition the Mars; plus a financial bubble-bursting Solar Arc Jupiter opposition Neptune in 2020. And the disruptive mood will continue on for two years as tr Pluto moves on to square the Uranus Pluto.

Not easy times. Though Brexit may turn out to be the least of the worries.

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