Joe Biden – hope over experience

       Joe Biden stepped up to the mark for his joust at the Democratic nomination 2020 with a twitter video announcement at 6am Washington, DC time. This put the heavy-duty Saturn Pluto in the 10th conjunct a Capricorn Moon which doesn’t look too enticing for female voters and also suggests he’s got a mountain to climb requiring considerable effort.  Venus which is often a sign of popularity is hidden away in the 12th; and there’s a divisive Uranus Sun on the Ascendant. Plus an afflicted Neptune in the 12th square Jupiter opposition Mars – suggesting a flier that’s more hope than common sense. And tr Neptune will be square the Mars until late this year which is usually panicky-failure. His own chart has tr Pluto square the Mars/Neptune midpoint, on and off till late 2020, which is dashed hopes, especially for elections; with another sinker from tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Jupiter midpoint again off and on till January 2021. Plus a downbeat Solar Arc Saturn square his Sun at the moment and square his Venus in spring 2020, which will make him feel unloved (unpopular). He could be more energised from late January 2021 with tr Pluto opposition his Jupiter in 2021/22; as well as tr Uranus square his Pluto suggesting a radical lifestyle change picking up in 2020 running into 2021. That latter at his age could suggests some serious thinking about how he stretches his energy. See post April 2 2019 Advertisements


Joe Biden – a tactile Taurus Moon his downfall

     Joe Biden’s run towards 2020 is probably over before it started with another accusation of misconduct. It’s more about him being overly tactile and crashing into personal space than anything too heinous. But it doesn’t sit well in the times. He was born 20th November 1942 8.30 am Scranton, Pennsylvania giving him an emotionally intense collection of a charming Sun, Venus, Mercury conjunction as well as Mars in Scorpio in his 12th. He’s also got an earthy and entertaining 5th house Taurus Moon in a possessive square to Pluto. His Moon will certainly like to be hands-on since Taurus especially just loves physical contact, not necessarily sexual or sensual, just sensuous.  Though he’s likely to come on too strongly with Pluto involved, especially since his Pluto is also square Mars. It may be with a Moon Pluto in his chart that his mother didn’t respect his boundaries and personal space. I’d have thought a strong 12th house might have made him more reclusive (though it is birth time dependent which in this case is only memory). But with his Sun Venus trine Jupiter, he’ll be good at turning up the charm full volume when needed. He has tr Uranus conjunct his Moon exactly now for an emotional upset; and there are all manner of hitches, glitches and hiccups especially from May onwards; with 2020/21 not looking encouraging.

Joe Biden – 2020 not his moment

       Joe Biden is being talked up as a possible Democratic candidate to take on Trump in 2020. Although there is pressure for a fresh face, Biden’s eight years as VP gives him gravitas and experience, as do his decades as a Senator. And he’s seen as a politician able to appeal to the blue-collar workers in Rust Belt states who voted Trump in. He’ll decide before the year end. Born 20 November 1942 8.32 am (from memory) Scranton, PA, he has a charming though utterly determined Sun, Venus, Mercury conjunct in Scorpio in his 12th, along with Mars also in Scorpio square Pluto – not short on stamina or endurance. His Sun, Venus, Mercury trine an 8th house Jupiter in Cancer; his idealistic 10th house Neptune trines Saturn Uranus in Gemini; and he has a Taurus Moon in the 5th. He’s not had an easy life with his first wife and a daughter killed in a car crash, a brain aneurysm in his mid-forties, and a son dying of brain cancer in 2015. He may not run or be chosen as candidate and doesn’t look too upbeat over the 2020 election with tr Neptune undermining his enthusiastic Mars/Jupiter midpoint; tr Saturn in a blocked square to his Solar Arc Pluto; and the tr Jupiter Pluto square his Mars/Neptune. Tr Saturn in any event is still moving through his 1st quadrant so he’ll not be on his old form.

Joe Biden & Mitt Romney – here we go again

      Joe Biden topped a recent poll for a possible Democratic candidate in the 2020 election, beating Sanders, Oprah and Warren. Long ways off, much water to flow under bridges before then. But a quick look suggests he has several influences in his favour then, and a few that aren’t. At the election he has tr Pluto opposition his Jupiter for a confidence boost; and tr Jupiter square his Pluto over the Inauguration plus tr Pluto trine his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint. If his birth time (from memory) is sound then the tr Jupiter Pluto conjunction will be around the trine to his MC at the election. What’s not so great is the tr Jupiter Pluto square his Mars/Neptune midpoint in November 2020 which usually dashes hopes of a win; along with a blocked tr Saturn square his Solar Arc Pluto. Also tr Saturn is running through his 2nd house, the lowest point of his first quadrant through the campaign which will really pull down his energy. He may not put himself forward but he looks relatively upbeat until after January 2021 when tr Uranus moves to square his Pluto and opposes his Mars, which looks high-risk and extremely insecure. Republican Mitt Romney also may or may not stand and is schtum about whether he’d take on Trump for the candidacy. He looks chirpy enough at the Inauguration with tr Pluto conjunct his Sun/Jupiter midpoint, and enthusiastic between the election and inauguration. But in general he’s labouring under tr Neptune…

Democratic melee – present frontrunners may not last

None of the leading Democratic candidates look exactly on sparkling form astrologically speaking for the 2020 election  Below is a pull together of previous posts. Stacey Abrams, former Congresswoman in Georgia and first African-American to deliver a response to the State of the Union address earlier this year is being talked of as a possible VP for Joe Biden. Born 9 December 1973, she’s a Sun Sagittarius with a confident and charming Jupiter Venus in Aquarius trine Pluto; and a volatile Mars in Aries opposition Uranus. She’s quite some lady. In 2020 she has the lacklustre tr Neptune square her Sun in February for the final time; then she picks up the upbeat and lucky-break tr Uranus square her Jupiter from June onwards, running through October 2020 and into 2021 though not exact over the election or Inauguration. What she also has, less helpfully, is tr Neptune square her Jupiter/Uranus and Mars/Jupiter midpoints over both – losses, disappointments, plans not working out. From late February 2021 on for two years she has tr Pluto square her Mars and Uranus which looks like a huge upheaval, risky, aggravating and stressful. JOE BIDEN APRIL25 2019: Joe Biden stepped up to the mark for his joust at the Democratic nomination 2020 with a twitter video announcement at 6am Washington, DC time. This put the heavy-duty Saturn Pluto in the 10th conjunct a Capricorn Moon which doesn’t look too enticing for female voters and also suggests he’s got a mountain to climb requiring considerable…

Dems Mark 11 – Kamala Harris stands out from the crowd

  Kamala Harris was the front-runner from last night’s Democratic debate with the second batch of hopefuls. Born 20 October 1964 9.28 pm Oakland, California, she’s a lively and entertaining 5th house Sun Libra opposition an Aries Moon; with an outspoken 3rd house Mars in Leo in a tough-minded opposition to Saturn; and a complicated sense of her roots with Uranus Pluto Venus in her 4th – her mother is Indian and her father Jamaican. She does have tr Pluto trine her Jupiter from early 2020 onwards for two years which is usually successful and good for confidence, and is exact on Inauguration Day. Though there’s nothing showing on her midheaven or Solar Arc midheaven; and she’ll have Saturn Pluto (and Jupiter) all in the 8th then which feels more backroom than front of house. She does have her Solar Arc Full Moon sitting exactly on her North Node at the election which is fairly obscure but could land her in the middle of the zeitgeist. She’s certainly in with a shout. Elizabeth Warren, 22 June 1949 1.51pm seems to have moderately impressed viewers but she’s sagging badly in 2020 with Neptunian sinkers plus a couple of collision Solar Arcs. Joe Biden isn’t looking good this year or next with tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Jupiter midpoint which will erode his confidence.; plus a dashed-hopes tr Pluto square his Mars/Neptune midpoint in 2019/20 and across the election. Peter Buttigieg see post March 19 2019. Agree with Solaia – it’s hopeless with…

Beto O’Rourke – not a good bet for 2020

     Texan Beto O’Rourke has topped a new poll as the most popular choice among Democrats to challenge Donald Trump in 2020. He narrowly failed to win the senate seat of Republican Ted Cruz last month but his charismatic campaign has raised his profile. In the poll, he came in first with 15.6 per cent, followed by Joe Biden at 14.9 per cent and Bernie Sanders 13.1 per cent. O’Rourke was born 26 September 1972 El Paso, Texas, into a family with political connections and after a muddled early adult life including a stint in a band, he settled down to a steady job, served on the city council and then became a congressman. He is an exceptionally determined and confident Sun Pluto in Libra conjunct Mars in late Virgo, all square Jupiter in Capricorn. His Saturn in Gemini is square Mars and which will make him hard-working, short-tempered. His Saturn is also trine Uranus, sextile Venus in sociable Leo – innovative, charming, a good networker. What will stymie his chances in 2020 is tr Neptune square his Saturn from late April onwards which is uncertain, confused, perhaps a scandal popping up. And from late May 2020 tr Uranus starts to square his Mars/Saturn midpoint which suggests rolling crises. Both these influences run into early 2021. He has said he doesn’t intend to put himself forward in 2020 though presumably if the pressure is there he might give in. But he’d be wise to stay out.

US Election 2020 – mountains to climb before then

      American elections are a way of life. No sooner out of one grindingly drawn-out and obscenely expensive steeplechase of a campaign, than everyone is panicking about the next. The last three presidents, Obama, GWB and Clinton, all had two term stints, before that not so much. What won Trump his first surprise victory in 2016 was a congregation of aspects to his lucky Jupiter. Those influences have now moved away. In November 2020 he does have tr Jupiter Pluto trine his Sun/Moon midpoint (popularity for a politician) and trine his exuberant Mars/Jupiter midpoint; plus a nerve-stretching tr Pluto opposition Mars/Uranus exactly on the election and a deeply frustrating/enraging tr Pluto opposition his Sun/Mars midpoint through 2020 and over the 2021 Inauguration. If his birth time is accurate then the triple conjunction of Jupiter Pluto Saturn are trine his 24 degree Taurus midheaven just after the election and across the inauguration. So he has probably more positives than negatives. But he still has to get there, physically as well as in career terms. The Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Mars in early 2018 will rattle him up considerably and could, in a person of his age and unhealthy lifestyle, result in physical problems. Tr Uranus is also square his Pluto through 2020 into 2021 which again can bring massive jolts. And from early 2019 through 2020 he has a hugely discouraging and stressful tr Pluto opposition his Saturn and then Venus in Cancer. Plus a highly-strung tr Neptune…

Tim Kaine – a middle-of-the-road Hillary helpmate

        Tim Kaine, a centrist senator from Virginia, a fluent Spanish speaker who opposes abortion but supports abortion rights, is pro-trade and has never lost an election – has been chosen as Hillary Clinton’s running mate. He describes himself as boring and HC says he’s the eternal optimist. Born Feb 26 1958 7.59am St Paul, in Minnesota, he has a 12th house Sun Mercury in Pisces opposition a hard-working 6th house Pluto and trine an upbeat, sociable 7th house Jupiter Neptune North Node in Scorpio – so controlled, enthusiastic, content to work behind the scenes but also good at diplomatic glad-handing. His Jupiter Neptune Node is on the focal point of a Fixed T Square to a friendly 11th house Venus in Aquarius opposition Uranus – so idealistic and upbeat. Such a Fixed Jupiter can be philanthropic and an enlightened political spokesman, though it can also suffer from Jupiter’s downside of impracticality especially tied into Neptune. His ambitious, pragmatic Mars in Capricorn is in his 10th, not much aspected. His Gemini Moon is on the point of a Yod to Neptune sextile a Capricorn MC, which, at best, means he has the capacity to soothe others. His Pluto is on the focal point of another Yod to Venus sextile his Aries Asc which can bring high-level authority and organizational control. It’s downside is a tendency to manipulate. His Jupiter Neptune is conjunct HC’s 12th house Scorpio Sun which makes for a good morale-boosting duo with his Venus…

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