Nancy Pelosi – a formidable opponent

       Nancy Pelosi has been making her presence felt since stepping up to become Speaker in the Democrat majority Congress by saying No firmly to Trump. She’s an experienced and seasoned politician having been first elected in 1987 and is the only woman to have been Speaker. Born 26 March 1940 she’s a determined Sun Aries trine Pluto; with her Pluto in an immoveable square to Saturn in Taurus as well as a determined sextile to Mars in stubborn Taurus. Her Mars is almost exactly conjunct Trump’s Midheaven and both are conjunct the destructive Fixed Star Algol – so she’s definitely competitive and combative where he’s concerned. He’ll find her slippery with her Neptune squaring his Sun and Moon; but the same applies in reverse as her Sun opposes his Neptune. Their relationship chart has a composite Pluto in an intense square to the Mercury and widely square the Sun – so an ongoing tussle for the upper hand and the last word. Plus a game-playing (who can outdo the other) Mars Jupiter conjunction which is under a Saturnine dark cloud for most of this year. There will be a considerable turnaround in their relationship with a major upset in June, late September/October this year and early 2020 as tr Uranus squares the composite Pluto. On her personal chart, she looks less upbeat in 2020/2021 with various hopes dashed, plans not working out, and career losses. See post November 7 2018 Advertisements


Trump – racism panders to the base

That Trump is racist is hardly new news given his track record from way back being sued by the Federal Government for discrimination against persons of colour in rental properties with his father; and more recently his Charlottesville reactions and pandering to white supremacists. The silence from the Republican Party has been deafening and shaming over this recent spat telling congresswomen of colour they should go ‘home’. It’s reckoned because the GOP share similar views and they also think they are a vote catcher. It’s a pact with the devil which will start to unravel in 2020/21. Trump’s relationship chart with GOP February 1854 has tr Neptune squaring and dissolving the ties-that-bind Pluto from late April into 2021; followed by a confused, disastrous tr Neptune square the Saturn in 2022/23 – so a long drawn out phase of counting the cost of the tainted deal. His relationship chart with the 1856 GOP also hints at an undermining of the connection and aggravation from early 2020 onwards with tr Neptune square the composite Pluto and tr Pluto trine the Mars through 2021 as well. Trump’s relationship with the USA chart is stretched to breaking point with underground rage surfacing with tr Pluto opposition the composite Mars right through 2019 till December 2020. Of the four Congresswoman who make up The Squad, whom he suggested should go back from whence they came, three were born in the USA and the fourth is a naturalised American. All are feisty and well capable of…

Cori Gauff – a Pisces with fire in her veins

  Cori Gauff became the standout story at Wimbledon when the 15 year old beat Venus Williams in straight sets and went on to win another two rounds before being knocked out. She was born 13 March 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia, with two sporting parents and took up tennis at 6. They moved to Florida to find better opportunities for her to train when she was 7 and she was home schooled with both parents giving up their job to focus on her tennis career. No pressure then. She won her first national tournament aged eight; and in 2014, aged 10 years and three months old, she became the youngest champion in history. She’s a Sun Pisces square Pluto and Moon in Sagittarius – so two fairly controlling parents. Her Jupiter in hard-working Virgo is in an adventurous opposition to Uranus; in a sociable trine to Venus in Taurus balanced by a sextile to Saturn. Her Mars in Taurus which is unaspected by other panets is conjunct the Fixed star Algol making her uncompromising and leading to high energy and non-stop activity. Robert de Niro and Nancy Pelosi both have Mars conjunct Algol, as did Liberace. She went into Wimbledon with tr Neptune square her Sun/Jupiter midpoint which tends to start with high hopes and then rather fizzles out which makes sense. There’s no birth time so no way of knowing the ups and downs of her career. Mid November to mid December look deflating, perhaps accident prone or with…

Super-duper Lunar Eclipse – crisis and challenges for DC

          Much excitement about the rare Super Blood Wolf Moon appearing in the heavens at 5.12 am UT tomorrow January 21st – Super because its closer to the earth and therefore appears larger; Blood because the Lunar Eclipse adds a reddish tinge; and Wolf because that is the traditional name for the January Full Moon, otherwise known as the Great Spirit Moon. It is a Total Lunar Eclipse with the Moon at zero degrees Leo opposition the Aquarius Sun square Uranus, so is likely to give rise to sudden changes, upheavals, upsets and ideas which upset the status quo in the months ahead. Mars in Aries is not in aspect to the Eclipse but is in an accident-prone, aggravated and enragingly frustrated square to Saturn Pluto in Capricorn. Plus there’s a superficially frivolous Venus Jupiter in a false-happiness square to Neptune and trine Mars. So there’ll be an attempt to put on a good face and cosmeticize intractable problems; and hints of a financial bubble bursting. Located to Washington, DC it puts the Full Moon on the angles with Moon MC opposition Sun IC squaring onto a 7th house Uranus, suggesting significant happenings and rifts over coming month. It falls exactly on top of the Trump First Term Administration chart at zero Aquarius, which suggests a crisis in relationships.  And Nancy Pelosi’s Pluto at zero Leo also catches it exactly – an eclipse illuminating Pluto can be empowering, though it can also lead to coercive behaviour.

Mike Pence – his eye on the crown

         Mike Pence is the fallback Plan B for the White House if Trump were to fall off his perch for whatever reason, impeachment being the least likely since it would need a two-thirds vote in the Republican controlled senate. Pence does pick up tr Pluto sextile his Jupiter in Scorpio from February 2020 for two years which will bring confidence and a degree of success, though it could always be success in a different sphere since Scorpio tends to be money-minded. However running at the same time is one catastrophic midpoint transit, so not all good. This year he has the droopy, undermining tr Neptune square his Gemini Sun until late January 2020; and a fair number of jolts and jangles from, tr Uranus square his Venus from March onwards, trine his Pluto, then square his Mars, opposition his Neptune and trine his Saturn up to mid year, repeating from mid September onwards – so there will be change, insecurity, anxiety and high tension. It’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that he gets dragged into the Mueller Investigation. His relationship chart with Trump is a sight to behold with an extreme-control composite Mars Pluto very marked, giving rise to bitter underlying resentment; and a slippery Neptune. There’s confusion aplenty through this year with tr Pluto square the composite Neptune and worse in 2020 with tr Neptune square the composite Sun. With a feeling of relief mid 2019, again early 2020. The puzzle in the Pence jigsaw is…

After the Mid Terms – a war of words ahead

       As expected astrologically it wasn’t quite the blue landslide that had been poll-predicted a month ago in the US Mid Terms but the Democrats took the House comfortably. This will deadlock some of Trump’s policies ahead and open up the possibility of more legal forays into any possible Russia campaign connection and his financial  affairs. Nancy Pelosi is likely to be Speaker and intriguingly her Mars in Taurus (conjunct Algol) are conjunct Trump’s Midheaven so that will turn very competitive and argumentative. Her Neptune squares his Sun so he’ll find it difficult to pin her down. Born 26 March 1940 in Baltimore, she’s a tough Sun Aries trine Pluto, with her Pluto in an unyielding square to Saturn in Taurus. Where Trump’s chart shows real signs of trouble is from mid February 2019 onwards with tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Uranus midpoint, which could be health related since Mars Uranus can indicate an operation, but it can also be a major test of nerves. He’ll respond with his usual bragadaccio, but that will run out by the final day of March. After that he faces two months of savage quarrels, high frustration and discouragement as tr Pluto opposes his Saturn and his Mars/Node midpoint. With retrogrades these influences run until early July, repeating later across the New Year, till late 2020. By which times he’s picked up another dose of aggravating and trapped Pluto transits to his Sun/Mars midpoint till late 2021. Congress – and presumably the Senate –…

Democratic poll slide – so so result

       The Democrats who were way ahead in the polls have been sliding backwards. It’s what’s known in polite circles as counter-intuitive since the unseemly fracas around Kavanaugh with crass dismissals of allegations by Trump et al would in normal times have swung the dial the other way; never mind the bombshell expose of the NY Times on Trump’s early financial tap dancing with his father’s money which seems to have sunk without leaving a dent. There’s too many charts to wade through them all, so I’ll stick to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, Democrat Minority leaders in Senate and Congress. Nancy Pelosi, 26 March 1940, looks depressed until November 1 with tr Pluto square her Sun/Saturn midpoint; and insecure and over-stretched and irritable with tr Uranus conjunct her Saturn and her Sun/Mars from mid October to November 6th – very over wrought. She does have tr Jupiter trine her Pluto over the result which looks like minor cheer but also a couple of Saturn transits to her Aries Sun and her Jupiter/Neptune midpoint which won’t help lift her spirits. Chuck Schumer, 23 November 1950, looks equally stressed and disheartened in the run up but again will get a minor boost from tr Jupiter conjunct his Sagittarius Sun from November 8th and tr Jupiter square his Jupiter over the election on the 6th. But these are mild influences, which wouldn’t indicate (without birth times) a resounding landslide. Barack Obama has tr Jupiter sextile his Jupiter in early November but…

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