Marjorie Orr featuring: Astrology of Today’s News

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  • Mueller & Barr – the fall out will run on

             Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible Trump collusion with Russia ended on a whimper not a bang, which was not that surprising given tr Neptune opposition his Mars this month; and square the Investigation Mars in April – both influences repeating later in the year. So confusion, maybe smokescreens or just a typical Neptunian dissipation into a fog, with questions that can’t or won’t be pinned down. What is clear is that his relationship with the Attorney General William Barr is under heavy pressure from the last day of this month onwards; starting with a fairly explosive jolt. Barr himself is in a nervy paralysis from the end of this week through April; and heading into catastrophe and losses …Keep reading »
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  • Lachlan Murdoch – Fox News on edge with new CEO

                 Lachlan Murdoch, eldest son of Rupert, is now Chairman and CEO of the Fox Corporation, a slimmed down entity after the sale this month of 21st Century Fox to Disney. It raises the question of how he’ll manage the pro-Trump, right-wing Fox news end of the business. Rupert was regularly in contact with Trump, Lachlan evidently never. Born 8 September 1971 he’s a hard-working, understated Sun Venus in Virgo with a tough-minded and sharp-witted Air Grand Trine of Saturn in Gemini trine Uranus trine Mars in uncompromising Aquarius. His Saturn opposes a high-finance, creative, though also neurotic opposition to Neptune Jupiter. His Uranus is conjunct the Fox Libra Sun, 7 October 1996, so he’ll be a disruptive/reforming …Keep reading »
  • Duchess of Cambridge marking her territory

           As light relief from political bickering, there appears to be a struggle for social supremacy amongst the ‘turnip toffs’ in Norfolk which has resulted in the Duchess of Cambridge falling out with former model Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley. A one per cent of a one per cent problem. Rose Hanbury was born 15 March 1984 and is a Sun Pisces in an ultra-determined trine to Mars in Scorpio, with Pluto and Saturn also in Scorpio. She has an intensely charming, can-be-manipulative Venus in Pisces trine Pluto, sextile Neptune (Jupiter) in Capricorn. The synastry (without birth times) isn’t too fraught although Kate’s Uranus squares Rose’s Venus,  Kate’s Neptune squares Rose’s Sun; and Rose’s Saturn squares Kate’s Venus, so …Keep reading »
  • Uri Geller – hoping to bend Theresa May

         A blast from the past has reappeared to add a much-needed dash of comedy to the Brexit fiasco.  Uri Geller, psychic and spoon bender, has promised to stop the process telepathically since he intuited that most Brits were against it. His track record is a touch spotty when it comes to claims of magic powers – viz the time he tried to help Second Division football club Exeter City win a game by placing “energy-infused” crystals behind the goals at Exeter’s ground. It lost 5–1 and in later years was relegated. My own impression is that he does have extra-sensory powers but also has an ego problem and a need to show off, which is risky given the fragile nature of such …Keep reading »
  • Algeria – the old guard versus the young

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           Algeria’s ailing 82 year old President Abdelaziz Bouteflika is insisting he stay in place during a transition to a new administration, having been forced into declining a fifth term. The theory being he is being propped up by vested interests amongst his entourage. It hasn’t calmed dissent on the streets with major demonstrations across the country, mainly from younger voters but also the professions and some military joining in. His Deputy Defence Minister Abdel Gaid Salah, who has criticised the uprising and would presumably be out of a job if the old regime fell has put himself forward as arbiter of the changeover. Born 13 January 1940 he’s a stalwart and ambitious Sun Capricorn square a tough Saturn …Keep reading »
  • Adnan Syed – ups and downs ahead

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           Adnan Syed  imprisoned in 1999 for the murder of his ex-girl-friend Hae Min Lee, from whom he had separated, has had his case aired by the podcast Serial and has been through a number of appeals. He was convicted on the basis of no physical evidence and the word of a man whom defence lawyers say was coached in his testimony. A possible alibi witness was never brought forward. Syed, born 21 May 1980 into a conservative Muslim family, is a Sun Mercury in Gemini square an enthusiastic Mars Jupiter in Virgo; with a a neurotic Saturn square Neptune and sextile Uranus. It’s an impulsive though not an especially difficult chart except for his Pluto being square his …Keep reading »
  • Emilia Clarke – death defying in life as well as on screen

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         Emilia Clarke, the English actress who plays Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones has admitted she suffered two brain aneurysms early on in the eight-year run of the series. Either of them could have killed her and she underwent risky brain surgery and a difficult convalescence before stepping back into a pressured role. Born 23 October 1986 in London (no time sadly) she’s a last degree Libra or zero Scorpio Sun conjunct Pluto square Mars in Aquarius, so carries a good deal of inner tension and frustration. Her Pluto is in a confident trine to Jupiter; and her Saturn in Sagittarius is in a disciplined sextile to her Mars and a hates-failure square to her Jupiter.  Her Moon …Keep reading »
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