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  • Meghan – rafting through the white water rapids

           Poor Meghan is now finding out the price of marrying a prince – running the gauntlet of the media. They are up to their usual game of puffing up and then looking for cracks to pull her down. She’s difficult, can’t keep staff, too uppity in her demands etc etc etc. My recollection is that Kate took a fair pounding in the early years and she didn’t have a mouthy family causing embarrassment to contend with. Meghan does look a touch deflated at the moment with tr Saturn moving in hard aspect to her Jupiter Saturn opposition MC square Mars T Square, now till early January. The few days over New Year look fractious and aggravated. Tr Neptune …Keep reading »
  • John of god – fallen angel

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         John of God or Joao de Deus, a Brazilian medium and ‘psychic surgeon’ (ie. confidence trickster) is now the focus of the largest sexual abuse scandal in Brazil with several hundred women coming forward with complaints. His own daughter, Dalva Teixeira, 49, stands among the accusers and called him a “monster” and alleged she was beaten and raped by the medium until she ran away when she was 14 years old. (wiki) Born 24 June 1942 in Brazil, he had little education and describes himself as a farmer. His centre has been visited by millions over the years seeking healing, giving him a sizeable fortune. Three years ago he had stomach cancer and a malignant tumour was removed …Keep reading »
  • Brexit vote – challenging January for lift off, or not

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           Stress levels will be mounting in January with the Brexit vote now fixed (maybe) for the week starting January 14th. The month starts with Mars moving into Aries on the 1st and a dreary Sun Saturn in Capricorn conjunction on the 3rd, followed smartly by the Capricorn Solar Eclipse on the 6th.  Eclipses always bring a sense of heightened anticipation and this one especially so for the UK since it is conjunct the UK Sun and opposition the 10th house Moon – so there will be a sense of crisis and radical change in the air. This Solar Eclipse located to London has Uranus exactly on the Descendant, suggesting a split in a close relationship. The Sun then …Keep reading »
  • Chris O’Dowd – a talent for the off beat

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         Chris O’Dowd, the multi-talented Irish comedy actor, writer and producer, has been reaping rave reviews for his hit-man role in the television drama, black comedy series Get Shorty. Recently booked for a third season, it’s Breaking Bad meets Fargo, with anti-heroes catching the best parts and the sympathy. Born 9 October 1979 in Boyle, Ireland, he’s been acting since his early 20s in television (Moone Boy which he created and starred in) and film (Bridesmaids etc); and received a Tony nomination for his Broadway performance Of Mice and Men. He is a determined Sun Pluto in Libra with a creative Saturn in Virgo square Neptune, with Saturn also in an innovative sextile to Uranus. His Mercury in intense Scorpio …Keep reading »
  • Teflon Tone and the Maybot – an inflammatory combo

           A Tony Blair intervention usually evokes an exasperated sigh from the electorate who wish he’d bury himself somewhere far away. But for once his grandstanding on Brexit has been welcomed by everyone apart from Theresa May who accused him of “undermining” the Brexit talks by calling for another referendum and saying his comments were an “insult to the office he once held.” He spat back. “What is irresponsible is to try to steamroller MPs into accepting a deal they genuinely think is a bad one with the threat that if they do not fall into line, the government will have the country crash out without a deal.” Given that many on her own side including John Major and …Keep reading »
  • Argentina’s #metoo moment raising a storm

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           Argentina is in the throes of a #metoo moment with a well-known actor Juan Darthes, being accused of the underage rape of a sixteen year old almost a decade ago – which he strenuously denies. There have been several previous allegations of sexual misconduct against him which were all seen off by lawyers. He was born 28 October 1964 and is an intense, emotional Sun, Mercury in Scorpio; with a Fixed Grand Cross of Neptune in Scorpio opposition Jupiter in Taurus square Mars in Leo opposition Saturn in Aquarius – stubborn to the nth degree, enduring, hard-edged, indulgent, bullishly confident. His accuser, Thelma Fardin, 24 October 1992, is also a Sun Scorpio with an excitable Mars in Cancer …Keep reading »
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  • Sondre Locke – Clint Eastwood’s nemesis

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           Sondra Locke, actress/director and one-time companion of Clint Eastwood, from whom she split acrimoniously with a substantial palimony suit and tell-all memoir, has died. She was born 28 May 1944 in Tennessee with her father disappearing before her birth. Her first film role earned her an Oscar nomination but she did little work thereafter until hired for a Clint Eastwood movie. They got together and Eastwood paid for a house for her husband, a gay childhood friend to whom she remained married throughout. She acted in six films with Eastwood; and after the split was promised a directing deal with Warner Bros as part of the palimony suit but no films were agreed and back to court she …Keep reading »
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