TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE: March 9 2016 at 19 degrees Pisces IN
Saros Cycle 18 South.

LUNAR ECLIPSE: March 23 2016 at 3 degrees Libra.
  This Solar Eclipse (New Moon) is opposition Jupiter
North Node in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn
square Jupiter is one of these awkward influences which
swings between optimism and pessimism. One moment
expansive, the next running into setbacks and having to
contract. So relatively unstable. Plus a Mutable Saturn
on the point of a T Square tends to be nervy, scattered,
sceptical. Focus is needed to get the best out of it –
usually by concentrating on detailed work.
   What will help is the New Moon sextile Pluto which in
turn trines Jupiter – a wedge isn’t the easiest
configuration to balance but there will be bursts of
confidence and success.
  According to Bernadette Brady (The Eagle and the Lark),
an 18 South Eclipse is concerned with endings or
separations. Maybe someone close travelling a distance
away. But, as ever, as one door closes another door
opens. New situations will arise bringing positive

  The Lunar Eclipse on 23 March with the Sun at 3 Aries
opposite the Moon at 3 Libra luckily misses aspects to
the disruptive Uranus Pluto. It is trine/sextile Mars in
Sagittarius – another wedge, so there will be spurts of
dynamic activity and then some misdirected anger. Mars in
Sagittarius can be a great crusader but can also be self-
righteous. There’s also a Jupiter North Node opposition
Venus Neptune square Saturn; and the opposition
trine/sextile Pluto.  But aspects not connected into the
Eclipse itself generally have less effect.

Eclipses set major personal themes for your next six
months depending on your Sun and Ascendant sign.  
Eclipses demand you live one area of your life in a new
way. This takes effort and courage but it does offer an
opportunity. If you get a grip and put much needed
changes in place then you can avoid crises in the months
ahead. If you know your birth time then look to see which
house the Eclipse falls in and it is that arena of your
life which needs a shake up.

Effects on Sun signs:

ARIES The Pisces Solar Eclipse falling in the sign before
yours says slow down, be less active and more
introspective. Put the past in order by understanding it
better. Sort out unresolved psychological and emotional
   The Lunar Eclipse will throw a focus on close
relationships. Are you fulfilled? If not, what can you do
about it? Find a balance between giving and receiving.
TAURUS The Pisces Solar Eclipse will prompt you to look
ahead and make longer term plans. You’ll also want to
widen your circle of friends and acquaintances and be
more of a tram player.
  The Lunar Eclipse says getting healthy will be a
priority but looking after your state of mind will be as
important as looking after your body.

GEMINI The Pisces Solar Eclipse at your Midheaven says
you’ll feel it is now or never for success so you’ll push
extra hard. The added motivation will give you a spur to
aim higher.

   The Lunar Eclipse says you need to find a better
balance between friends on the one hand and love ones on
the other. You may want to play away the days but sorting
out long term plans will be important as well.

CANCER The Pisces Solar Eclipse says you need to broaden
your understanding and knowledge, read more, travel more,
set your sights higher and communicate more widely.

   The Libra Lunar Eclipse is all about finding time for
work ambitions and home and family matters. You won’t be
fulfilled unless both areas of your life are getting your

LEO The Pisces Solar Eclipse in the deepest, most
confidential area of your chart will prompt you to share,
care, relate and co-operate in a new way, emotionally and
financially. Letting go the habits of a lifetime will be
tricky but it’s important you try.

   The Lunar Eclipse says pay attention to everyday
details as well as aiming higher and seeking adventure.

VIRGO  The Pisces Solar Eclipse in your opposite sign
will make your close relationship a top priority. Can you
be less self-sufficient, more adaptable, more co-
operative? Being in a partnership demands compromise to
make it work.

  The Lunar Eclipse again focuses on how you share, care,
and relate financially as well as emotionally. You need
to find ways of being independent and inter-dependent at
the same time.

LIBRA The Pisces Solar Eclipse says you must take steps
to improve your health and fitness. Also to streamline
your efficiency since you’ll have a pile of chores in
coming months.

  The Lunar Eclipse in your own sign will pose questions
about your closest relationship. You’ll need to adjust
the amount of give and take on each side and reach fairer

SCORPIO The Pisces Solar Eclipse in your chart area of
romance, fun and children says you’ll need to make the
effort to sparkle and play more. If you feel short of
affection and attention then you need to give more. Hand
out the kisses and cuddles and you’ll be centre stage.

  The Lunar Eclipse in the sign before yours says take
some time out to re-centre and regain inner calm, as well
as ensuring you boost your physical stamina.

SAGITTARIUS The Pisces Solar Eclipse will prompt you to
make changes at home and in your domestic environment.
Not just physically but emotionally as well, you’ll want
to clear the decks for a better time ahead. Make the
effort and ask for what you need.

   The Lunar Eclipse hints that friends need as much
attention as loved ones. Be prepared to sort out long
term plans as well as enjoying the moment.

CAPRICORN The Pisces Solar Eclipse indicates that an
exceptionally busy everyday schedule lies ahead. You’ll
need to get better organised, manage your time well and
make out to-do lists otherwise you’ll end up going round
in circles.

   The Lunar Eclipse points to an imbalance in your life
between outer ambitions and a happy family life. See what
you can do to pay attention to both.

AQUARIUS The Pisces Solar Eclipse falling in your chart
area of personal finances says that being pro-active will
help. Take the initiative and reorganise your approach to
money. Don’t throw it around to impress but ensure you
are focusing on long term security as well as pleasure.

   The Lunar Eclipse will keep you on your toes for a
busy time ahead. Paying attention to small details will
be important as well as getting your grander plans into

PISCES The Pisces Solar Eclipse says you are at a
crossroads in your life and need to make significant
decisions about your time ahead. You’ll be more
independent for a few months. It’s your life and should
be your choices. Don’t amble along as before, hoping for
the best. Take the initiative and make it happen.

   The Lunar Eclipse will pose a few dilemmas, mainly
financial but also emotional.  You need to find a way of
protecting your own interests as well as sharing more
with those close.





Challenges & Opportunities

Eclipses in Action:

Total Solar ECLIPSE March 20 2015
Total Solar Eclipse on March 20 2015 at 29 degrees Pisces in 17 South Saros Series.
According to Bernadette Brady this is an eclipse which brings sudden success in group projects and personal relationships.
Good news concerning creative expression. It occurred before in 1997, 1979, 1961, 1943, 1925, 1907.
There was also a Total Lunar Eclipse on April 4th at 14 degrees Libra. See below for Sun sign effects.Sun Sign Table

Eclipses set major personal themes for your next six months depending on your Sun sign. Eclipses demand you live life in a new way which does take effort and offer an opportunity. If you get a grip and make much needed changes then you will avoid crisis. If you meet the challenges posed by the eclipses then those areas of your life will improve enormously. Have a look also at your rising or ascendant sign. Eclipses do have a powerful effect on personal birth charts, and you can find out precisely what effect by selecting your ascendant sign below.

House table below.

Aries   The Solar Eclipse on March 20th in Pisces, the sign before yours, says you need to take time out to get the past in perspective and sort out very personal matters. Dig deep into yourself for answers. The Lunar Eclipse in Libra hints that making adjustments in close relationships is vital in the months ahead. Find a better balance between independence and co-operation.
Taurus   The Pisces Solar Eclipse of March 20th will prompt you to sort out long term plans, widen your cicle of friends and get involved in group projects. The Lunar Eclipse in Libra of April 4th says you need to find a better balance between work and rest, between service to others and time for yourself.
Gemini   The Total Solar Eclipse on March 20th in Pisces ls at your midheaven so is definitely a time to push to get your talents out on display. Find the courage and put on a performance. The Lunar Eclipse on April 4th says you need to play and flirt as well as keep up with friends. Enjoy the moment and plan for the future.
Cancer   The Solar Eclipse on March 20th is about broadening your horizons, setting your sights higher and thinking big. The Lunar Eclipse of April 4th says that you need to pay attention to home and family matters as well as pushing your ambitions ahead.
Leo   The Solar Eclipse on March 20th falls in your most confidential chart area which rules joint finances and intimate relationships. You will be challenged to adjust the way you share, care, relate and co-operate in future. It won't necessarily be easy but the results will be fulfilling. The Lunar Eclipse on April 4th says you need to communicate clearly, organise your time well and be both enthusiastic and meticulous.
Virgo   The Solar Eclipse of March 20th, in your opposite sign of Pisces, says you need to be less self sufficient, more adaptable in close relationships. Relationships will are not working well will be under your scrutiny. The Lunar Eclipse on April 4th in Libra hints you need to pay attention to money mattewrs, both personal and joint. Maintaining your independence but also sharing.
Libra   The Solar Eclipse on March 20th in Pisces says you need to focus on health and energy, ensuring that with a heavy workload you have enough stamina to cope. The Lunar Eclipse on April th in your own sign is significant so you'll be reviewing certain relationships and deciding what adjustments you need to make in order to be yourself and be able to connect meaningfully as well to the right people.
Scorpio   The Solar Eclipse on March 20th in your chart area of children, romance, fun and entertainment says you need to sparkle, flirt and allow your creative self-expression to flourish. If you feel under-lovced then you need to be more outgoing and spread love in all directions. The Lunar Eclipse on April 4th in Libra says that a hard working schedule means you need to schedule rest and quality time for yourself as well.
Sagittarius   The Solar Eclipse on March 20th in Pisces which is at the base of your chart will focus your mind on home and family matters. You'll need to make emotional adjustments in order to find security and contentment. The Lunar Eclipse on April 4th says friends need attention as well as loved ones. Find time for play and time to sort out longer term plans.
Capricorn   The Solar Eclipse on March 20th in Pisces says an increasingly busy everyday shcedule will keep you running so you'll need to strealine your efficiency, manage your time well and communicate clearly. The Lunar Eclipse of April 4th at your Midheaven says career ambitions need to be given a push as well as finding time at home with loved ones.
Aquarius   The Solar Eclipse on March 20th in Pisces says you need to focus on your personal finances and take the initiative to improve them. Don't throw money around to impress. Make the effort to increase the cash flow. The April 4th Lunar Eclipse in Libra says you need to broiaden your horizons while still paying attention to detail as well.
Pisces   The Solar Eclipse on March 20th in your own sign is significaitn since it prompts you to get a grip and give yourself a personal makeover, not just in terms of appearance but your approach to your lifestyle. Think of it as a crossroads and decide which road to follow. The Lunar Eclipse on April 4th says you need to alter the way you share, care, relate and co-operate over money and intimate emotional matters.

KEYS to Houses.
1: Personal identity, being independent, steering your own boat.
2: Personal finances, values & priorities
3: Everyday routines, communications, need to be efficient.
4: Home, family, roots, career slows down.
5: Romance, social life, children, fun, wanting to be adored.
6: Health and work, stamina is important.
7: Close relationships, adjustments needed, maybe new ones.
8: Joint finances, sex, and major change.
9: Travel, new interests, broadening horizons.
10: Career push, make your name.
11: New friends, taking a larger social role, planning long term
12: Hidden matters, quiet time, self understanding.

Saros Cycles
Astrologers look at two key factors which affect the strength and meaning of an eclipse. One is the Saros cycle, an odd 223 month cycle, amazingly pin pointed by the Chaldeans of Mesopotamia nearly 5000 years ago, who noted that eclipses occur in the same sequence every 18 years 11 days ( 6585.32 days). These saros cycles are numbered and have astrological meanings.

Look see:
The July 11 2010 Cancer Solar Eclipse was in a series described as bringing 'successful outcomes to a long standing worry' which fitted beautifully with the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill getting sorted and the oil dispersing rapidly off the ocean surface.

The January 26 2009 Partial Solar Eclipse had Jupiter close by which should bring a morale boost and it is in a series that Bernadette Brady describes as easy with 'change' being the main theme. Which certainly fits the Obama Inauguration a few days before.
Places on the axis which will be focal points of attention are Afghanistan with the Eclipse at the midheaven; London and Scandanavia with the Solar Eclipse exactly on the Ascendant; Japan with the Eclipse on the Descendant; and Western USA and Canada with the Eclipse on the I.C. Washington, DC has hard working, obstacle ridden Saturn conjunct MC opposition the unsettled Uranus in the 4th. Washington also has Pluto, Mars, Mercury in the 2nd so much aggravation around money no doubt.
It occurred before in Nov 1900, Dec 1918, Dec 1936, Dec 1954, Jan 1973, Jan 1991

The April 05 Solar eclipse certainly lived up to its reputation for creating challenging events for the USA and American Presidents, as well as overseeing death experiences in the UK (see below at Look See). The path of this total eclipse ran directly through the areas of the USA most affected by Hurricane Katrina.


Total Solar eclipse on April 8 2005 at 19 degrees Aries in 7 North Saros Series.
According to Bernadette Brady this is a powerfully energetic eclipse bringing passion, sensuality, lust and creative enterprises. Its impact won't be subtle and can catch people unawares, bringing to the surface deeply buried feelings and desires which have been lying dormant. It occurred before in 1915 (February 14), 1933 (February 24), 1951 (March 7), 1969 March 18), 1987 (March 29). See below for Sun sign effects of this Solar Eclipse as well as for the Lunar Eclipse of April 24th.

Mundane Events: This is an eclipse series which seems to accompany challenging events for USA, especially American Presidents. The path of this eclipse falls across the USA and South America. In 1933 there was an assassination attempt on President Elect F. D. Roosevelt. In 1951 President Truman fired General MacArthur for threatening publicly to atomic bomb China. In 1969 newly elected President Nixon secretly starts the bombing of Cambodia; James Earl Ray is convicted of murdering Martin Luther King, and in the months following Senator Edward Kennedy's car crash at Chappaquiddick with the death of Mary Jo Kopechne, and the Manson Gang murder of Sharon Tate catch the headlines. In 1987 President Reagan accepts full responsibility for the Iran-Contra scandal. It also accompanied major historical events for Germany and Chinese border disputes with Japan and Russia.

1915 (February 14):
World War One is in its second year. February 2 the German start a submarine blockade of the UK to break the economy. 19th February the British and French fleet bombard the Turks at Dardenelles. The Second Battle of Ypres is waged. In January and April 1915 poison chlorine gas is used for the first time in warfare, by the Germans. D. W. Griffith's movie 'The Birth of a Nation' is released in the USA. It is slated as racist for its Klu Klux Klan sympathies.

1933 (February 24): Hitler is appointed German Chanellor on January 30th. On February 15th there is a failed assassination attempt on the life of President Elect F.D.Roosevelt, but the Mayor of Chicago is fatally wounded. February 23 to March 12th, the Japanese Army advances into China, despite a League of Nations report proclaiming that Manchuria belongs to China. February 27th a fire destroys the Reichstag, German parliament buildings, and Hitler orders civil liberties and press freedom to be suspended. The first concentration camp at Dachau opens on March 20.

1951 (March 7): On March 7 the Prime Minister of Iran is assassinated. On March 6 Ivor Novello dies. On March 19 France, West Germany, Italy and the Benelux States sign a treaty to create a European Coal and Steel Community which is the forerunner of the European Union. In April president Truman relieves General MacArthur of his command in Korea for publicly calling for war China using atomic bombs. In July King Abdullah of Jordan is assassinated in Jerusalem.

1969 (March 18): In February the maiden flight of the jumbo Boeing 747 takes place. On March 2 the prototype of the supersonic airliner Concorde makes its test flight. On March 3 to 13 the US Apollo 9 tests the lunar module in orbit in preparation for the first crewed landing on the Moon with Neil Armstrong in July. On March 10th James Earl Ray is convicted of murdering Martin Luther King in April 1968. 25th March a military government takes over in Pakistan amid violence. Arab 8 Arab**this is a joyful, optimistic eclipse with better news, falling in love or a peak experience - the good feelings should last for the months to come. It occurred before in 1985 (Nov 12); 1967 (Nov 2); 1949 (21 Oct); 1931 (Oct 11) and 1913 (30 Sept). See below for Sun sign effects.

Mundane Events: Interestingly the British Mandatte in Iraq was terminated in the year following the 1931 eclipse of this series, so history may repeat. In 1949 France handed back sovereignty to Vietnam. In 1967, the UK left Aden and the People's Republic of South Yemen was proclaimed. In 1985 the Ango-Irish agreement was signed echoing the mood of the 1913 eclipse of this series when the Irish Home Rule Bill was first introduced. But other events seem less upbeat.

1985: 25,000 killed in a Colombia volcanic eruption the day after the eclipse. The Ango-Irish agreement signed, two days later. Egyptian commandos storm a hijacked aircraft in Malta with 60 killed. In the months following - General Zia ends martial law in Pakistan. 2 French agents are imprisoned for sinking of Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior. USA imposes sanctions on and then bombs Libya. The space shuttle Challenger explodes. Sweden's PM Olaf Palme is assassinated. Russia's nuclear station Chernobyl melts down.

1967: UK leaves Aden - South Yemen comes into existence. The foot & mouth epidemic is raging in UK. There are major anti-Vietnam public demonstrations. Just before the eclipse: - Che Guevara is executed. Egypt sinks an Israeli destroyer in the aftermath of the 6 Day War (June 1967).

1949: End of the Greek Civil War six days before. In the month following France hands back Vietnam. Israel moves its capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in the face of a UN Resolution for the internationalization of Jerusalem. First riots in Spotuh Africa against the government's racial policy. Jo McCarthy is given the go ahead for his anti-communist hearings.

1931: Concern over Japanese aggression in Mancuria. The month before there are riots in UK over economy measures. A Franco-USA loan is given to the UK.

1913: In Northern Ireland the Unionists appoint their own provisional government to take place when the Irish Home Rule Bill takes effect. In the following month the Serbs invade Albania. Mahatma Gandhi is arrested. The Greek-Turkish Treaty is signed.

Solar Eclipse
May 31 2003 at 9 degrees Gemini in Saros Series 5 North.
This solar eclipse was most visible in clear weather from Greenland and the north of Scotland(UK). The eclipse path also covers the Pacific off USA's west coast, China, Russia, Asia and north India as well as the Middle East to the west coast of Africa. According to Bernadette Brady this is an unusual eclipse series, bringing sudden intuitions, flashes of inspiration, dreams with hints of future events. Highly creative, it should bring personal fulfilment. Huncches can be acted on. Previous eclipses in this series were on May 19 1985; May 9 1967; April 28 1949; April 18 1931; and April 6 1913. Although major events have not fallen on the exact day, it would appear to have special relevance for Spain, Europe, USA and the Middle East.

1913: April: Attempted assassination of King Alfonso X111 of Spain.

1931: April: King Alfonso X111 of Spain abdicates as republicans win election. Egypt signs treaty with Iraq.
June: US President Herbert Hoover proposes moratorium on World War 1 reparations and Inter-Allied debts.

1949: April: The US Marshall Plan for European Recovery Programme is launched in the aftermath of World War 11. Arthur Miller wins Pulitzer for Death of a Salesman.
May: Council of Europe is established. Israel is admitted to the UN.
July: Israel & Syria agree an armistice.

1967: May: The Bertrand Russell International War Crimes Tribunal in Stockholm **l chart was also triggered by this eclipse and the ones coming until late 2003, as they all aspect the major mutable T square of Jupiter, Mercury & Uranus in Sagittarius opposing Pluto & Neptune in Gemini squaring onto Mars in Virgo - provoking violent energy, anger, and great concern.

June 21 2001:
The Solar Eclipse (partial) on JUNE 21 2001 at 0 degrees Cancer was in the 3 North Saros series. It brings on a slightly manic, excitably determined mood, with over expansiveness in some area of life. Jupiter's passage into Cancer in July only encouraged the tendency to take on large scale plans without an eye to practical consequences. It occurred before in 1983, 1965, 1947, 1929, 1911.

It clearly affected the USA chart which is highly Cancerian, (and George W. Bush's also Cancerian) creating a mood of national crisis and the need to take action to regain control of identity. The war on Afghanistan was launched on the over confident (might-makes-right) self justifying Mars Jupiter opposition in early October. Afghanistan itself has a Cancer Sun chart.

1983:The Ayatollah Khomeini declared Islam to be a "religion of the sword". The Soviets shoot down a South Korean Boeing 747, claiming it was on a spying mission. Violence in India leads to direct Government control of the Punjab. US Marines invade Grenada. Suicide bombers kill 300+ peacekeeping soldiers in Beirut. IRA bomb Harrods in London. Violence in Chile and Philippines against Pinochet and Marcos. Mount Etna had a four month eruption. A tsunami wave,49 foot high, in Japan and Korea, killed 100. Hurricane Alicia causes $2 billion damage in Texas. The first mouse used in a pc; the first laptop pc produced in USA.

1965: Soviet cosmonaut is first man walking in space. Start of regular US bombing of North Vietnam, and first combat troops, rising sharply to 200,000 by December. Civil rights demonstrations and violence in USA. Radical black leader Malcolm X killed. India invades West Pakistan and bombs Lahore. Rhodesia declares independence unilaterally.

1947: British rule in India ends in August; violence follows partition. India Kashmir dispute. UN plan for partition of Palestine into Jewish and Arab zones provokes violence. Wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Philip in November in London.

1929: Highest point on bull market on US stock market precedes the crash in late October which starts the Great Depression. St Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago. Arabs attack Jews in Palestine over use of Wailing wall.

: Famine in Russia affects 30 million. Floods in China kill 100,000. Albanian revolt. Italy declares war on Ottoman Empire and annexes Libya. Revolution in China. German gunboats land in Morocco. Assassination attempt against French PM. Russian PM assassinated. 24 Japanese anarchists executed for trying to kill the Emperor. Woman suffragists riot in London. Demonstrations in Ireland against Home Rule. Mona Lisa stolen. Coronation of King George V in London.

What is of interest astrologically is that the path of the August 1999 total solar eclipse in the 1 North Saros cycle series (see below) which rose in the Eastern seaboard of the USA, then crossed the UK, curving down across Afghanistan, Pakistan to finish in southern India. It may seem too far back to connect this eclipse to events in 2001 OR 2002. Except there were major aspects to that 1999 Leo eclipse from Saturn in Taurus, Mars in Scorpio, Uranus & Neptune in Aquarius. At the time there was little outward sign of the kind of events such a powerhouse of influences might have suggested. But in January 2001 the same aspects recurred with Mars returning for the first time since 1999 to Scorpio, and along with the Aquarian Sun picking up the tale end of the waning, disruptive Saturn Uranus square.

At precisely the time those aspects repeated the devastating Gujarat earthquake in central western India on January 26 2001 - exactly on the 1999 eclipse path - occurred as these aspects all came together again. The catastrophic national foot & mouth epidemic in the UK, also started around this time. Both UK and India have very fixed charts with major planetary configurations in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, which were especially triggered off by the eclipse and these transitting planets in fixed signs.
Even later still in late March 2002, when Mars again in a fixed sign - Taurus - running into the square to Uranus, coincided with a major earthquake in Afghanistan, also on that 1999 eclipse path.

USA/Japan Money Worries
The USA has a highly cardinal chart, mainly Cancer and Capricorn, so may have escaped the worst effects, tthough the first major economic recession for years is clearly beginning to bite there, and anxieties in the Far Eastern markets especially about Japan have been a contributing factor. Although Japan was not on the path of the 1999 eclipse, it clearly resonates to the 1 North Saros cycle eclipses, since a previous one fell in 1945, weeks away from the dropping of the Hiroshima bomb. In early 2001 the admission that Japan's economy was at the point of collapse was finally made.

Obviously the September 11 2001 plane attacks on the USA eastern seaboard could also be marked down on this destructive eclipse path. This all provides more questions that answers at the present moment but is worth watching for the future that eclipse effects can be delayed, especially where the eclipse path is concerned, in certain cases for some years. The eclipse path joining the UK to Germany & Europe fell in June 1936 and war did not break out for another three years.

Six Monthly Eclipses
Eclipses of the Sun and Moon occur regularly every six months. The solar and lunar eclipse always fall two weeks apart, on the New Moon and the Full Moon. Some eclipses are partial, and thus less powerful from an astrological viewpoint but even total solar eclipses happen almost every year.

Eclipse Spectacular
Lunar eclipses, when visible, can be easily seen by half the earth's population, but solar eclipses can only be seen on the path of the eclipse trajectory, which varies every time. The total solar eclipse of August 11th 1999 was seen (cloud cover permitting) from places on a narrow band from the US Eastern seaboard, through Cornwall, north France, down through Europe, Belgrade, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan, India. The last time a total eclipse was seen was in Britain was in 1927, when novelist Virginia Woolf recorded in her diary " was an astonishing moment... We had seen the world dead".

Ostriches Look Up
At the simple level of sun sign astrology eclipses focus the attention of each of the 12 star signs (from Aries to Pisces) on a different area of their lives where they need to pick up the ball and run with it. Where the focus falls personally for you will depend on which sign the eclipse falls. (See table below). A passive wait-and-see approach, burying your head in the sand, usually does not work. You either volunteer to make radical changes, or they are involuntarily forced on you. Some change is inevitable but you do have a choice about how you handle it.

Nervous Nature
We do know there is evidence in nature of a tangible response to eclipse atmosphere in nature. Monkeys get nervous and waken up during eclipses, even when hidden by clouds. Mistletoe sap rises significantly. My own impression from working in a mental hospital, is that psychological disturbances become heightened, since the intake in the acute admission wards always went up in the days around eclipses. So human behaviour responds both personally and collectively, alongside nature to the little understood physical changes which occur in our universe during eclipses.

Set your Compass
The theme set by the eclipses is felt most powerfully in the month preceding and following the eclipse date, but usually sets a tone for the six months ahead until the next eclipse. The eclipses also highlight areas in the personal birth chart. If you know your planetary positions, and find your ascendant sign, then read the meaning for that as well as your birthday (Sun) star sign. top of page?

Eclipse to Planets

For the astro-buffs, the eclipses also aspect planets on the personal chart. To take a tragic example, in the personal birth charts of both John F. Kennedy Jnr, and his sister Caroline, there is an Aquarian Moon opposing Uranus in Leo. This was exactly on last year's August eclipse axis, which started its trajectory on the Eastern seaboard where JFK Jnr was tragically killed only a few days before. Emotional upsets of a dramatically sudden nature were to be expected.

Eclipses & Key Events
Although astrologers do not see eclipses as necessarily disaster-ridden they do appear to coincide with significant outer events, sometimes with uncanny precision. The Chernobyl disaster, when the Russian nuclear power station melted down sending out a nuclear fallout greater than 1000 Hiroshima bombs, occurred on the day of a lunar eclipse on 24th April 1986. The Titanic sank on April 15 1912 only two days before a Solar eclipse with the loss of 1500 lives. Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment (1964) and made President of South Africa (1994) on the exact day of solar eclipses; and was released from prison two days after a lunar eclipse (1992).

August 1999 Retro
The 1 North eclipse last August which warned of health problems, and cautioned against hasty decisions was previously around 18 years before in 1981. Two days before the solar eclipse in July 1981, Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married, which is perhaps a case in point. Eeriely this 1 North eclipse, which over shadowed the recent tragic death of John F. Kennedy, was the one in place when his premature baby brother, Patrick Kennedy, died in 1963 on August 9, two weeks after the solar eclipse of July 20th, and only four months before the assassination of J.F.K. in November. Rolling back to 1945 to another 1 North eclipse influence, American forces dropped the world's first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, killing 130,000 people, four weeks after the solar eclipse.

July 2000
The Solar Eclipse falling July 1st 2000 is in the Saros series which was previously operating on the day Nelson Mandela was imprisoned in 1964, 2 Old North, also occurred on the day of the birth of the Queen's grandson and second in succession to the throne, Prince William. This cycle hints at separations, and major challenges, though with a long term hopeful outcome. Mandela's release from prison in 1992 was two days after the same 10 North lunar eclipse as oversaw his birth in 1918. When he became President in 1994, it was on the day of the 14 South solar eclipse in Taurus generally though to bring breakthroughs, and success after a long period of hard work.

Eclipsed Countries: Britain
Certain countries appear to resonate more strongly to specific Saros cycle eclipses. The 18 North solar eclipse fell only a day after the death of Princess Diana in a Paris car crash in 1997. Rolling back 18 years 11 days to the previous 18 North solar eclipse, Earl Mounbatten, the Queen's uncle, was killed along with three others by an IRA bomb, only five days after the total solar eclipse. The Fastnet Yacht Race disaster also occurred in the same month, with 17 yachstmen drowned. Back one to 1961, this eclipse was fell five weeks after Princess Diana's birth, and within two days of the Brandeburg Gate being closed and the building of the Berlin Wall began. In 1944, close to the 1 North lunar eclipse, the heaviest German bombing raids on London since 1941 were taking place, with the Royal Family still in residence. Back to 1926, the 18 North cycle oversaw the births of the two most powerful women in 20th Century British history. In 1926 the lunar eclipse was closest to the present Queen's own birth; and in the previous year the 18 North solar eclipse was the cycle in place within weeks of Margaret Thatcher's birth. Back again to 1908 and the King and Crown Prince of Portugal were assassinated within two weeks of the 18 North lunar eclipse.

Other powerful British figures died or saw their effective careers end under the influence of 11 North eclipses. Queen Victoria died in 1901, and two cycles later, her grandson Edward V11 abdicated the throne in 1937 for love of Wallis Simpson. One cycle later in 1955, the great British statesman and war Prime Minister Winston Churchill resigned through ill health. Two 18 year 11 day cycles later in 1991, Mrs Thatcher, Britain's first woman, and longest serving Prime Minister of the century, was forced to resign. These events did not occur on the day itself but within the weeks surrounding the eclipses, but it is still astonishing that they happened in these specific sequence years.

The surprise Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour on 7th December 1941, which destroyed 8 battleships and 300 aircraft, and brought the US into World War 11, followed ten weeks after the 16 North solar eclipse. This eclipse had peaked in its trajectory across the heavens exactly above Pearl Harbour. On the following 16 North eclipse phase in 1959, the Cuban Government expropriated US owned sugar mills and plantations. One 18+ year cycle later, the 'King' Elvis Presley died 8 weeks away from the 16 North solar eclipse. Roll on another 18+ years to the autumn of 1995, and America still a country in shock from the Oaklahoma bombing earlier that year, was obsessed by the O.J. Simpson trial which brought in a 'not guilty' verdict three weeks before the 16 North Solar eclipse.

The Gulf War
The best example of eclipse-coinciding events, where the eclipses are heavily aspected by outer planets is the Gulf War. Saddam Hussein gathered his troops on the Kuwait border in July 1990 three days before the solar eclipse in Cancer on July 22nd 1990, opposed by the awesome triple conjunction of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn. The lunar eclipse two weeks later on August 6th, in Leo, aspected by a threatening Mars Pluto opposition saw the UN impose sanctions, and US troops moving in.

The next solar eclipse on January 15th 1991 in Capricorn was aspected again by the massively powerful triple conjunction, and one day later Operation Desert Storm launched against the Iraqis.